We often just feel in control of our finances, even when we aren’t. Sometimes we don’t even realize what actually impacts our financial wealth. You simply just think that financial wealth is only driven by your ambition, hard work, and dedication. True and false! Relationships play a key role in our financial wealth status.


Your relationship with yourself

Your relationship with yourself is the first and most important relationship that can positively transform your financial wealth. Your thoughts and attitudes define how financially stable you become. Achieving the perfect life is possible. You have to believe it and align your vibrations to your intentions. Do you appreciate yourself and encourage yourself to work towards your dreams? Or are you self-sabotaging your financial capabilities by thinking small and self-doubting? Are you living way above your means trying to keep up with a competitive but fake lifestyle? Why? Sometimes it’s because you want others to notice and start appreciating you. A problem that can be solved by you, working on your relationship with yourself. 

Self-love and a positive attitude can do magic. Become content with your progress, aspire to accomplish more, and motivate yourself to grow your financial wealth. Your thoughts and passions then begin to align to what becomes your reality. Being happy about who you also create the right headspace to figure out your financial goals and work out a plan. Just like that, you begin to live your dream life.

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Your relationship with others

The relationships you build and maintain with others equally affect your financial wealth. You pick up a lot from the people you associate yourself with, sometimes even subconsciously. If your best friend is always spending money on buying alcohol and drugs, most probably you are doing the same. Simply because birds of the same feather flock together. Is your partner financially unintelligent? Do they always seem to have questionable financial habits and values? Such a relationship automatically affects your financial wealth. 

In many romantic relationships, financial values are rarely investigated until a couple has had a finance-related fight. For example, your partner tried to take out a mortgage to buy a car without consulting you. Then all hell breaks loose because you are in a financial crisis since your partner’s made a bad choice. In the same way, you would like to know your partner’s hobbies or favorite food, it is equally important to discuss each other’s financial values. Understand whether you both have compatible financial habits or values. Nurture your relationship into one that impacts positively on your financial wealth. Finances are a central part of life; you literally can’t survive without money. So, talk about it!

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Does your environment play a role?

Your environment also affects your financial wealth. Basically, the people you call your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. Do you sometimes seek financial advice from them?  Do they pressure you into making lifestyle choices that affect your financial stability? You could even be experiencing financial exploitation from people close to you because your relationships make you feel obligated. 

Perhaps, you even took a loan for your friend to start a business they had not completely thought through, and the bank is now auctioning your properties because you have defaulted. Maybe you thought you were helping but was it necessary? Was there another way you could have helped? This doesn’t mean that you stop helping others, it just means that sometimes you have to think smart and evaluate situations. Your friend’s bad choice can inform that decision that destroys your financial status. That’s right, relationships can sabotage your financial security. 

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What do you need to do?

It boils down to your choices. Think about your financial goals and make intentional choices that create the path to achieving them. Evaluate your relationships and identify those that help you achieve your desired financial goals. Detach from or just avoid the relationships that wreck your financial wealth.

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