It is in our human nature to get bored sometimes. When you’re bored, you are most likely in a mental state where you attract negative energy. Feeling demotivated, low, and sad are emotions that attract low vibrations. A low vibrational state affects your productivity and the ability to accomplish your daily goals. It is normal and ok to be bored. What’s not ok is letting your boredom breed negativity and constant dullness.


Why are you bored?

Perhaps you could be having so much energy but you have no sense of direction. Most of us have quite a routine lifestyle, it becomes exhausting and unexciting. You could be bored because you have been having long hours of work without adequate rest. Maybe you have absolutely no control over your lifestyle. You have nothing to look forward to, just your normal 8am to 5pm work routine and that’s it.

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You can definitely work on the things that get you bored as a long term solution. But once in a while, boredom will still pay you a visit. That’s an opportunity for you to engage in creative activities that can make your life better, more interesting, and fun. So, instead of spending time thinking about your problems when you are bored, there are many alternative ideas you could explore.

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Learn a New Language

Have you ever thought about spending some time to learn a new language? Multilingualism is not only an important skill but it can also be commercially exploited. How many times have you visited a foreign country and you struggle with the language barrier? Translation services are increasingly becoming a lucrative industry in the US. It could be your new part-time gig.

There are many online platforms where you can enroll to learn for free or at a small fee. Some of the best platforms today include Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Busuu, and Memrise. Whether you’ll be learning French or Spanish just for fun or to become a translator, it’s definitely a good use of your time.

Writing or Journaling

Writing is fun. It’s a personal and interesting way of self-exploration, expressing your emotions, feelings, and ideas. Start journaling or a personal blog. Write down your vision or dreams. You really don’t have to write a blog for the world to read. Just do it for you, if it makes you feel purposeful and happy. Journaling is a great way to deal with stress.

It could be a personal planning journal or a gratitude journal. Both would be great. Organizing your day and writing down the things you are grateful for will definitely help you focus on the positive things in life and have some sense of organization.

Organize and declutter

Why are you bored yet you can engage in a thrilling experience of decluttering your house? Decluttering is important for your mental health and an ideal way of “editing” your life. An overcrowded kitchen, unnecessary clothing in your bedroom, and overflowing storage cabinets could be part of the reason why you are bored. You just don’t find your environment friendly or comfortable anymore. It’s sucking up all your high vibe energy. If so, it’s time to declutter!

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You don’t have to do it in a day because it can be overwhelming. Gradual decluttering is ideal. Look at the things you have in your house; do you need it all? If there’s something that you don’t need or don’t like, you can donate or sell it to someone who does. Decluttering will get rid of your boredom while and get your house clean and in order

Try New Recipes

There’s nothing as good and refreshing as having a tasty meal after a long day or starting your day with some sumptuous breakfast. Cooking and baking is a skill; one that needs learning and practice. You don’t always have to order take out when you’re bored or when you’re craving a slice of cheesecake.

Buy a recipe book and start learning during your free time or when you’re feeling bored. Thanks to many food bloggers, there’s a lot of content on YouTube. Wear your favorite apron, play cool music, and get into the kitchen and learn how to make your favorite dessert.

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Practice Self-Love

Are you all about work and making money? Or are you always taking care of your family that you’ve totally forgotten about yourself? Slow down. You are special and you deserve some self-love. Think about how much energy and time you put into loving and caring about others; what would happen if you did the same for yourself?

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Is there something that always makes you feel elated? Go ahead and do it. Mediate. Practice yoga. Paint. Sculpt. Forgiving yourself. Saying no and following what you are passionate about. It’s never selfish to love yourself its freedom and power.

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