“It’s never that serious” is what some people would say when a discussion about life partners comes up. Is that true? Is it that difficult that we don’t care anymore? Some will say “let’s just have fun” or perhaps “it’s not a must”. Yet all that is really up to you, there are many advantages of having an ideal life partner. Partner here is simply the person you will choose to spend the rest of your life with either in marriage or just as a life partner. Everybody needs somebody! A shoulder to lean on when feeling low, someone to cheer you up after a long day, a friend to celebrate your wins, and someone to confide in. Trying to find your perfect partner? Keep reading, don’t give up just yet.


Relationships aren’t always easy, but they work. You just need to find the perfect person for you. Sometimes we even question whether there’s even “a perfect person”. Yes, there’s a perfect person for you, despite their flaws. Maybe you were in a toxic relationship that drained you emotionally, you just don’t see yourself trying again. Or maybe you grew up in a hostile environment, you just don’t believe in relationships. Perhaps you have been in and out of relationships, they’ve just never felt right. Don’t give up just yet, here are tips that can help in your next relationship. 

Give it a chance

Beginning with an end in mind can ruin the relationship even before it begins. Are you already convinced that finding a perfect partner is impossible? This could be a problem. Our realities are a manifestation of our thoughts. If you desire to find a perfect partner, you can make it a reality. The universe is here to make our dreams come true. You just have to attract the right positive energy, thoughts, and vibrations to make it a reality. So give it a chance. Allow yourself to explore and open up yourself to meeting this perfect partner. Have a positive idea or view about relationships, it can change your experience.  

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Start by building a friendship

Rushing straight into a long term commitment with someone you barely know might not last. A perfect partner should also be your friend. Good lasting friendships are built with time and trust. Invest in a friendship first instead of having a full blow intimate relationship at the beginning. When things are bumpy, friendships often hold you together because there’s more to the partnership than just intimacy. 

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Trust your instincts

Listen to your gut feeling when finding a perfect partner. Ignoring your intuition isn’t a good call. There’s definitely a reason why you feel the way you do.  Maybe you have a strong gut feeling that there’s something fishy about someone.  Your instincts could be telling you that you are making a mistake, probably because you noticed some red flags. Follow your heart. Don’t be too desperate to find someone that you lose the sense of who you are.

Listen and pay attention

Even though you are finding a perfect partner for yourself, remember you will be that same person for your partner, so listen! Give your partner a chance to express themselves. Pay attention to what they say and make them feel at home. Whenever a relationship revolves around one person, then it’s no longer a relationship. You can only know someone by listening to them. Extroverted people might find it hard to keep quiet sometimes, nonetheless, find a way to listen. 

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Don’t fake it

How does it feel when you buy an expensive gadget only for you to get home and realize that it’s fake? You feel coned and you probably regret ever making such a big mistake. So, if you get into a relationship in a disguised version of yourself just to please your partner, it might just backfire. That same feeling of being coned might just be what they feel when your true self gets revealed. Truth is, it doesn’t even take long before then. If your personalities seem incompatible, it just means you aren’t perfect for each other. Trying to fake some qualities or interests is living a lie, and will you be happy? Of course not!

Explore your shared values and interests

This might sound cliché, but it is very important when finding a perfect partner. Part of what makes this person the best for you is the fact that you have common interests that drew you to each other. It is highly unlikely that complete opposites attract in lifetime partnerships. They usually repel. Your beliefs about life, your values as a person, and the things you love about life must at least align in some way. There can definitely be some differences, but the commons should prevail. 

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Always communicate

Communication doesn’t just mean talking, because you could be talking but not communication. Build a relationship where both of you are comfortable talking about their feelings and views about issues in a way that you understand each other or even find a mutually acceptable compromise. Agreeing about issues is always the best-case scenario, but not agreeing doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Its ok to have conflicting points of view. Communicating and making decisions that work best for you both is what matters. Remember happiness is key. Don’t rush into a compromise just to avoid a fight and live to regret it. Just talk, perfect partners always find a way! 

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Invest in the relationship

Is the desire to be in a lifetime partnership or relationship mutual? Are you on the same page? You could be in different stages or points in life. You are looking for a perfect life partner, is it the same for the person you are with? Are they just exploring “nothing serious”? A perfect partner should invest in the relationship as much as you do. Find time to spend together even when life gets busy. Simple gestures like gifts, kind words, and support can go a long way in building your bond. Talk about your life visions and the things that matter to you. Perfect relationships are an investment!

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