Self-made businesses and entrepreneurs have become the heart and source of income for many. It could be your full-time job or a side hustle. Many people identify as entrepreneurs, having changed ideas into successful businesses. Did you know that you can tap into the law of attraction and transition into a high income generating vibeprenuer?


Why end at bein an entrepreneur when you can leverage spirituality practices that can help you achieve more than you can imagine? You’ll be surprised that it has nothing to do with changing your business or investing more capital. It’s just about “being”. A word we all know but really don’t understand how impactful it is. There are a few aspects of the law of attraction that you can incorporate in your life to advance into vibeprenuership.

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Are you always starting and running a business based on trends? Are you just generating income from a business that you don’t love? Have you become too desperate that you don’t care about yourself? Vibeprenuership is all about creating the balance; succeeding in your business and in your personal life. Some will say, there’s more to life than money. True! Money is important, but it isn’t everything.

#Who are you?

The importance of this question is to determine whether your business reflects your beliefs and values as a person. Business brands that stand out in the market are personalized. You become the business and the business mirrors the person you are.

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#What is your goal?

Any business that has no vision, goal, or target is like a ship without a captain. The lifespan of such businesses is very short. A brand is like a promise to your customers. The moment you start a business you’re committing yourself to your prospective clients. What exactly can they count on you to provide?

The law of attraction works best when a person is specific about what they want. The same applies to businesses. Once you focus your mind on your business intentions and start being, it manifests in reality. While you might think of the law of attraction as a fringe philosophy, it is quite similar to many other life philosophies. The only difference is that its results are real and within anyone’s reach.


Once you have figured out your goal, the law of attraction can help you achieve your desires.  One thing that many people fail to appreciate is the fact that the universe plays a role in aligning things to your benefit. You probably just say My pitch wasnt accepted because it just wasnt the right time, it happened for a reason.” Exactly the point! The universe plays a role in our being. You need to attract the beliefs you possess. If you limit your potential, you attract limited outcomes. Visualize the future you’re hoping for and start working towards it.

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#Setting standards

Set the bar high for yourself because there’s nothing wrong with that. Align your mindset to the standard you’ve set for your business. For instance, you could set a target of how many sales you want to make per week. Manifest positive thoughts that can help you achieve your target. Naturally, you will begin to strive to meet your self-imposed target. Slowly and eventually, you become the accomplished vibeprenuer you dreamt to be.


An abundance mindset is a core of vibeprenuership.  Is your soul feeling full and rich about your business? Do you feel contented with your progress at the moment? Many entrepreneurs are usually very concerned about competitors. Perhaps your thinking, “Is my business idea already someone elses monopoly? Am I venturing into a flooded industry?” Such thoughts are just the beginning of the end.

The moment you believe that the universe provides enough chances and opportunities for everyone, your focus shifts to devising strategies of creating a unique business. Track your competitors for sure, but don’t turn that into your new full-time job. You will start attracting negative energy such as envy and self-doubt, which then manifest into your vibrations.

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We can agree that a positive attitude isn’t just a value cultivated under the principles of the law of attraction. A business also thrives when the entrepreneur has a positive attitude. The law of attraction is a plus because it helps you stay motivated and creates a mind-frame that informs the right decisions for your business. Decisions that lead to your success story and a life of abundance.


A positive attitude is important for a vibeprenuer because businesses are not always rosy. Transforming an idea into a revenue-generating enterprise isn’t always easy. That’s why you need to embrace the divine power of being in control of your attitude and thoughts to endure and overcome challenges that your business may encounter. It could be financial constraints, stiff competition, or external pressure from others.

A strong mental fortitude that is constantly positive is very important. It helps you deal with challenges instead of drowning in negativity and giving up on your business. Optimism is the cornerstone of vibrational wealth. The vibrations you attract from your mindset can be the drive you need to become a millionaire. Don’t let go of your vision because you encounter some bumps. It’s all part of the journey.


Gut feelings are quite powerful. Sometimes we experience instinctive feelings that guide our actions. For instance, you decide not to attend a client meeting because you had a gut feeling that something would go wrong. It happens.


Tapping into your core frequencies and opening the channels that define our being is important when making business-related decisions. Those hunches can guide you towards making more inspired decisions.  Listen to that unique voice inside you. Pay attention!


Do you want to put an end to self-doubt, negativity, or hopelessness? Affirmations are a powerful tool that can change such a cycle. Don’t just google “powerful affirmations” and start practicing them in your daily manifestation. Most likely it won’t work. Create your own unique and believable affirmations that will work perfectly or you.

Design affirmations while focusing on an abundance mindset, what you want to achieve, and the potential you believe you can realize. Affirmations such as “I am satisfied with my services” or “My business is growing” can swiftly shift your focus towards positivity and growth.

Inventorize progress/achievement

Take a moment to celebrate your achievements. Keep track of your business’s progress perhaps by investing in an achievement journal”. Such practices create a sense of confidence and most importantly, gratitude. These are high-frequency feelings that also attract high positive energy in you.

Instead of always focusing on what doesn’t seem right, appreciate that which is improving. Perhaps your business has had growth in clientele, note it down, and feel happy about it. Even though you may not have the capital to expand your business at the moment, appreciating your growth reaffirms you that you are capable of overcoming the huddle.

Journal what you are grateful for, whether or not it has happened yet. Make it a routine or a ritual. For example, Im grateful for the customers wholl purchase my products today. This is exactly what your business will attract; customers. Write down the specific things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the day. This just steers you into the direction of having a successful targeted day. You can also note down what excites you about your business. Let your affirmations guide you to positive habits and productivity.

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#Give Vibeprenuership a chance

Entrepreneurship has a lot to do with strategy. Vibeprenuership, on the other hand, has everything to do with you. It starts and ends with you. The law of attraction may seem like a wild ride, you could even mistake it for wishful thinking, but it is worth it. You can be in control of the reality of your business. We can help you transition into mind-blowing and flourishing vibepreneurship.

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