Have you ever felt let down that you find it difficult to get past it? Well, that’s a disappointment. It’s a feeling that sometimes can be easy to let go or sometimes a huddle that blocks progress. The ability to deal with disappointment, whatever the magnitude is important in achieving excellence.


Without having a mechanism of coping with disappointment can lead to negative life-changing situations that can potentially lead to mental health issues such as depression. There are seven steps that you can practice to help you bounce back from disappointing situations or evens and guide your transition into excellence.

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Allow yourself to process

Taking a moment to process the feeling of disappointment is a good start. Ignoring feelings is simply procrastinating the period of wallowing over negative feelings. Take as much time as you need to let out the feeling, but don’t live here. Unnecessarily speeding up your process time is not healthy.

Be true to yourself and feel the pain. Stay present during this period despite how hard or painful it seems. Get through the disappointment first so you can create the ideal mental space for the positive transition. Cry if you need it. Speak to someone about it. Vent and rant if you have to. We process emotions differently. Do what you need to do.

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Learn from the disappointment

“Experience is the best teacher” is a phrase we encounter a lot in life. It simply means that we ought to learn from our experiences. Why are you disappointed? Have you put your faith in a friend who didn’t have your best interests at heart? Are you such a perfectionist it’s becoming a problem for you? Do you have some life rules that are a hindrance to your success? Whatever it may be, learn from it and change.

Don’t lose yourself to the negative feelings. Pay attention to the valuable lessons you can pick up from the situation. Maybe you need to spend less time with the people who disappoint you time and again. Perhaps you overdid something or there was a miscommunication. What do I need to do better? That’s what you should focus on after identifying the mistakes you’ve been making.

Shift your perspective

An important aspect of transitioning from disappointment into excellence requires a shift in your perspective about the situation. Think about the more positive things and change your mindset altogether. Appreciating the constants in your life is an easy way of changing the way you view life. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself credit sometimes. There’s a lot more you have done right in your life already.

Change your self-talk into a more compassionate but honest language. “Yes, I lost my money but it doesn’t mean I should stop trying”. Such a statement acknowledges the disappointment but also reaffirms your strength to forge forward.  Positive affirmations can help shift your perspective and trigger your mind into embracing positive thoughts.

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Adjust your expectations

It is quite normal for you to have expectations, which sometimes you fail to meet, hence the disappointment. Not having expectations at all isn’t always the best thing to do. Rather, set for yourself measurable and achievable expectations. Perhaps you got disappointment because you set very high expectations that you were unable to meet.

Re-evaluate your priorities and adjust your expectations. It is possible that your list of priorities does not refit the things that actually matter to you. Even though we have the ability to manifest absolutely anything it is a journey. Nothing manifests in a day. Whenever you realize that your expectations don’t seem to be serving your purpose, re-strategize and re-set them to suit your dreams.

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Recharge your energy

With or without disappointment, recharging our energy is important. You could be experiencing disappointment because you are exhausted and not at your best. Take a break to recharge your mental and physical batteries.

A short vacation could be perfect for you. Spending time for self-care is as important as the time you spend working. You don’t need to have a total burn out for you to realize that you are drained. Include self-care in your plan or daily schedule. Work out for about one hour every day. The same way you need to charge your phone for you to use effectively, the same applies to your mind and body.

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Develop strategies to deal with negative emotions

While it is inevitable to face negative emotions such as disappointment, it therefore important to have coping mechanisms that help you deal with such emotions. At the end of the day, you want to maintain forward progression in your life.

Vibrational frequency tapping programs can help you get rid of negative emotions, manifest tranquillity, and improve your mindset. Affirmations, meditation, and mantras are some of the practices that keep you connected with your inner core frequency and positive energy that you need to deal with negative emotions.

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