Becoming a millionaire is a process more like a journey you take when you’re going to visit your relatives, who live furthest from you. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll just wake up one morning, walk out of the house and off you go to visit them. You plan and execute the plan.


Absolutely anyone has the potential and capability of becoming a millionaire. It is not an abstract concept that is meant to be a reality for some and an illusion for others. As unbelievable as it sounds, you can be a millionaire. Below are a few tips that can help you walk the path of becoming a millionaire:

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Financial Plan

Most of us have a daily journal for our daily activities. Many others even have a travel packing list whenever they want to travel. What’s all that for anyway? A plan gives you a sense of direction and organization. It also helps you set your goals and objectives.

Becoming a millionaire equally involves developing a strategic financial plan. You need a guide when making financial decisions and setting your objectives. It begins by investigating how much you have and usually spend. Identify the discretionary expenditure that you can dispense with. Budget your life and stick with it.

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Multiple Streams of Income

A steady income for a start is key though it’s not enough to become a millionaire. Yes, it can make you comfortable but it’s never really enough.

Start something small on the side to earn some extra income. It could be a freelance job, business or partnership. It could be a skill or hobby you possess that you can turn into a successful business that earns you more than your regular job.

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Save and Invest

Some people will say that they can’t save. Why? “Because I earn so little”, “I have so many responsibilities” or “I lack the discipline”. Just find a way to save. Reduce your expenditure, tweak your budgets, and clear your debts. Start small because it makes a difference. With time, begin saving as much as possible.

Of course, having a lot of money in your savings doesn’t make you a millionaire. Today’s economy makes it quite difficult to save to become a millionaire. Increasing income does. At least one thing that most millionaires have in common is the fact that they have investments. Channel your savings into an investment that earns you more and enables you to continue saving even more. Make it a cycle of saving and investing.

Upgrade yourself

Knowledge makes you a millionaire very fast. You need to become an expert and well-rounded person in your niche. Read, learn, and develop your skills. Become a voracious reader and stay updated.

One of the most valuable assets for you is your brain. It thinks about your plans and makes decisions that lead you to become a millionaire. Invest in upgrading it. For a millionaire, there’s nothing like “I know enough” or “I think I know too much”. Constantly increase your knowledge. Invest in knowing.

Ditch the excuses

Excuses are like cancer. They are the wall between you and becoming a millionaire. Excuses are the perfect recipe for indolence. They stop you from taking a step closer to becoming a billionaire and make you feel ok with it.

Always having a reason for not doing something just shifts your mind from the goal. This must change if you want to become a millionaire. Ditch the excuse and find a solution for it. Do something, however small it looks. It’s definitely a better choice than an excuse.

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Support system

Becoming a millionaire is personal, but you need someone or people to hold your hand. Building relationships with friends colleagues that transform into a solid support system will make your journey to becoming a millionaire easier.

You will definitely encounter some bumps on your path and sometimes you need someone to motivate you. Have some allies who support your vision and encourage you constantly. Everybody needs somebody!

Monitor progress

Trying to become a millionaire blindly will just get you broke, even bankrupt. Keeping track of your progress helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Monitor what you’re doing right and determine what needs to change.

Stay on top of your cash flow, financial needs, investment portfolio, and absolutely everything that has to do with your finances.

Quitting isnt an option

Quitting is what you need to erase from your mind totally. The moment you even consider quitting; you take ten steps backward. Becoming a millionaire needs you to always take steps forward, even if it’s one step at a time. Nobody ever became a millionaire after they quit. Keep forging forward even when things get tough. You can pause to re-strategize but you CAN’T quit.

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Start Now

Finally, and most importantly, start walking on the path to becoming a millionaire. Stop speaking in the future tense. Stop postponing. Just start NOW!

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