Feminine energy is divine. It is associated with the power to tap into intuition, feelings, creativity, and dynamism. Women have for the longest time been trapped in discrimination, patriarchy, and inferiority.


Masculine energy has dominated the world and has been labeled in gender.  When you read or hear the word “femme energy” you just think it’s a feminine topic that has nothing to do with men. WRONG! That’s just how society has made it look like.

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What women have suffered from male domination

Women have been denied their rights and suffered prejudices that have limited their potential in many aspects, including jobs, careers, relationships, and opportunities. This has become deeply rooted in women’s subconscious, it has affected the way women view and feel about themselves.

Opportunities present themselves but they feel less deserving. How does such a norm benefit society? Women and men are important. They both play a role in making the universe as it is.  Dominance only stands in the way of a better and peaceful society.

Majestic Money: The 30- Day Femme Manifesting Game; The New Must-Read

Adora Crystal Evans recently launched an already bestselling release titled Majestic Money: The 30- Day Femme Manifesting Game for this particular reason. She saw he need to provide her audience with a road map to help women to start tapping into the feminine energy that can transform their lives.

She was inspired by her breakthrough with tapping into femme energy that opened her creativity portal to write such an interesting and powerful inspiration, in the form of a 30-day game. So much fun! The book provides motivation, inspiration, and playfulness to help women identify the steps they can follow and start manifesting their femme energy. There are tips and practical exercises for 30 days.

The overriding theme in the book is SELF-LOVE. Love is a high vibration and a pillar for powerful manifestation. What you feel is what you manifest. This book reminds women that they have great potential to reawaken their strength and ability once they tap into the divine feminine essence.

How can you tap into the divine power of feminine manifestation?


Go deeper into your imagination. Picture and feel what you want to manifest. Forget about the procedure or the things you need to make it happen. This will spark the creativity that will manifest in many signs and opportunities that you didn’t see before.

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Think of femme energy as a sexy game of flirtation, with yourself. It is usually quite playful, less attached, and not very serious.  Usually, you enjoy that moment and ease into the feeling. The confidence you possess is immeasurable because you feel worthy and loved. Actually, you probably don’t even care what will happen. So exciting! This is the kind of imagination that comes with tapping into feminine energy.

Align your energy and action

This is where many of us go wrong. Women often resist their desires by failing to create a bridge between their current situation and what they desire. They fail to possess aligned actions that mirror the energy they are manifesting.

If you want to start experiencing the power of feminine manifestation, you need to align your inner soul and your physical body. What you desire and what you invite, receive, and feel should be the same.

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The ability to let go, detach, and allow yourself to receive what you desire is the key to manifesting the reality you desire. You have to let go and surrender your inner core to the higher power. Faith and trust in the higher forces make our desires a reality even before they manifest. Believing that the universe is aligned to support and provide what we ask for.

A surrender is a feminine tool that allows a person to trust in the universe and their power to manifest absolutely anything. This doesn’t mean that all you need to do is believe and wait. There’s the right time to take action. Intuition comes into play. What you feel and imagine speaks to your inner being in a divine way.

Don’t be too attached to your desired outcomes. The world will keep presenting signs and opportunities to you that you need to notice and act on them.  Don’t push for your dreams to become a reality, surrender to the divine spiritual forces and the things that happen.

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This is the alpha and omega of divine feminine manifestation. Once you start appreciating yourself and becoming self-aware you are creating a space that can allow you to tap into feminine energy at a deeper level. It helps you create a heart-centered relationship with yourself that is very personal.

Self-love gets rid of any obstructions that can interfere with your vibrations and the energy you attract. You begin to develop an abundance mindset, gratitude, and independence. The woman within you starts living, growing, sending, receiving, and expanding your imagination. Bring back the love to yourself first!

So, if you’re looking to find encouragement and inspiration to start your feminine manifestation journey or to grow your spiritual journey, Adora Evans’s new book is the go-to. Don’t accept anything less than the best for yourself. You are feminine energy in its purest form.

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