Do you often see a pattern of bad things happening in your life? It can be exhausting and frustrating not to achieve your aims or be unable to live an abundant life attracting money and happiness.


We all know how the Law of Attraction can affect our lives in a positive way. Yet, this is only possible if we follow the exact Law of Attraction techniques, the key to which is in our subconscious daily habits. 

Shouldnt we pay more attention to all the stopping mechanisms we tend to manifest?

We wake up every morning doing the same things as usual without expressing gratitude or spending even a minute to consider what we want. Dont we live like robots?

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And we know we should take action and change something, but then we think: Why not tomorrow?”   

It may be hard to change your daily habits, but think about what you could get back in return. All your dreams have the potential to turn into reality. Isn’t this priceless?

In this article, we will delve into the most common relaxation and mindfulness Life-hacks, keeping a gratitude journal, and different Law of Attraction practices that can guarantee your dream life manifestation.

After all this, we will know the best High Vibe Life-Hacks to achieve our dream life.

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Life-hack 1: Strong Desire and Imagination

The Law of Attraction produces amazing results for those who have the power to dream and visualize what they want. And this is the first step: we should know what we want the most and believe we deserve it.

Second, comes the visualization of having our aims already achieved and living the abundant life we want.

We should think of the law of attraction as gravity in our life and trust the universe.

Life-hack 2: The Secret Guideline

We won’t always get the desired thing immediately. We should be patient and confident.

Our secret weapon will be to focus our consciousness in the right direction. We must return to our dream over and over again in our minds and believe every time that we are closer to it. 

It is so important to maintain a good mood throughout the day and stay focused on your goals. 

Meditation may help you a lot in this case. This will let you act confidently and with affirmation.

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Life-hack 3: Expressing Gratitude.

There’s some kind of resonance in our daily thoughts! 

That’s why gratitude is so important. Expressing gratitude helps us attract other positive things in our life and it makes us feel peaceful and happy.

Life-hack 4: Manifestation.

It would be a great idea, for the execution of this step, to make an extensive list of our desires in every aspect of our life.

This may be a spreadsheet or a letter to the universe written in a way as if we already have everything on it. 

Some common topics that are worth including are:

We have the ability to live our lives magically and joyfully, to live the life we desire. We are not born to be unhappy and we know we are here to do something truly outstanding. That’s why we are all unique and all deserve the best.

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