Today, I wanted to introduce you guys to what Vibrational Frequency Tapping is. Some of you might or might not have heard of this before. It’s normally called emotional freedom technique, also known as EFT tapping. We will specifically be working on how to get rid of money blocks.


However what my company does is that we actually introduce some binaural beats that you might be familiar with, also known as the theta brainwave technology. We include that in all of our tappings ourselves, so that is what gets you in a little bit of a deeper state. That’s what makes it a little bit different.

What is Tapping?

What tapping is, it was created by Gary Craig, and what it does is it moves energy around in your body. So there are these different meridian points across the body, similar to acupuncture points, and then if you tap on the different meridian points, you will release energy blocks inside your body and we’ll be able to get rid of any kind of negative blocks that you might have.

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs and coaches, or anyone that is looking to manifest more money. I’m also a law of attraction coach, and so a lot of people come to me with money blocks. So we’re actually going to be doing a tapping, a money block tapping here today, but I wanted to tell you guys a little bit more about it as well.

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So, to start off with, you’re going to be tapping on the side of the hand, and then the eyebrow point, you could use two fingers, you could tap on both sides if you want to. It doesn’t really matter, whatever way you’re going to be tapping is going to be the right way for you.

So, two points, eyebrow point, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, and then the collar bones. The collarbone is right underneath the collarbone and then the armpit, and you would start again at the top of the head. So that is how you would run through a sequence.

How VFT Helps

What it does is it moves energy within our bodies, which is great for getting rid of any kind of blocks that you might have. Again, I said a lot of my clients are entrepreneurs so I do work with a lot of limiting beliefs and a lot of blocks, money blocks especially, but then also you can use it for anything that you want.

So if you have any negative stagnant energy in your body and that’s holding you back from manifesting the perfect love partner, that’s stopping you from manifesting the home that you want, or any other kind of blocks that you might have, this is great as well.

This will moves energy in our bodies and releases stagnant energy that is pent up stuck within us, deep inside our core, deep energy roots. Anything that might be inside our bodies, just moves it around and then gets rid of them.

My husband says this all the time to our clients, so I’m going to use this analogy as well. Imagine having an onion and then deep in the core of the onion is where all of these of blocks reside, so we have to peel the core of the onion over and over and over again, similar with tapping. You would do it over and over and over again, every single day, and that’s when you will get results.

The results happen in doing it every single day. So feel free to come back to either this tapping or any other tapping that we have in our series and our YouTube series.

Getting Ready for the Tapping

We will begin by tapping on the side of the hand. I recommend putting on headphones and following to the video at the end of this article because I am going to turn up our music to add those binaural beats in there and then have that theta brainwave technology so we could really get into the core, deep roots of ourselves, and then we could start tapping them away. Simple right?

The money block that we’re going to be tapping on is, “I just can’t manifest money.”

So, we have a lot of people, I’m sure in this group, you guys are all entrepreneurs in here. A lot of you probably might be struggling with manifesting some kind of money. If you are struggling with money, we’re going to tap that away, and then, so you can get into the high vibrating state and you can manifest anything that you really do truly want. Whenever we tap, we do start with a negative affirmation. If you are brand new to tapping, if you’ve just heard, I’m going to say something negative, and then that might deter you away, you might be thinking like, “No, I don’t want any kind of this negativity in my body.” But no, this is actually good.

We start in a negative aspect and then we move it into the positive. So we’re going to start with saying all these things that might be popping up that are stopping you from manifesting, but then I promise you, we’re going to end on a positive and you’re going to feel fabulous afterwards.

So before we get started, I’d like you to rate yourself how you’re feeling about manifesting money right now. Are you feeling 10? Like, “I can’t manifest any money. I know I have some kind of blocks within me, I don’t know what they are.” but you feel like you have so many blocks and you need to get rid of them, “I don’t know what they are, but 10. Yeah, I’m really high. I definitely have all these blocks.” And then zero being, “No, I don’t have any blocks at all. So we can just move on.” And then we’re going to re-rate ourselves again at the end of this tapping as well.

Again, this moves energy around in your body. Because it moves energy around, you might feel like you have to yawn a little bit. You might feel like you need to burp, something might come up, you might get thirsty. All these things are good so keep doing it. I might be yawning myself because I’m moving energy within my body as well. So that just means that you’re releasing whatever it is that you need to release. This is good stuff for you.

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Tapping Series

So, let’s start on the side of the hand.
Even though I have this fear of manifesting money,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though I have all these blocks
that are stopping me from manifesting money,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept myself.
Even though I want to attract a million dollars
because I am a business woman,
but it’s not coming to me fast enough,
and I know deep inside
I must have some kind of roots
that are stopping me from manifesting.
And even though
I have all of these deep roots inside of me
and these deep blocks,
I deeply and completely love,
forgive and accept myself.

Eyebrow: Even though I have this fear of manifesting,
Side of the Eye: I deeply and completely
Under the Eye: love and forgive and accept myself.
Under the Nose: This fear of manifesting,
Chin: it’s not allowing me to live in my full potential.
Collarbone: I must have some kind of blocks inside of me
Under the Arm: that are not allowing me to get the money
Top of Head: that I truly want and truly deserve,

Eyebrow: and I don’t know why that’s happening.
Side of the Eye: So we’re going to figure that out today.
Under the Eye: I have all these money blocks
Under the Nose: that are not allowing me to be of service,
Chin: and are not allowing me to be of my highest service.
Collarbone: And I’m not quite sure where it stemmed from,
Under the Arm: but I do know that it’s right here,
Top of Head: right now,

Eyebrow: happening in this lifetime
Side of the Eye: and this is where I truly need it to go away.
Under the Eye: So I’m wondering what is happening in my body
Under the Nose: and why the universe isn’t allowing me to manifest
Chin: whatever it is that I want,
Collarbone: because I know money is just energy.
Under the Arm: It’s like that table back there
Top of Head: or that punching bag,

Eyebrow: and those just exist because they exist.
Side of the Eye: So why is money so hard to attract for me?
Under the Eye: Because money just exists too,
Under the Nose: and money is just energy.
Chin: So why is it so hard for me to attract any of it?
Collarbone: I wonder if it stemmed from my beliefs from my parents
Under the Arm: or my beliefs from society,
Top of Head: but let’s explore this parent situation.

Eyebrow: Am I poor because my parents were poor?
Side of the Eye: Did my parents instill this belief of money being a scarcity in me?
Under the Eye: When I was younger,
Under the Nose: my parents would always tell me
Chin: that money is so hard to attract.
Collarbone: Money doesn’t grow on trees,
Under the Arm: “Oh, we can’t buy that.”
Top of Head: “Oh, we can’t afford that.”

Eyebrow: “Oh, we can’t have that.”
Side of the Eye: “That’s just not possible on our income.”
Under the Eye: And so I took these beliefs
Under the Nose: into my adulthood
Chin: and now I catch myself saying,
Collarbone: “Oh, I can’t afford that.”
Under the Arm: So instead of opening myself up to the universe,
Top of Head: I’ve been blocking myself from the universe.

Eyebrow: I’m the one that has been doing this to me.
Side of the Eye: I’m the reason why I haven’t been able to manifest,
Under the Eye: and it isn’t my parents’ fault.
Under the Nose: It’s not anyone else’s fault.
Chin: Sure, my parents and society might have influenced me,
Collarbone: but they are not the deciding factor of how much money I can really make
Under the Arm: because I am a money magnet,
Top of Head: and money comes to me easily and effortlessly

Eyebrow: because money is just energy,
Side of the Eye: and I could energetically attract anything that I truly desire.
Under the Eye: And what I truly desire
Under the Nose: is more money
Chin: and more pleasurable time with my family.
Collarbone: I want to travel more.
Under the Arm: I want to work less.

Eyebrow: I want to be of service to the world.
Side of the Eye: I want to help my other women entrepreneurs.
Under the Eye: I want to ride a bike
Under the Nose: or write a book
Chin: or buy a brand new car,
Collarbone: maybe a brand new house.
Under the Arm: I want to pay for my kids’ schooling.
Top of Head: Be able to easily afford their college tuition,

Eyebrow: and I could do all of that the more money that I have in my bank account.
Side of the Eye: So, I’m releasing all these negative blocks in my body,
Under the Eye: I’m releasing all these negative blocks out of my heart.
Under the Nose: I’m releasing all these negative blocks out of my soul.
Chin: I’m releasing all these negative blocks out of my heart.
Collarbone: I’m releasing all these negative blocks out of my spirit,
Under the Arm: because if I release them,
Top of Head: I make room for stuff that’s actually supposed to be there,

Eyebrow: and there’s more room for positivity to happen in my life
Side of the Eye: because I’m changing my entire mindset.
Under the Eye: I know that it’s much deeper than all of this.
Under the Nose: And Hey, look at me, I’m tapping on my body.
Chin: And this might be crazy to some people,
Collarbone: I know some of you are probably thinking,
Under the Arm:“What is this crazy lady doing?”
Top of Head: But Hey, if she could make so much money,

Eyebrow: so can I,
Side of the Eye: because I am a money magnet,
Under the Eye: and money is easily and effortlessly comes into my life
Under the Nose: because I believe that the universe works with me,
Chin: not against me,
Collarbone: and so if I tell the universe
Under the Arm: that I want more money,
Top of Head: that’s exactly what the universe will give me,

Eyebrow: more money.
Side of the Eye: Because I truly 100% believe
Under the Eye: that I deserve all the money in the universe
Under the Nose: because once I have more money,
Chin: I can be more of service to the universe.
Collarbone: And if the universe is my best friend
Under the Arm: and I am in service of the universe,
Top of Head: then why wouldn’t they just give me more of what I want?

Eyebrow: I think that’s how the universe works, right?
Side of the Eye: You ask, believe, and receive,
Under the Eye: and I believe in a million dollars.
Under the Nose: I believe in business success.
Chin: I believe in consistent clients,
Collarbone: I believe in women helping other women,
Under the Arm: and I believe that I could do it all,
Top of Head: and I believe that I could have it all,

Eyebrow: and my mindset is aligned to it now.
Side of the Eye: My mindset is aligned with a million dollars.
Under the Eye: So why wouldn’t the university give that to me?
Under the Nose: I believe that wholeheartedly
Chin: in my body, mind and heart. In my soul and spirit.
Collarbone: I believe I am money magnet.
Under the Arm: I believe I’m a spiritual money magnet
Top of Head: and money comes to me easily and effortlessly every single day and every single night.

Now take a deep breath in, hold it, and release.

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How do you feel after that? Let me know in the comments below how you feel. And again, I mentioned in the beginning, we rated ourselves from a 10 to a zero. So let’s rate ourselves again right now. How are you feeling? 10 being, “Oh my gosh, I still have all these money blocks. I can’t manifest any money.  I can’t do this. Money’s just not coming to me easily and effortlessly” and zero being, “Oh my gosh, I feel awesome. I didn’t realize that this whole tapping thing would actually work, but Hey, it did.”

So let me know how you guys feel after that. And like I mentioned before, we have a link above it to our YouTube channel as well. So you guys can feel free to go into any of our other tapping series as well.

We do tons of money blocks and we do tons of issues, and we also take recommendations from you. If you have any personal issues that you want me to tap on and to help you, create a video for you just for that particular issue, let me know also. I’m more than happy to help you guys out as well.

So I’m very happy to introduce VFT to you guys. Hopefully, you feel great. Hopefully, you feel better, and then hopefully you could start concluding this into your own regimens, into your own daily activities, daily exercises. I do VFT usually right before I meditate because my meditation is much stronger that way. So just to get rid of any kind of blocks that I have in my body, I’ll just do a quick 10-minute VFT beforehand, and then afterwards, I’ll get into this deep beautiful meditative state. So it’s really nice. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think. So comment below.

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