We are continuing with our tapping series at tapping on common money blocks. So we’ve done tons of different money blocks and today we’re continuing them. Let’s go. Today we’re tapping on ‘my parents were poor so I have to be poor’.

So before we get started, I would like to tell you guys again, if you guys have any good tapping points that you’d like us to tap on as well, and with you and help you because you have some kind of negative problems or some kind of something that you want to be tapped on, we are more than happy to assist you in those tappings as well. So feel free to write in the comments, how you’re feeling and let us know so we can tap on those points with you as well and help you up, hey.


And one more thing before we get started and remember to be commenting in the comments for a chance to win one of our products as well. So today we will be tapping on just because my parents were poor, which means I’m going to be poor as well. This is such a topic close to my own heart because my parents weren’t rich. So I heard all the time, oh, we can’t afford that. We can’t buy that, we can’t purchase that. We can’t have that. I’m sure you’ve heard it a ton of times as well, but that does not mean that I have to be poor as well in this lifetime because my parents were poor. No! So let’s tap that away right now because I want every single person to have the abundance of the world. And not just because they grew up or were born into a rich family. No, anyone and everyone deserve abundance.

So let’s tap that away right now.

Let’s begin by rating yourself how you feel from zero to 10, 10 being, oh my gosh, my parents were poor and I’m poor, it’s just like a generational thing. Like it’s, I’m going to keep being poor because my parents were poor. It’s just, that’s how it works. Right? And my parents wouldn’t lie to me. And zero being, oh my gosh, that’s not true at all because I know that. That’s not true. So I’m not going to be poor because my parents weren’t poor. So let me know in the comments below how you’re feeling right now. And then at the end of this video, we’re going to redo it all over again and rate ourselves how we’re feeling then.

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If you’re new to VFT it’s emotion acupuncture, where we will be tapping on our meridians similar to acupuncture. In order to get rid of negative energy, we have to say a negative affirmation and then end it in a positive way. So we tap on the negative ones first, and then we end it with a positive affirmation. It moves energy around in our bodies in order to get into this good, high vibrational state. So we call it vibrational frequency tapping because we add a secret sound frequency when listening to the audio. It can also be known as the emotional freedom technique by the creator, Gary Craig. We add a couple different things into our tappings. We add our personalized frequencies in it, which go along with all of our other frequencies from our meditations and affirmations within vibrational wealth.

So to begin, we’re going to start on at the karate chop, which is the setup. And this is, we start off saying whatever comes to mind and then we tap that away. Then the eyebrow point, side of the eye under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, which is where, your collarbone is right here, the main part, right under it in the soft part. And then under the arm. And that’s all you have to do.

So let’s begin.

Tapping Session

So let’s start with the Karate Chop.
Just because my parents were poor.
That means that I have to be poor too.
Just because my parents were poor,
I have to be poor.
This fear of being poor.
This constant fear of being poor.
Just because I have this fear of being poor,
it doesn’t mean that I have to be poor.
Just because my parents were poor doesn’t mean that I have to be poor.
This fear of being poor,
 this fear of being poor,
all of these negative thoughts and feelings
that keep coming up
when I think of being poor.
And even though I have this fear deep inside of me,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept myself.

Eyebrow: This fear of being poor.
Side of the Eye: I have this fear being poor,
Under the Eye: because that’s what my parents told me.
Under the Nose: My parents were poor.
Chin: My parents were so poor
Collarbone: and we couldn’t afford anything growing up.
Under the Arm: So I constantly have this feeling
Top of Head: that I’m going to be poor because they were poor.

Eyebrow: And I heard all the time
Side of the Eye: that we can’t afford that.
Under the Eye: And that we can’t have that.
Under the Nose: So it got stuck in my subconscious
Chin: and now I keep telling my kids that,
Collarbone: oh, we can’t have that.
Under the Arm: Oh, we can’t afford that.
Top of Head: And now my kids are even getting this belief that we’re poor.

Eyebrow: And we need to get rid of that
Side of the Eye: because that’s not serving anyone, any good.
Under the Eye: So why do I keep thinking that I’m poor?
Under the Nose: My parents really didn’t have a great life growing up.
Chin: We were a very low, under middle class.
Collarbone: Barely making the working class.
Under the Arm: And this got engraved in my mind.
Top of Head: That it’s always going to be like that.

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Eyebrow: But that’s not true at all,
Side of the Eye: because money is energy
Under the Eye: and the universe is energy.
Under the Nose: And I deserve all the energy of the universe
Chin: and I deserve all the money.
Collarbone: So I’m going to believe
Under the Arm: something other than what my parents told me.
Top of Head: And it’s not that they were lying to me.

Eyebrow: They just wanted what was best for me.
Side of the Eye: And at the time they were doing as best as they could.
Under the Eye: But it’s 2020 and I deserve all the abundance.
Under the Nose: There’s more millionaires on this planet today
Chin: than 30 years ago.
Collarbone: And there’s so many resources to make a lot of money.
Under the Arm: I can start an online business.
Top of Head: I could take some extra classes

Eyebrow: and learn something new.
Side of the Eye: Learn a new skill that will make me loads of money.
Under the Eye: So I’m going to tap this belief out of my body, mind and soul.
Under the Nose: Tap this belief out of my heart and spirit.
Chin: That just because my parents didn’t have money,
Collarbone: doesn’t mean that I don’t have money.
Under the Arm: Because I attract all the abundance of the world
Top of Head: and I’m attracting it right now.

Eyebrow: I’m attracting it today.
Side of the Eye: Because it’s 2020.
Under the Eye: I’m attracting it for the rest of my life,
Under the Nose: because I want a better future for my kids.
Chin: And I never want to tell my kids
Collarbone: that we can’t afford something.
Under the Arm: That’s going to break their little hearts.
Top of Head: That’s going to break my little heart.

Eyebrow: And I’d rather have a big heart
Side of the Eye: and provide them with anything that I want,
Under the Eye: so they can have anything they want.
Under the Nose: And then I could be the cool parent.
Chin: Because we all deserve abundance.
Collarbone: All the abundance in the world
Under the Arm: is going to make me rich.
Top of Head: I’m going to be so rich,

Eyebrow: have millions and millions of dollars
Side of the Eye: and then pass that onto my kids too.
Under the Eye: So they can have tons and tons of money
Under the Nose: and my grandkids can have tons and tons of money.
Chin: So there’s no more need to be poor from a parent,
Collarbone: because me,
Under the Arm: I’m going to be a rich parent.
Top of Head: Heck, I’m already a rich parent

Eyebrow: and it all starts with this mindset
Side of the Eye: and this weird tapping stuff.
Under the Eye: So I’m just going to keep on tapping.
Under the Nose: Because hey, that’s how energy works, right?
Chin: Move energy.
Collarbone: So moving all this energy,
Under the Arm: moving it all around my body
Top of Head: so that I can be so rich

Eyebrow: and give my kids everything they deserve.
Side of the Eye: So I’m tapping this old belief once and for all.
Under the Eye: And just because my parents weren’t rich,
Under the Nose: doesn’t mean that I can’t be rich.
Chin: Because I am a money magnet.
Collarbone: And I attract all the abundance
Under the Arm: into my body, mind, heart,
Top of Head: soul, and spirit.

Take a deep breath in, hold it. Release.

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How do you feel? Let me know how you feel on a scale of zero to 10. 10 being, you still think you’re going to be super poor because your parents were so poor. And zero being like, oh my gosh, my parents worked for, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be poor. So let me know in the comments below. And if your score is still super high, close to seven, eight, nine, feel free to do this, tapping all over again, to get you closer to like two, three, that would be the best.

So feel free to do this tapping all over again.

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