What we do here at Vibrational Wealth is we work on the six different pillars of wealth, which is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relational, and financial. Everyone always wants financial wealth and attract their ideal clients first, but there are so many other things that happen within our bodies, within ourselves, within our mindset that does not allow us to get into that financial wealth.


What is Vibrational Frequency Tapping

A lot of times we have a lot of blocks. So what we use is, I’m going to go over a technique called VFT tapping. If you’re familiar with EFT tapping, we do something very similar. What we do is vibrational frequency tapping, which is VFT. The only difference between EFT and a VFT is that we actually add a vibrational frequency within our actual tappings so you do have a little bit more of that mental binaural state inside your head and it does get into the subconscious more as if actual tapping would.

So if you’re not familiar with tapping at all, then what tapping is, is it moves energy within our bodies in order to get rid of blocks. These could be any blocks from money blocks, having some blocks if you’re trying to manifest a partner or any kind of manifestations that you’re having in general. I’ve used it for anxiety. I’ve used it for insomnia. You could literally use it for anything. It’s quite amazing.

The different points of tapping are the side of the hand. This is called a karate chop. And what you do when you start tapping onto this is you say an affirmation. You would start with this and this is called a setup. You would start tapping and whatever comes up at first, that’s what you will tap on, on this side.

Then eyebrow point. Side of the eye. Under the eye. Under the nose, chin, collarbone. So where your collarbone is right here, underneath the collar bone. Then under the arm.

So I’m going to do a tapping sequence with you guys right now today, and what we’re going to be tapping on is common money blocks. I have this crazy light above me right now so I’m sorry if it’s a little too bright right now. A lot of people, they have money blocks. They have a hard time manifesting money because they have these blocks. So we’re going to tap that away right now. I know a lot of people have money blocks. I had them before as well.

Some common misconceptions of money blocks are your parents telling you, “Oh, there’s never enough money going around. We can’t afford that. We can’t do that.” Another money block is thinking that you’re not good enough and you’re not worthy of having money. Other people telling you, “No, that’s just impossible. There’s no way you could manifest a million dollars in 90 days.” So things like these are blocks that come up in ourselves, in our bodies, and then in order to get rid of them, we need a tap on that. Tapping releases the energy inside of you. Today we are going to be tapping on money blocks.

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Let’s Begin

I do recommend having headphones on and following the video at the end of this post. I am going to put on the binary music that I was telling you about, the frequency music so it does get into your subconscious more. So not only are you getting rid of these blocks within your body, you’re going to get rid of them from your subconscious because it’s engraved with the music that we’re going to be using.

Let’s rate ourselves from a one to 10, 10 beings, “Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to manifest any kind of money for me. I have so many blocks all inside of me. It’s just really, really, really hard to manifest money for me,” and one of being, “Manifesting money is easy peasy. I could do it in a heartbeat when I’m sleeping.”

So we want to go down. Most people when they start, they’re probably in the eight, nine, seven range. But we want to bring it down to a one, two, three. So hopefully this tapping will get you into that vibration where you get rid of it and you are at a lower number to end with. So let’s begin. Make sure you have your headphones, and then rate yourself again from one to 10. Where are you right now? And then we’re going to rate ourselves again at the end of this video as well in case you’re tapping might have got it down. So we want to know what they are right now. So tell me what you’re feeling right now in the comments below. What are you feeling, one to 10? And money blocks, manifesting money, is manifesting money easy for you? Is a really hard? How are you feeling on a scale of one to 10?

Tapping Sequence for your ideal clients

So let’s start tapping on the side of our hand,
even though I have all of these blocks
inside my body from manifesting money.
Even though I had these blocks of manifesting money,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept me.
Even though I have all these blocks
and money doesn’t come to me easily and effortlessly,
and sometimes I wonder if I’m doing this whole manifesting thing right,
I see all these people in all these groups manifesting money easily,
but to me, there seems to be some kind of a block.
I don’t know if it’s my parents, I don’t know if it’s society, I don’t know if it’s the internet.
What I do know is that I’m having a hard time manifesting money.

Eyebrow: This fear of manifesting,
Side of the Eye: this constant fear of manifesting,
Under the Eye: I’m scared of it because I don’t know how to manifest,
Under the Nose: properly. And that freaks me out.
Chin: When I go into any of these crazy law of attraction groups,
Collarbone: I see people manifesting money all the time and posting their wins.
Under the Arm: And when I’m in this group,
Top of Head: I see wins posted all the time.

Eyebrow: But, for me, it’s hard to get ideal clients.
Side of the Eye: I have no idea why I cannot get ideal clients.
Under the Eye: Clients should be easy to attract.
Under the Nose: But for me, it’s hard.
Chin: And I heard this manifestation stuff is supposed to be easy and effortless.
Collarbone: But, for me, it’s hard.
Under the Arm: I have a fear of manifesting big money.
Top of Head: I must have some kind of blocks inside of me.

Eyebrow: Maybe it’s a fear of what my parents told me.
Side of the Eye: I remember when I was younger
Under the Eye: my parents constantly told me there’s not enough to go around.
Under the Nose: They would tell me,
Chin: “Oh, we can’t afford that.”
Collarbone: Or they told me,
Under the Arm: “Oh, we can’t buy that.”
Top of Head: They told me,

Eyebrow: “Do your chores so you can save up your money and then you could buy whatever you want.”
Side of the Eye: But I wanted money to come easily.
Under the Eye: I didn’t want to have to wait.
Under the Nose: Sometimes I think it’s society too.
Chin: Social media is a huge factor.
Collarbone: Sometimes I get stuck in the comparison syndrome.
Under the Arm: I would see all these people posting wins and Facebook groups,
Top of Head: or all these people post how much money they’ve made,

Eyebrow: or how much ideal clients they’ve attracted,
Side of the Eye: or how well their business is doing.
Under the Eye: And, for me, that’s just not how it is.
Under the Nose: For me, I seem to have a little bit of a harder time.
Chin: And I’m going to tap that away from me right now.
Collarbone: Obviously, I’m desperate to try anything
Under the Arm: because I’m tapping on myself with this girl on the computer.
Top of Head: I’m moving energy around in my body

Eyebrow: so that I could finally start manifesting
Side of the Eye: what I really want
Under the Eye: because I deserve what I really want.
Under the Nose: If Joe Schmo over here deserves what they want,
Chin: why can’t I?
Collarbone: I deserve all the abundance in the world.
Under the Arm: I deserve all the money in the world
Top of Head: because I am a wealth magnet

Eyebrow: tapping away this fear of not having enough money.
Side of the Eye: I’m tapping away this fear that money only comes to people that work hard for it
Under the Eye: because money should be easy and effortless to attract.
Under the Nose: And this is what I’m doing right now.
Chin: Right now, as I’m tapping on my face,
Collarbone: I am linking myself with my ideal customer via the universe.
Under the Arm: I’m growing this invisible line from me to my ideal customer
Top of Head: and creating what I like to call a bridge of incidence.

Eyebrow: So as soon as I get off this recording,
Side of the Eye: that ideal customer will be already looking for me
Under the Eye: because I am an ideal client magnet.
Under the Nose: And those ideal clients are already looking for me.
Chin: I made that bridge of incidence,
Collarbone: and I know that they are looking for me as well.
Under the Arm: All those ideal clients are going to pay me so much money,
Top of Head: and then I can finally start charging for my services

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Eyebrow: what I really want to charge.
Side of the Eye: I will finally start deserving of the money that I deserve.
Under the Eye: But not only that,
Under the Nose: I’m going to help a ton of people as well,
Chin: because the more people that I help,
Collarbone: the more my bank account is going to grow
Under the Arm: and the more I’ll be in service of the universe
Top of Head: doing exactly what I need to be doing.

Eyebrow: Because I am a money magnet.
Side of the Eye: I am an ideal client magnet.
Under the Eye: I am an attractor magnet
Under the Nose: and I attract anything that I desire,
Chin: whether it’s more ideal clients,
Collarbone: more coaching calls,
Under the Arm: more people buying my products,
Top of Head: more money in my bank account,

Eyebrow: more love in my life,
Side of the Eye: more of anything.
Under the Eye: I’m attracting anything that I want.
Under the Nose: And I’m doing it right here right now,
Chin: because it’s easy to attract things
Collarbone: when you have a positive mind and the right mindset.
Under the Arm: And my goals are aligned with money.
Top of Head: My life is aligned with wealth.

Eyebrow: I want to travel the world.
Side of the Eye: I want to help more people.
Under the Eye: I want to be of service.
Under the Nose: I want to have a big fat bank account.
Chin: And I’m starting doing that today.
Collarbone: So even though I used to have this fear of money
Under the Arm: And even though I used to have this fear that I can’t attract anything towards me,
Top of Head: I release it out of my body and mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Release.

How do you feel after that? Again, let’s rate ourselves right now on a scale of one to 10, 10 beings, again, “It’s so hard to manifest money. I can’t manifest it no matter what I’m doing. I’m just having a really hard time and I need to do more of these tapping series in order to get rid of that,” and one being, “Oh my gosh, actually, I feel much better right now. I feel like I could go out there and attract absolutely anything.”

Let me know in the comments below.

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