Do you feel unworthy of getting rich? Well today, we’re gonna go ahead and tap that away belief so that you can actually manifest what you want quickly. Today we will be doing just that, tapping away unworthiness of money.


Welcome, to this awesome tapping that we’re gonna be doing here today. And so many times, people actually do these things where they sabotage themselves when they get some money. Some people even do the thing where they actually will get a ton of money, like an example of a person that won the $400 million lottery prize. And it’s so weird because a year later, all that money was gone, non-existent, and they were even in more debt than they were in the beginning before they got the money, how is that? Well, the thing is is that they had an unconscious money block where they didn’t feel worthy enough to have that much money in their life. So what they did is instead of keeping it for themselves because they manifested it and they attracted it, they started like, just like giving it, giving it to everyone else, giving it to everyone else. Almost like, “Oh, I don’t deserve this. “I am not worthy of this, I am not worthy of this.” And then it’s like all gone.

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The thing is, guys, you have to understand something about being worthy of money. You know, we look at the word worthy. Now, the reason why we have that word worthy, it’s a shorter word is worth. So you have to understand what is your worth? Are you doing things daily that are gonna increase your wealth? Or are you just sitting there like, you know, “Oh, I don’t know if I am worthy of this. “I don’t know if I’m deserving of this. “I don’t know if I could have this.” And then when you do finally have it, you end up like, “No, no, I don’t want it, “I don’t want it, I don’t want it.” You can’t do that. So what we’re gonna be doing today is we’re gonna be tapping away the unworthiness blocks that are going on inside of you, so that we can clear that away, and you can be the money magnet that you were meant to be.

On a scale of one to 10, I want you to really, really analyze where you are on the worthiness scale. At a one you’re like, “I don’t feel that worthy of abundance or wealth or money.” And then number 10, like, “Man, I’m frickin’ worthy of this. “I know that I can have it, “I know I am worthy of everything.” If you’re already at a 10, then you could shut this video off and not even listen. But if you’re at a, between a one and four, you need this video.

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So let’s go and do the setup statements. We’re gonna be tapping on the side of the hand here. This is gonna go ahead and set up the statement that we’re gonna be using with our practices as we tap. Then the tapping points are the eyebrow The side of the eye. The under the eye, the under the nose, the chin, the collarbone where the soft points are, right below the bone. And then under the arm right here. And then top of the head. All you’re gonna do, it’s so easy, all you’re gonna do is repeat the mantra that I say once I’m tapping on the certain points, okay?

Tapping Series

So let’s go and start with the side of the hand.
Even though I feel unworthiness of money,
I truly love deeply and completely accept myself anyway.
Even though I just don’t feel worthy of more money,
I feel I have to give it away.
I feel like I have to just get it out of here
because I don’t feel like I was worthy of this money anyway.
And even though I don’t feel worthy of millions of dollars in my life,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself anyway.
And anyone else that had tried to put some negative money blocks in my mind,
I’m releasing them now as well.
And even though I don’t feel worthy of all this money coming to me,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and honor myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I don’t feel worthy of more money.
Side of the Eye: I don’t feel worthy of more money.
Under the Eye: I have an unworthiness towards manifesting more money.
Under the Nose: And I don’t know why I’m doing that to myself
Chin: because it doesn’t feel very good.
Collarbone: Under the Arm: I know how to increase my worth within myself.
Under the Arm: And if I don’t know how to increase the worth within myself,
Top of Head: I can always learn how to.

Eyebrow: But how do we learn how to increase the worth within ourself?
Side of the Eye: Well, the way we do that is by connecting with different mentors,
Under the Eye: is by connecting with different leaders,
Under the Nose: is by connecting with different products,
Chin: is by connecting with the universe or God
Collarbone: or anything that we believe in.
Under the Arm: It’s by connecting with self-help books.
Top of Head: It’s by connecting with self-help audios.

Eyebrow: It’s by connecting to the Vibrational Wealth free tappings on YouTube.
Side of the Eye: And in fact, if I knew this 20 years ago,
Under the Eye: I’d be way further than I am today.
Under the Nose: And the thing is, is that I was raised to not feel worthy of more money.
Chin: You know, my parents didn’t have a lot of money.
Collarbone: And the thing is, is that what they did is they instilled in me
Under the Arm: the beliefs that they didn’t have a lot of money,
Top of Head: then I wasn’t gonna have a lot of money either.

Eyebrow: And that really sucks.
Side of the Eye: That sucked the life out of me because as a child,
Under the Eye: I had no clue what was going on.
Under the Nose: All I know is whenever I wanted something,
Chin: they would yell at me and say,
Collarbone: ”No, you can’t have that.
Under the Arm:“No, we can’t afford that.
Top of Head:“No, we can’t do that.”

Eyebrow: And then I just like got instilled in me
Side of the Eye: that maybe they’re saying that to me
Under the Eye:’cause I don’t feel worthy of having it.
Under the Nose: Well, I need to change that belief right now,
Chin: because that belief is not serving me.
Collarbone: But what serves me is the knowledge of knowing
Under the Arm: that there are so many mentors, trainers, and leaders,
Top of Head: authors and speakers that have written books and have audiobooks as well.

Eyebrow: All you gotta do is buy those books.
Side of the Eye: I mean, heck, the guy who’s tapping right now has products himself
Under the Eye: that can help me change my life,
Under the Nose: so that I can feel worthy all the time.
Chin: And when I feel worthy,
Collarbone: it’s because I took time to increase my self-worth.
Under the Arm: And when I increased my self-worth
Top of Head: by doing this tapping,

Eyebrow: doing guided meditations,
Side of the Eye: purchasing self-help books,
Under the Eye: or getting one of the Vibrational Wealth products
Under the Nose: that are located right below this tapping,
Chin: then I find myself feeling worthy and deserving of more money,
Collarbone: even more every single day.
Under the Arm: So therefore, when that $400 million comes into my life again,
Top of Head: that money is only gonna grow.

Eyebrow: And when it grows,
Side of the Eye: I’m gonna have over a billion dollars in my bank account.
Under the Eye: And that’s all because I took the time to build my worthiness,
Under the Nose: to feel worthy of more money.
Chin: So I’m releasing this belief of feeling unworthiness of money
Collarbone: about more money,
Under the Arm: releasing it out of my body.
Top of Head: Releasing it out of my mind.

Eyebrow: Releasing it out of my heart.
Side of the Eye: Releasing it out of my soul.
Under the Eye: Releasing it out of my spirit.
Under the Nose: Releasing it out of my cells.
Chin: Releasing it out of my atoms.
Collarbone: Just releasing it out of all of me right now,
Under the Arm: and feeling really good and worthy
Top of Head: of more money in my life.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. And release.

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Take some time right now to really, really go inside and see where you are on an unworthiness to worthiness scale. Again, if you were at a one where you just totally felt unworthiness of money or now you’re at a 10, like, “Man, I feel worthy. “I know how to make myself worthy, “I know what to do, “I know what direction to take,” and if you’re at a 10 right now, good job. So here’s what I want you to do.

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