Do you feel you’re struggling to get rich? Do you feel like, “Oh my God, I wanna get rich, but it’s always a struggle to get there.” Well, we’re gonna talk about that and so much more in this video. Today we’re gonna talk about how to get rich without the struggle ’cause most people on times, they actually go out there in life these days and they’re like, “I wanna get rich. I wanna get rich. I wanna get rich, but they don’t want to work too hard. And if they do work too hard, they feel like they’re struggling to get rich.


They’re concern is to get rich. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. The thing is guys is that you have to understand that when you look at getting rich as a struggle. then that is what you’re going to attract every single time. So what we need to do is we need to do a tapping to help get rid of the struggle so that you can actually get rich easily, ’cause you want it easily and effortlessly.

We’re using this modality called VFT. VFT is very similar to emotional freedom technique and it actually stems from that, but we make it in our own branding, vibrational frequency tapping, and the tapping goes like this.

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So we’re gonna, we’re gonna go ahead and start by tapping on the side of the hand, this actually sets up the statements that we’re gonna be doing to clear them out of our subconscious mind. So as we’re doing this, we’re gonna be saying a mantra then we’re gonna tap on the acupuncture points. And this is known as like emotional acupuncture. So this is an acupuncture point, the eyebrow side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, the soft point underneath the bone, under the arm that’s under the armpit. And then at the top of the head, right where your crown is like right here.

As we’re tapping on those points, you’re gonna repeat the mantra that I say so we can release it out of us. And money’s not gonna be a struggle for you anymore. You’re not gonna struggle to get rich anymore.

Tapping Series

Side of the Hand
Even though I struggled to get rich,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself.
Even though it just has to be a struggle to get rich,
I don’t know why I have to work so hard.
I don’t know why money’s so hard to get.
And even though money is a struggle,
money is so hard to get
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: Money is such a struggle to get.
Side of the Eye: It’s such a struggle to get rich.
Under the Eye: I’m struggling to get rich here. I
Under the Nose: am struggling so much
Chin: and I just wanna get rich easily and effortlessly,
Collarbone: but it’s not happening.
Under the Arm: And I don’t like that because the thing is is
Top of Head: that when I was born into this world,

Eyebrow: I was born abundant.
Side of the Eye: The only thing I struggled with was being born.
Under the Eye: But the thing was is that I watched my parents struggle.
Under the Nose: So naturally, I’m learning that,
Chin: hey, maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do.
Collarbone: But then I see my friends who have made seven figures
Under the Arm: and they physically see seven figures in their bank account.
Top of Head: I see them doing it.

Eyebrow: And I think to myself,
Side of the Eye: “Why do they have it so easily and I don’t?”
Under the Eye: You see the thing is
Under the Nose: the way we were raised is gonna impact exactly who we are now as an adult.
Chin: And if that’s the case and I’m becoming aware of that now
Collarbone: then what I know is that all I need to do
Under the Arm: is change what’s going on in here.
Top of Head: All I need to do is transform the beliefs that money is easy to get,

Eyebrow: but how was it easy?
Side of the Eye: I go to work every day,
Under the Eye: I commute.
Under the Nose: I face all this traffic
Chin: and then you get to work and I really don’t wanna be here.
Collarbone: I wanna be seven figures in my bank account.
Under the Arm: I wanna have that, but that’s not gonna happen being the way I feel.
Top of Head: So I need to do something drastic.

Eyebrow: I need to buy some self help books
Side of the Eye: that are gonna teach me exactly how I can get into the vibration of getting Under the Eye: money easily.
Under the Nose: And as I tap right now,
Chin: I’m getting all of the creative ideas on how to do that,
Collarbone: I can come out with my own product.
Under the Arm: But then I think to myself,
Top of Head: I don’t know how to make a product.

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Eyebrow: You can learn.
Side of the Eye: You can hire a mentor,
Under the Eye: you can hire a trainer,
Under the Nose: you can pay someone else to create your product.
Chin: So really what’s in the way of you and the product is you.
Collarbone: You’re making the excuses.
Under the Arm: You could market someone else’s product.
Top of Head: the person that’s tapping right now,

Eyebrow: we have affiliate products that help our affiliates make money.
Side of the Eye: And then you think, well, that’s great,
Under the Eye: but I don’t know how to sell,
Under the Nose: but that’s the cool part.
Chin: You don’t have to sell.
Collarbone: You just need to learn how to get eyeballs on the product. And if you don’t know
Under the Arm: how to market, well guess what?
Top of Head: There are trainers for that too.

Eyebrow: Trainers are gonna teach you how to market,
Side of the Eye: how to get thousands of eyeballs on your product or opportunity.
Under the Eye: And the thing is
Under the Nose: is that if I’m gonna be making these excuses,
Chin: then how is that gonna get me rich?
Under the Arm: I might just wanna just keep struggling,
Top of Head: but I need to release that now. Cause I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

Eyebrow: and I’m sick and tired of struggling.
Side of the Eye: So I need to take action and do whatever it takes
Under the Eye: to finally either learn marketing,
Under the Nose: to finally create my own product
Chin: or to finally market someone else’s product that I believe in.
Collarbone: And if you’re doing this tapping right now,
Under the Arm: well guess what?
Top of Head: The person that’s tapping on himself

Eyebrow: has products that pays out 50% commissions up to $500 per sale.
Side of the Eye: And if you’re marketing something you love
Under the Eye: and something that transforms your life,
Under the Nose: guess what that means?
Chin: You’re enthusiastic about what you’re marketing
Collarbone: and a great mentor once told me
Under the Arm: the I-A-S-M in enthusiasm means
Top of Head: I am sold myself.

Eyebrow: And when you could sell from that much enthusiasm,
Side of the Eye: then you’re gonna make so much money
Under the Eye: and it won’t be a struggle.
Under the Nose: It’ll just feel good about it.
Chin: And right now I’m releasing the struggle
Collarbone: out of my body, my heart, soul, and spirit.
Under the Arm: I’m releasing it out of my cells
Top of Head: and I’m releasing it from all of my being,

Eyebrow: all of my cells,
Side of the Eye: all of my atoms,
Under the Eye: all of my higher self,
Under the Nose: all of my inner child.
Chin: And I’m releasing it now
Collarbone: and letting the universe take care of it
Under the Arm: and release it for me
Top of Head: so that I can manifest with ease.

Take a deep breath in, seven seconds in. Hold. Release.

Take some times to really, really think about this right now and think about where are you on a scale of one to 10. 10, Oh my God, I’m struggling to get rich. Or now it’s down to a one where, you know what, it’s kind of easy. This is like easy and I can, I can, I can do this. So where are you on a scale of one to 10, put it down in the comments. Let us know where you are that’ll help us as trainers to help you in depth.

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