Do you have a fear of losing money? Almost like when you earn it, it’s like someone’s gonna steal it from you? Well, we’re gonna tap away that belief and so much more. Let’s go and do this right now.


This tapping on fear of losing money. We wanna go ahead and fix this belief of fear of losing money. So many times in life like when we’re going out there and we’re earning lots of money, lots of money, we’re like, oh my God, is someone gonna take this away from me? Oh my God, is someone gonna take this out of my bank account? Is someone going to take it? Oh my God, I got it and I’m scared it’s kinda someone’s gonna take it now.

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Well, we have to eliminate that fear because the thing is is that if we keep doing that, we’re gonna cause a ton of money blocks and it’s gonna, we’re gonna make so much money, and then we’re gonna go back to zero and zilch. And we wanna go ahead and get rid of these beliefs out of you, so that you’re not blocked anymore.

To do this we’re gonna be using a modality called VFT which is vibrational frequency tapping, and if you follow along with out video at the end of this post you will hear this frequency music that’s playing. That’s why sometimes when you watch this video, putting headphones on during the tapping is really good, because what the frequency tapping does, it actually goes into more of the theta brainwave states. And the theta brainwave states actually creates more intuition, it actually creates more release and actually creates more of releasing more money blocks out of you. If you want the true benefit, yes, we do recommend that you do put headphones on while you’re listening to this video, especially while the tapping too.

Okay, so, let’s go and do that right now, on the side of the hand, we’re gonna start hearing the sound of the hand for the setup statement, and then we’re gonna go to the eyebrow, the side of the eye, the under the eye, the under of the nose, and every time I do this by the way make sure you say the mantra out loud, then you’re gonna tap under the collarbone, and then you go under the armpit right here, and then the top of the head right where your crown is. So you’re gonna tap there. And again, during all this time you’re gonna be repeating a mantra over and over and over again.

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This is known as emotional like emotional acupuncture, 3since we’re touching on the acupuncture points that actually release a lot of energy out of the cells and a lot of blockages, so that you’re able to receive more and you’re able to achieve more and you’re able to release all these blocks going on inside of you, today being the fear of losing money.

Tapping Series

So side hand.
Even though I have this fear of losing money,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept myself.
Even though I have this fear of losing money,
I earned it,
I earned a lot of it,
and then,
all of a sudden it’s just gone.
And then I’m stuck within myself
working harder to get it back.
And I don’t know about you
but I don’t wanna work that hard.
I wanna earn and keep money
easily and effortlessly.
And even though I have this fear of losing money,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself anyway.
And all those people in my past,
all those ancestors,
all my peers, parents, all my old friends
and even though they have a fear of losing money themselves
and I hang out with them,
I deeply and completely,
love, forgive, and honor myself anyway.

Eyebrow: This fear of losing money,
Side of the Eye: side of the eye this fear of losing money,
Under the Eye: I have this fear of losing money and that doesn’t feel too good.
Under the Nose: Because whenever I go to make money,
Chin: somewhere in the back of my head
Collarbone: I just fear it’s gonna be gone.
Under the Arm: Like I just made $100,000 in my bank account,
Top of the Head: but then next week it’s all gone.

Eyebrow: And I don’t know why I’ve done that to myself before.
Side of the Eye: And I don’t know why I’ve done that to myself recently.
Under the Eye: And I need to release this because it’s not serving me,
Under the Nose: and it’s not serving the people around me.
Chin: Because when I make a lot of money I
Collarbone: I’m able to give back to people,
Under the Arm: I’m able to donate to charities,
Top of the Head: I’m able to pay for travel without having to worry about the expenses.

Eyebrow: I’m able to do what I want when I want.
Side of the Eye: And that’s a feeling I love having.
Under the Eye: So we need to change this belief,
Under the Nose: of this fear of losing money.
Chin: You see,
Collarbone: a great mentor once told me
Under the Arm: that if you want to attract more money,
Top of the Head: and you wanna keep it,

Eyebrow: you need to build the value within yourself.
Side of the Eye: What is that value within yourself?
Under the Eye:The value is, well, one, plugging into videos like this.
Under the Nose: Another way to make yourself valuable is reading self-help books.
Chin: Another way is to listen to one hour of guided wealth meditations daily.
Collarbone: Another way is tapping on these money blocks daily.
Under the Arm: Another way to build your value in yourself is to do guided wealth meditations daily.
Top of the Head: And if you’re really backed up doing guided meditation twice a day

Eyebrow: and right now it’s time for a divine intervention.
Side of the Eye: It’s time within yourself to get rid of these blocks now and forever.
Under the Eye: And how do you do that?
Under the Nose: Well we do that by making sure that we are consistently building the value in ourselves.
Chin: And if you have a challenge finding guided wealth meditations,
Collarbone: if you have a challenge finding guided wealth affirmations for you,
Under the Arm: if you have a challenge finding tapping
Top of the Head: that are gonna release the money blocks for good,

Eyebrow: if you have a challenge which is manifesting in general,
Side of the Eye: then I truly believe that you need to look in the description below,
Under the Eye: because there’s some free items down below,
Under the Nose: that are going to help you.
Chin: And along with that,
Collarbone: there’s also some tappings,
Under the Arm: that go for up to 20 weeks.
Top of the Head: And these money block tappings,

Eyebrow: or should I say money block clearing tappings,
Side of the Eye: are gonna help release these money blocks for good.
Under the Eye: They’re gonna get that shovel
Under the Nose: you need to dig down deep all the gobbly goop,
Chin: all the dirt,
Collarbone: all the past beliefs it’ll really help release these out of you now.
Under the Arm: And right now we’re doing that with this tapping
Top of the Head: because now you know how to release this fear of losing money.

Eyebrow: Because if you’re so valuable within yourself,
Side of the Eye: people are gonna see that they’re gonna see it on social media.
Under the Eye: If you do videos on YouTube
Under the Nose: they’re gonna see that too.
Chin: The universe is gonna see that you’re a valuable person.
Collarbone: And guess what?
Under the Arm: You’ll no longer have a fear of losing money,
Top of the Head: when you do these actions consistently.

Eyebrow: And now with this knowledge,
Side of the Eye: you’re now seeing that fear,
Under the Eye: means false evidence appearing real.
Under the Nose: And I’m just making these illusions
Chin: that I’m gonna lose my money,
Collarbone: then I’m gonna create that in my life.
Under the Arm: And I need to get this out of me right now.
Top of the Head: Because that is not serving me

Eyebrow: and it’s not serving the universe.
Side of the Eye: And I’m here to be of service.
Under the Eye: And when I’m of service,
Under the Nose: that’s when you start earning the money.
Chin: And that’s when tons of money started coming to you.
Collarbone: Avalanches of abundance will come to you
Under the Arm: when you are building the value within yourself
Top of the Head: and you’ve done it consistently

Eyebrow: releasing this fear of losing money
Side of the Eye: releasing it out of my body
Under the Eye: releasing it out of my mind
Under the Nose: releasing it out of my heart
Chin: releasing it out of my soul
Collarbone: and releasing it out of my spirit
Under the Arm: and releasing it out of the trillions of cells in my body
Top of the Head: and just feeling good right now.

Take a deep breath in seven seconds in hold it, and release.

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Take some time to really really see where you are on a scale of one to ten one. One, you still have this fear, oh my God, I’m gonna lose money or 10, you have complete courage that you’re gonna keep money and you’re gonna build the value within yourself.

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