Today, we’re going to be tapping on money is filthy and dirty. I have a lot of people coming to me and telling me, “Hey, money is so hard to get. I must be doing something illegal, I must be doing something wrong, I must be doing something bad in order to get big lump sums of money.” But that is not true at all. And today we are going to be tapping that away.


If you don’t know what tapping is yet, I like to call it emotional acupuncture for your body. It’s amazing. Your body has all of these meridian points in through your body, kind of like acupuncture points, acupressure. If you’re familiar with that, you kind of know what that is. Within those lines, there’s these points that if you tap on them, tapping on your face, your body, you will release these energy blocks and you will start releasing this, what you’re tapping on. It could be used for emotional stuff, it could be used for any kind of ailments that you have, if you, any kind of, anything that feels and comes from an emotion. So if you’re having a hard time attracting a lover and you want to attract a better lover, maybe there’s some underlying issues, that will get you from that.

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But today is all about money. So let’s start tapping on that money is dirty and filthy.

Tapping Sequence

So let’s start on the side of the hand, the karate chop.
Even though I have this belief that money is filthy and dirty,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though every single person in my life
has told me that money is filthy and dirty.
I still love, accept and forgive myself.
Even though that I have this belief within myself,
that I think that money is dirty.
I still love myself.
I know that some people tell me that money is dirty.
And I know that they tell me that it’s filthy sometimes.
I still choose to love, accept, and forgive them, and myself.

Eyebrow: Money is filthy and dirty.
Side of the Eye: Money is so filthy and so dirty.
Under the Eye: All my life I’ve always heard that money is filthy and dirty.
Under the Nose: I must be doing something terrible
Chin: in order to attract this dirty filthy money.
Collarbone: There’s no possible way.
Under the Arm: I can make an honest living with filthy dirty money.
Top of the Head: I must have been doing something wrong.

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Eyebrow: Sometimes people ask me,
Side of the Eye: what are you doing?
Under the Eye: Sometimes I ask myself,
Under the Nose: what am I doing?
Chin: Sometimes I wonder
Collarbone: if money really is filthy and dirty
Under the Arm: because deep down inside of me,
Top of the Head: I don’t think that’s real.

Eyebrow: I know there are tons of opportunities
Side of the Eye: that I can make an honest living.
Under the Eye: There’s no way that money could be filthy and dirty
Under the Nose: if I’m making an honest living.
Chin: But there’s always going to be naysayers.
Collarbone: And there’s always going to be people
Under the Arm: that don’t believe in me.
Top of the Head: And this is why I’m tapping this out right now.

Eyebrow: So I say, screw all those people.
Side of the Eye: And all the people that think money is dirty,
Under the Eye: and all the people that have been negative towards me,
Under the Nose: and all the people that don’t believe in me,
Chin: and all the naysayers of the world,
Collarbone: because I know that I’m going to make money.
Under the Arm: Because money is easy to attract.
Top of the Head: And money is so much fun to attract.

Eyebrow: Money is abundance.
Side of the Eye: I don’t know why these people think that money is filthy.
Under the Eye: The only thing that’s gonna be filthy
Under the Nose: is me being filthy rich.
Chin: All of this abundance coming my way.
Collarbone: And all of this abundance in the world.
Under the Arm: Money is definitely not filthy.
Top of the Head: Look at all the things that money can buy me.

Eyebrow: Money can buy me travel.
Side of the Eye: I can see more of the world.
Under the Eye: I can get bigger Airbnbs.
Under the Nose: I can volunteer more.
Chin: I could donate to my favorite charities.
Collarbone: There’s so much good that can come out of money,
Under the Arm: and I am attracting all the money in the world.
Top of the Head: I’m getting rid of this belief that money is filthy and dirty,

Eyebrow: releasing this belief out of my body,
Side of the Eye: releasing this belief out of my soul and spirit,
Under the Eye: releasing this belief out of my body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.
Under the Nose: So now that I’ve released it,
Chin: I can attract more abundance.
Collarbone: I’m attracting all the abundance into this world.
Under the Arm: I’m attracting all of the abundance in my life.
Top of the Head: I’m attracting all of this money into my world.

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Now take a deep breath in, hold it, and release. If you still feel that money is filthy and dirty, feel free to do this tapping all over again.

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