Vibrational frequency is a crucial element of being. Being in the vibrational frequency of what you love defines what translates into your reality. Many people say yes to negativity and it becomes their reality since their inner core self-integrates it into their reality. The meaning you give to things in life, sometimes how you define a situation is what determines your actions. It may not exactly be about what you are passionate about but the perception you have.  Beliefs create your reality and they are also a reflection of your vibrations. 


The law of attraction entails tapping into the power of your mind and thoughts to transform your desires into reality. You can simply apply VFT to achieve anything you have ever imagined (you might know it as EFT or ‘tapping’ by creator Gary Craig). Some people mistake it for wishful thinking, but it’s not. Your reality is the fruit of your vibrations that begin in your mind. Sometimes we go through different experiences and find ourselves saying “things happen for a reason” or “perhaps it wasn’t the right time”, don’t we? It has everything to do with the subconscious, which manifests in actions. Therefore, it is important to learn a few tips on how to improve your VFT.


Most of us already know what meditation is about. What we don’t know is how powerful meditation actually is. We often misunderstand meditation and mistake it for a religious practice that takes years to learn. Wrong! Absolutely anyone can start meditation and begin enjoying its valuable reward. It helps you clear your mind, de-stress and stay in control of your thoughts. 

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We often get overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, that we lose control over our reality. Meditation can help you return to your core because it raises your vibrations. We all love the feeling of having it all together, negative thoughts just get in the way sometimes. You can change that.

Eat High-Frequency Foods

Being human, we have to eat to stay alive. You could be experiencing low vibrational frequencies because of what you eat. Different foods contain different vibrational energy. As early as 1825, renowned gastronome, Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin first published a famous quote “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are” in his book titled the Physiology of Taste. This quote continues to resonate with spirituality believers and high vibrational frequency enthusiasts.  

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Organic foods are examples of high-frequency foods because they are unprocessed, without additives or chemicals.  Tropical fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms are other examples of foods associated with high frequencies. Avoid processed foods, deep-fried foods, and genetically modified foods. What you eat defines you. Operating at a high vibrational state can be achieved through a healthy diet. 

Embrace positive thinking

Improving your VFT outcome can simply be achieved by switching to optimism and letting go of negative thoughts. Start by being kind to yourself, think positively about yourself and appreciate who you are and what you can achieve. Access the source of the negative thoughts you have, begin to notice them, and eliminate them completely. 

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Avoid cursing yourself and speaking negatively about yourself. See the beauty in things around you. Speak words of affirmation to yourself whenever you are in self-doubt. Begin perceiving situations as a glass half full as opposed to a glass half empty. Allow yourself to validate you from within.  This improves your mental health, changes your mindset, and creates a platform of tapping into the best version of yourself.

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Hang around positive people

Our frequencies are average to the people who hang around us. Like attracts like. You interact with people almost every day in your life. People who radiate positive energy lift your spirits and vibrational frequency. Sometimes, we find ourselves blaming people for negatively affecting our moods, yet we probably woke up in high spirits. Avoid friends or people who continuously spread negative vibes because energies are very contagious. 

In some cases, negative energy is caused by factors beyond our control such as dysfunctional families or toxic colleagues you deal with every day. It doesn’t mean you should quit your job or completely cut off your relationships. You just need to be aware of your own energy, try finding inspiring people who make you laugh, feel good about yourself, and are just more pleasant to be around. People who appreciate you will love you for who you are. 

Choose kindness and gratitude

Learn to always be thankful for what you have as opposed to what you don’t have. Be content with your progress and be happy about it. Think about and write down the things you are grateful for. Practice acts of kindness once in a while because it makes people happy about helping others. 

Drink water and take a breathe

Hydrate and take a moment to breathe sometimes. Add some awareness to your breathe and whisper to yourself “I’ve got this”. Sip a glass of water and refresh your mind. Re-energize. This goes a long way to improve your vibrational frequency.

Get into being through the vibrations you attract. Focusing on the positive energy of the vibrations is empowering and transformational. Only you can tap into your true core frequency. Are you wondering what your core is? It’s you. Connect with it. Be aware of who you really are. Try it out now!

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You are the dream, You are the thought, You are the action, You are the reality, You are in control.

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