We all have relationships of all kinds, that’s just being human. You could go insane if you were a complete loner. What we don’t realize is that relational wealth plays a big role in defining who we are. It is the ability to grow stable and healthy relationships, with yourself first then with others to achieve your success story. The stronger and healthier the relationships are, the better you become. 


The relationships we attract and build, affect our vibrations and the people we are in all aspects of life. Your family relationships affect your social life. Your relationship with colleagues at work affects your professional output and progress. Your relationship with your neighbor impacts on your comfortability in your neighborhood. Your relationship with yourself simply defines you!

For instance, if you are struggling with low self-esteem because you have negative feelings that you’re not good enough, it all then translates to the reality you experience. You could even sink into depression, yet you can define your reality by controlling your mind to achieve your dreams.  Sometimes your relationship with yourself is so toxic, you completely lose focus and your purpose in life. A situation that continuously attracts low vibrations and negativity in your life. 

This is why it is important to learn a few tips that will help you improve your relational wealth management to attract high vibrations and healthy relationships.


Building a healthy relationship with yourself is the pivotal key to the type of relationships you build with others. It sounds cliché for many, but cultivating self-love establishes personal control over our realities.  The phrase “I love you” does not have to come from others. Instead of focusing your attention to waiting for others to say words of affirmation or appreciate you, begin to nurture the habit of loving yourself first. 

Wake up every morning and have positive self-talk with yourself. Whisper to yourself words that build you and lift your spirits. “I am beautiful” or “I’ve got this”, for instance. Repeat it over and over again in your inner soul until it becomes your reality. Sometimes we actually don’t “got this”, but the moment we believe we do, it doesn’t matter. You remain self-confident and motivated to conquer the world and everything that comes your way. A healthy relationship with yourself is the right route to great relational wealth.

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Do you actually know who you are? Have you ever reflected on your core values, goals, passions, and current state of emotions? Self-awareness entails stopping for a moment to evaluate situations objectively. Say for example “Hmm… whenever I bump into my boss, I feel nervous and my mood changes, is it normal or a coincidence? You begin questioning why. Or, “Every time I hang out with my friends, I find myself spending most of the time on the phone, how come? Am I just bored?” 

A person who is self-aware is able to tell why they behave they do, what feelings drive their actions and they are mindful about situations. This understanding and awareness enable you to align your feelings and values to suit the person you really are. Self-awareness also helps you understand your relationships with others, discern those that drag you down, and associate yourself more with those that build you.

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Emotional intelligence

This is one of the most important skills in life that helps achieve your dreams and build long-lasting relationships. The first step in improving your ability to first understand and manage your own emotions. Often, we are usually quick to react to things or people without thinking about the consequence.  Ask yourself, “could I have handled the situation better?” If so “what exactly am I doing wrong?” We learn from mistakes and nobody is perfect. 

Learn how to empathize with other people and communicate effectively. Emotional intelligence helps solve problems, overcome life challenges, and improves decision making. Being emotionally intelligent means that you are able to manage yourself and your relationships with others through understanding situations and adapting to unique circumstances. 

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Listening and Communication skills

Are you the one who is always speaking at the office or during family gatherings? Did you know that listening to others makes them feel valued? Have you ever had a friend for about five years but you realize you actually know nothing about them? Slow down and listen sometimes! You learn and get to know people through listening and sometimes observing. A healthy relationship is defined by reciprocal communication. Attempt to understand and feel what other people in your life are going through and communicate effectively. Make others feel loved, share positive vibes and the same is what you will attract. 

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Invest time

We are in an era where everything seems to move so fast. Often, we are overwhelmed with work, spending most of the time on our laptops trying to beat deadlines. Technology introduced smartphones, which most of us spend all the time with of course except when you are sleeping. Meeting in person has lost value in the modern age. People just feel fully connected to social media. Wrong! Find time to meet and hang out with your family, friends, and colleagues. Your relationships are an investment, prioritize them as much. That’s how you build your relational wealth, by building healthy relationships that stand the test of time. 

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