So today we’re going to go through the new system update for OPM Wealth that was implemented to help raise conversion rates.


After you get logged into the site, you guys will be able to watch the first one minute and a 24-second video. After you’re done with that, you can click on the “continued training” button, and then it takes you to a page that tells you about OPM as a whole. Here’s where you learn how it works.

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How to increase conversions

What they did with the new system update is that every time someone opts in to the system, that person actually gets a phone call from a concierge service that they just implemented. That means, say you get 500 leads that opted into the system. Well, once they opt in to the system, they obviously must have a valid phone number. That person is going to get a call. So imagine you got 500 leads that came in from a 2,000 click campaign you just did, and all 500 of those leads got a call back through the concierge service to welcome them to the system and make sure that they watch the first three videos and schedule a call with the coach (you) so that you can help them on their way to making their first six or seven figures in this industry.

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The phone call basically gets the person warmed up. And they are happy because they get an actual person on the phone talking with them.  Most of the systems out there get a ton of leads but then only call if they schedule one. Now, everybody that opts into the OPM Wealth system with a valid phone number gets a callback. And that’s actually a really good thing.

I’ve even tried out the system myself and sent out a few hundred clicks. I received 59 opt-ins, 30 people who actually went into the system, and 8 people to move through the next steps. So the conversion rates are much higher with this new system, just by adding a phone call.

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For more info

I’m really excited about this whole system going on because I know that it’s going to help impact a lot of people out there. If you guys want more information about the OPM wealth system, just go to or you can go to the link below to watch a video on the results I’ve received with this new system and how it’s helped me already.



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