Here we’re going to share with you the ideal approach that helped us in manifesting a personal chef using the law of attraction.


Why a Chef?

We believe in a better future for food. A future where elements are developing with recognition of the environment, where no suitable meals go to waste and where everyone, in all places, enjoys the nutritious ingredients they need to develop and thrive.

But the journey is not going to be easy. Tackling food system challenges – such as undernutrition, food waste, and soil degradation – is vastly complex. We know that success depends on every person rolling up his or her sleeves and getting involved. Therefore, we want to begin a new world conversation about food- an engaging, inclusive motion that will encourage humans to come together and take action. That’s why we used the law of attraction to manifest a personal chef.

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Chefs bridge the gap between the farm and the fork – reworking uncooked components into delicious, nutritious meals. In doing so, they affect how we grow, what we put on our plates, and how we assume and talk about food. We believe that chefs can be effective advocates for a brighter future in food – inspiring humans to make adjustments in their kitchens and communities.

We are discovering at our place of business how interest in food and a conscientious outlook on work can become a regular phase of life. This makes us happier and healthier in our surroundings, which in time will become sustainable. We believe in the cost of dreaming big and aiming high, but every trade begins small: with our company and ourselves.

Nature is our dealer and the world our inspiration, which we try to protect. We are pursuing sustainable ambitions and choose to take the lead in working strategies that contribute to our planet’s recovery. We use modern technology, ecological resources, and a large dose of ardor and creativity.

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When people work with passion, with identical reason and direction, working becomes an excellent way to live. We regain our belief in one another, so that ardor and creativity are given a chance to breathe and come to life. Ideas come to fruition and we examine and respect all of our differences. This results in a higher form of working, satisfaction, pleasure, and personal growth.

We are all chefs. We work with passion, pleasure, and creativity to acquire a life we desire.

Write down your goals, write down what you want, and it is going to manifest. Imagine your perfect day, think about what you wish it to be, and write it as if it is already happening. The universe works on vibrations. Moreover, if you are in vibration with what you are writing and what you are feeling and what you want, it will appear quicker.

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Let us share a little bit more about how we manifested a chef:

Let me paint a picture. We woke up in the beautiful new mansion that we recently bought. I can hear the chef downstairs cooking a very fine vegan keto meal for us. They are cooking for us right this second.

You see, we used scripting and writing out our perfect day in order to attract what we wanted. We wrote this as if it is already happening. So, if you get in that mindset the universe can not tell if it is going to appear now or if it is going to manifest a year from now, you are manifesting it quicker and your unconscious is aware that that is precisely what you want.

To get a more in detail explanation on how we were manifesting a personal chef – watch this video:


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