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You probably have heard about the law of attraction, which states that we attract the things and experiences that match the vibrational frequency we are in. For example, if your thoughts are optimistic and positive and you put out great energy into the world, you will receive the same great things in your life. Today you’ll learn about this free manifestation challenge.


In theory, manifestation is a simple process you receive what you think about. The law of attraction places great emphasis on the quality of our thoughts, because they have the capacity to create our reality and to influence our destinies. The law of attraction empowers every single person to use the creative power of their imagination to attract the things that they want. There are many manifestation practices and techniques available, which have been used by many people to take control of their lives and to create amazing things.

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In this article, we will talk about different manifestation techniques that are used by people all over the world to bring their dreams to life. These techniques do not necessitate any previous knowledge or training; you just have to come with an open mind and be ready to welcome abundance into your life.

1.   Intention setting (journalling)

Intention setting through journaling is a powerful manifestation practice that implies writing down your goals and aims with an open heart and mind. Many people can find themselves in dissatisfaction, without realizing that their lack of results comes from not setting the right intentions for the things they want to achieve.

Open up your journal and write down three to five things you want to do today. Write them as intentions, and these can be specific or generic, maybe “I intend to read 4 chapters of my book”, or “I intend to finish writing 3 blogs”. Or something general like “I intend to embody confidence and radiate love today”.  Make sure these intentions are aligned with your values and your vibrations.

You can use your intention journal daily to plan your activities and set your goals for the day, or monthly, to set intentions for the things you want to manifest. This technique is simple: just write down your intentions with the faith that they can be easily turned into reality.

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2.   Vision board

A vision board is one of the best tools when manifesting.

This is a great start to jump into the manifestation practice as it will help you focus on visualization and looking at the big picture. Vision boards are kind of like a scrapbook, but with everything laid out before you.

You can include words, or photos that focus on the energies you want to have in your life. 

You can make a vision board on the computer, even using Pinterest (you can even make a private board if you’d rather not interfere with your business Pinterest)! Or you can make an old school version to hang above your work or study area. Use poster paper, and magazines, or print out your favorite images. 

Take a minute to reflect on your true desires, your values, and what you hope from this life. 

Consider the places you want to visit, or where you want to live, picture the people you want to have in your life, possibly specific by name, but also general for example a significant other, baby, or mentor, and then focus on the activities you wish to pursue.

Allow your mind to run wild as you gather visual material for the board. ANything and everything you want in your life, grab a b=picture or word.

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3.   Keep a Gratitude Journal

We’ve said it before: the best tool in manifestation is focusing on the great things to be grateful for already. Focus your attention on the abundance that is already in your life. (Did someone pick up your coffee for you, say thank you! Did you find even a quarter on the ground? Write it down, did you find an awesome sale on something you’ve been dreaming about? These are all signs of abundance in your life in the present moment.)

The universe doesn’t want to waste energy providing additional blessings if we can’t even appreciate the ones we already have.

We often get caught up in what we lack, we don’t have enough money for something, we don’t have time, we can’t do something because XYZ is missing, it is time to flip the script. Start a deliberate shift to focus on the things we have. This inspires positive thinking and brings our future manifestations, quicker and stronger.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to become more aware daily of the abundance you already are surrounded by. 

Add gratitude to your morning or evening routine. Just take a few minutes and jot down five to ten things you are grateful to have, be it an experience, an object, a person, or even a feeling. Maybe that day you chose to say no to something you didn’t want. Well, be grateful for the power within you to have had that strength. 

Thank the universe for any and all things it has brought to you.

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