Are you always feeling dissatisfied with your accomplishment at the end of the day? “I didn’t do enough” or perhaps you did nothing productive at all. It is such a good feeling to be happy and contented with what you have achieved every day. How does it feel when you take a look at your daily to-do list and realize that you actually did everything that needed to be done? Awesome, right? Today, you will be learning the barriers to your productivity.


It doesn’t always have to be work-related. It could be your plan to have a self-care day but surprisingly your mind was preoccupied with other things, you got distracted and didn’t do what you had planned. You are having productivity challenges. There are barriers that could be affecting your ability to set your goals and see them through success to the end. Some of the common barriers that can affect your productivity include:

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Energy imbalances

An imbalance in your spiritual energy could be one of the barriers affecting your productivity. This happens when your body is not resonating with the universal energy, such that both are vibrating at different frequencies. If your spiritual connection is imbalances, you become disconnected from your inner self and love. This can manifest itself in the form of anxiety, uncertainty, lack of clear purpose, or self-doubt.

To regain the necessary synchrony in your spiritual connection and start vibrating at a high frequency, start by improving your knowledge and practice of spirituality. Learn more about spirituality notions such as consciousness, natural order, prayer, karma among others. Knowledge is power.  The more you understand how to tap deeper into the universal forces and your inner power, the more you understand how to unleash the potential in you. Schedule time for meditation and train yourself to make it a routine. For you to achieve a constant energy balance, your spirituality practices need to be consistent.

Misplaced priorities

What are your priorities for the day, for the week, or the month? Whenever you lack a clear plan of your objectives, it becomes a barrier to your productivity. Your goals need to be specific and intentional. Perhaps you are struggling because you don’t know what you want. You haven’t identified your priorities yet or maybe, you just have misplaced priorities. Are you focusing too much on work and completely losing focus on your relationships with the people in your life?

Reframe and reorganize your mind to identify your goals in their order of priority. This is essential for your productivity. A highly productive person usually has clarity on what they want and in what order they would like to accomplish them. For example, is your goal to overcome fear, or observe daily meditation, or to start blogging? Which of the three is most and least important to you at the moment? Recognizing your priorities helps you focus, improves your mental clarity and productivity.

Low self-esteem

Self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence is a sign of low self-esteem. It has a detrimental impact on your productivity in many ways. Simply because you are not able to accomplish something you don’t believe you can accomplish in the first place. When you start your day with negative self-doubt statements or asking yourself questions that question your strengths and amplify your weaknesses, your productivity will be low.

Improving your self-esteem increases your productivity. Believing in yourself motivates you and helps you go through the day with a positive attitude. It helps you focus on your strengths and encourages you to proactively pursue your goals. Reconnecting with your spirituality practices is important for you if you want to boost your self-esteem. Eliminate the self-criticism, show yourself love and compassion, and continuously reassure yourself that you are capable of accomplishing anything.

Toxic Relationships

Your relationship with yourself and others has a direct effect on your productivity. A toxic relationship with yourself negatively affects your ability to accomplish your goals. Characteristics of a toxic relationship with yourself include negative self-talk, feeling trapped, harsh self-criticism, and self-doubt. Having negative thoughts that are always attracting negative energy is bad for your productivity.

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Toxic relationships with others also affect your productivity. Toxic people mentally drain you, control you, and make you feel bad about yourself. Any relationship that makes your emotional, mental, physical health suffer isn’t worth it. You need to detach and move away from people or environments. Get closer to people who appreciate you and attract positive energy. Nurture and healthy relationship with yourself, filled with love, compassion, and kindness. This way, your productivity will also be at the optimal level.

Unhealthy dietary choices

What you eat and drink every day also affects your productivity. Sometimes, habits such as skipping breakfast could be the cause of your productivity issues. Breakfast is very important. The human body is like a machine, which needs fuel and refueling to operate. When you start your day on an empty stomach, where do you get the energy to undertake your daily activities?  Do you then compensate for it by overeating during your lunch break? Such unhealthy habits just get you exhausted faster and affect your mood.

Perhaps you have been eating a lot of fatty food, junk, processed, and frozen foods. Such foods only provide instant energy which gets depleted very quickly. They can also lead to some physical health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure. It is therefore important to change your eating habits to healthier dietary choices. Start eating superfoods such as green vegetables, fruits, legumes, and herbs. Not only will they provide essential nutrients that are good for your physical health but also boost your productivity levels.

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Lack of rest

The rest is undervalued by many people. We often work almost all the time, we don’t take a break to rest. Physical and mental exhaustion negatively affects your productivity. Working more than twelve hours a day with minimal sleep continuously affects your productivity until you experience a terrible burnout.

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Instead of pushing yourself too hard that your body is unable to handle, practice regular resting patterns. Sleep is the best rest you can have. Resting restores your strength and productivity. It also re-energizes more and stimulates creativity. Rest is important for boosting emotional resilience and improves concentration. Take a break, rest because you deserve it!

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