Every real change in your life begins with a change in your mindset. To improve any aspect of your life, you first have to address your thoughts with vibrational affirmations.

Your health begins in your mind. You have the power to support your own health by addressing the quality of your thoughts. Physical health is supported by healthy habits, a good sleep routine, good nutrition. Also by the positive thoughts that you choose the day in and out.


The power of our daily thoughts is often underestimated. Although you hear the advice think more positively”, we do not really pay attention to the quality of our thoughts. Sometimes our thoughts alone can determine the quality of our life. They can make a big difference between a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and a negative or toxic one.


What are Vibrational Affirmations?

You probably have heard inspirational or positive quotes before. Although inspirational quotes deliver encouraging messages, they do not always reach the subconscious of your mind to bring about real, lasting change.

Affirmations are not the same thing as positive quotes. They are personal statements tailored to your needs and goals. That has the power to rewrite your brain’s default thinking patterns.

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We can also describe them as a different language of our brain. For example, if you put the effort into installing a new language software in your mind. Over time your brain will begin to understand and use this language more and more often.

Affirmations are made of powerful words that elicit positive emotion in your body and facilitate change at a subconscious level. They work so well because, unlike other positive quotes, they are intentional and tailored to your own goals.

How do Vibrational Affirmations work?

Science proves that our thoughts, emotions, and words influence our overall health. There is no doubt that the words we say and the thoughts we have every day have a strong impact on our physical health.

Your brain processes every single incoming information and stores it in the form of neural connections.

Therefore, each new thought that you have materializes in new brain pathways. Simply put, your thoughts become physical.

When you practice daily positive affirmations, you rewrite your brain’s default thinking patterns. This means that you automatically generate healthy brain chemicals that subsequently translate into improved wellbeing.

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Affirmations work through the process of installing a new positive language in your mind that will program your brain to focus on health and healing and to find solutions for the issues you encounter.

When you repeat something over and over again, you establish a new neural connection that in time rewires your brain according to the goals you want to accomplish.

For example, if you want to decrease stress, you repeat calming and grounding affirmations that you say to your brain that you are safe and everything is under control.

In the lines below, we will explore various types of affirmations for different aspects of your health. You might be interested in improving your physical health or you might want to increase the quality of your emotional health. Everyone’s needs and goals are different, so feel free to pick the affirmations that feel the most relevant and appropriate for you.


How Can Affirmations Increase Health and Wellbeing?

You can use affirmations for any aspect of your life that you want to improve.

Positive affirmations are used by people who want to create abundance in their lives, attract better relationships, or improve their general health.

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We are what we think.

When you feed into negative thinking patterns, your body creates toxic energy that manifests in health conditions and decreased wellbeing.

In contrast, an optimistic mindset not only creates a more positive outlook on life but also helps your brain generate chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are proven by research to alleviate mental stress, decrease anxiety, and promote overall healing.

What does that really mean?

You can use the power of your thoughts through the repetition of daily affirmations to increase your health or speed up your body’s healing process.

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