We often forget or perhaps ignore the fact that every human being has both feminine and masculine energy regardless of gender. While society has imposed cultural norms and expectations around these binaries, we all have the ability to manifest both energies. Society has elevated male energy and undervalued feminine energy manifesting in norms such as negative stereotyping and patriarchy for the longest time ever.


Whether male or female, we have that energy that is dominant and it manifests more than the other. Our energy plays a key role in how and what we manifest in reality. This is because energy attracts vibrations which then determine what we receive in reality.

Manifesting one energy just limits how deep we can go with the law of attraction and it inhibits our potential to manifest absolutely anything.  Both energies have their strengths and weaknesses, hence the need to balance the two. But first, it is important to understand the differences between the two energies and how to create an equilibrium. One that transforms our realities over and beyond and fosters harmonious living. 

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Characteristics of Feminine Energy

Below are some characteristics of feminine energy that we possess and display when manifesting this energy


Feminine energy is creative and thrives in creating opportunities that are new and unpopular. She isn’t afraid to explore anything that hasn’t been explored before. 


Feminine energy is ever-flowing and unpredictable. She embraces dynamism that is not confined to social norms. She just doesn’t follow rules and doesn’t need a formula or guide to start manifesting her desires. The frequency is embodied in her.

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She is naturally expressive and finds it difficult to suppress emotions. It is emotions that speak to her and tell her when she needs to stop, learn, or change. Emotions speak to her inner soul.


When a person listens to their gut feeling and allows intuition to guide their decision, that’s the feminine energy at work. 

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Feminine energy is compassionate. She feels what other people feel. She understands the struggles that people around their experience. She connects more with people. The feminine energy also portrays other traits such as kindness, understanding, grace, and generosity. 

Characteristics of Masculine Energy

Masculine energy on the other hand is characterized by the following traits:


Masculine energy is all about logic, structures, and rules. Doing things in pre-determines procedures for them to make sense. He likes everything precise and doesn’t like surprises. 


Masculine energy thrives in gratification. He enjoys self-pleasure in his possessions achievements and literally anything. He feels superior and more important than others.


Masculine energy is not clouded by confusion or lack of a vision. He plans, prepares a roadmap, applies logic, and walks through their precise plan. He has a sense of clarity of whatever it is he wants. 


Masculine energy likes stability. Being able to endure hardships and maintain order.  He is always alert to situations because of the constant need to maintain the norm.  


Masculine energy displays itself in the desire to always be in control. He wants to lead, be in charge, make decisions, and provide solutions to problems. He is the person who says when, how, and what anything is to be said or done. Very bossy! 


Masculine energy doesn’t shy of uncomfortable or tough situations. He is brave, to be honest, to speak his mind and he doesn’t really care what others say or think. Whatever feels right, is right; period!

Having identified the unique traits of both energies, it is quite evident that an imbalance would inhibit our ability to unite both energies and evolve our manifestation to something even more powerful.

So what can you expect when you identify your imbalances and learn to balance them in your manifestation?

More opportunities

Tapping into the creativity of the feminine energy and the confidence of the masculine energy opens you up to new opportunities in your life. Often, we tend to think that some opportunities are gender-specific, but is that true? Anyone can do absolutely anything with the right mindset, skills, and intention. 


Creating a balance between both energies helps you understand yourself better, beyond what you always thought about yourself. You then regain you have true power to manifest your desires without being caged in gender dimensions. Balancing both energies develops a high level of self-awareness that makes you see yourself for who you are. You start living holistically without always expecting from others; self-sufficiency. 

More happiness

If you were to identify the things that make you unhappy, you’ll realize that most of them are a result of manifesting your dominant energy only. For example, perhaps you are the type of guy who’s always afraid of disappointing others and never accepts help from others. What does this do? It drains you and affects your mental health. Before you know it, you’ve lost control over your life, you’re always sad. You need to be more kind and graceful with yourself. Learn when to stop and prioritize yourself. Feminine energy can help you manifest this. 

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Societal cohesion 

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies creates harmonious living and societal cohesion. It levels up the existing imbalances and we begin to see each other beyond gender. We become more supportive and less judgy. 

How do you integrate both energies?

First, you need to identify the imbalances that exist when you are manifesting. Is there anything blocking either energy? You can then start practicing techniques that help you ignite the inferior energy. Some of the best techniques include adornment, meditation, mantras, journaling, new hobbies, gratitude among others.

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Go deeper with the law of attraction. There is so much more you can manifest into reality if you give yourself a chance. It’s a learning process and a journey of constant growth.

Integrating feminine energy and masculine energy is FREEDOM!

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