About Vibrational Frequency Tapping

Vibrational Frequency Tapping (VFT) is a self-help technique that can be used daily to release stress and tension stored in your body and heal old emotional wounds that get stuck in your energy systems. This technique is similar to acupuncture but it doesn’t involve any needles. It involves locating the endpoints of your energy meridians and tapping on them. This clears intentions (such as to release tension or increase well-being). This self-help tool has been used since ancient times and has been researched by universities in many countries as a highly effective technique that brings great results to your personal life. Besides the effects that VFT has on your mental and emotional health, this tool also enhances the mind-body connection. Helping you achieve a deeper knowledge of the emotional states of your body.


Proven Benefits of VFT

More and more people are starting to incorporate this tool as part of their daily self-care routine, and many report outstanding benefits as a result of Vibrational Frequency Tapping (VFT). The benefits of this technique are not just limited to physical and mental health. They also reach the energetic and spiritual layers of your body. Helping people heal from past traumas by unlocking stuck energy in their physical body. Proven benefits of this tool have been found to be related, but not limited, to:

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1.    Reduced chronic stress.

This technique diminishes your stress levels by bringing into balance cortisol levels, which are the main hormones associated with stress. Science has proven that the regular practice of this self-help tool yields great mental health changes. Including reduced psychological distress and anxiety and a more positive outlook on life. Research has also demonstrated that Vibrational Frequency Tapping (VFT) works better for improving stress levels and stress response than placebo.

2.    Reduced chronic pain and headaches

A number of studies have also shown that the regular practice of VFT can reduce symptoms associated with chronic pain. Such as fibromyalgia, injuries, and chronic headaches. Tapping lowers the body’s response to pain and improves lifestyle by helping people relax and take their focus off their pain. This technique also reduced inflammation in the body, which is one of the leading causes of pain.

3.    Help in the healing of past traumas

Besides the outstanding effects that VFT can have on your physical body, tapping can also improve your mental and psychological health by facilitating the release of trauma stored in your body. Every negative experience has a biological component: traumas encode themselves into the biological markers of your health by storing negative and painful emotions in different areas of your body. Tapping allows you to access those emotions and release the memories associated with them.

4.    VFT improves sleep and allows deeper relaxation

One of the causes of poor sleep and insomnia is the stress accumulated in the body. When we are too overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, our bodies cannot reach a deeper state of relaxation. Making it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Because tapping is highly efficient in relieving the stress accumulated in certain parts of your body; It also promotes deeper sleep and enhanced relaxation. Using VFT as part of your evening routine can be highly effective in helping you get deep. Restful sleep that you need to recharge your batteries.

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5.    Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

A 2009 study published in Open Sports Sciences that investigated the effects of Emotional Freedom Techniques as part of a psychophysiological intervention for male and female basketball players found that EFT treatment helped to improve athletic performance.  The group of athletes receiving EFT treatment for 15 minutes were compared to a performance-matched control group received that received a placebo intervention. Researchers measured performance by observing free-throw success and vertical jump heights. Following treatment, they found a statistically significant difference between the two groups in terms of free-throw performance. There was no difference observed between treatment groups in jump height. The difference between groups was attributed to EFT helping with concentration and possibly performance anxiety/stress. Therefore, VFT is not just used for healing purposes, but also for enhancing your physical fitness and taking your fitness levels to the next level.

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If these benefits sound appealing to you and if you want to dive deeper into how VFT works we have an entire course that will guide you and support you to apply the principles of VFT into your life. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience with this technique, as this course will cover everything you need to know about this tool. Are you ready to experience more joy and freedom in your life, to release past traumas and to work towards the best version of yourself? Hop on this magical journey and be ready to experience all the exiting benefits of VFT!

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