Have you ever heard of the Two-Cup Method and how it works?

The two-cup method is a manifesting technique that delves into the idea of dimension jumping.

First, you have to recognize that water is pure energy and that 70% of our bodies are made of water. So what does that mean? The book Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto talks about the thoughts and the emotions of water. Yes, water truly has personality and energy. You can actually speak to water and inform it of desirable matters or awful things.


Based on what you say, the water is going to crystallize into either a stunning shape or into a bad ugly form. What was tested in the book Hidden Messages in the Water, is they took a drop of water from a bottle of water to which they had been saying things to like, “I hate you, I can’t stand you, you are the worst water ever,” and it crystallized into this  structure that would say the words, “I hate you, I can not stand you.”

Then they took a look at the crystallization of another water experiment which they would say to the water, “I love you, you are exquisite, you are great, you are super, and you are just the most terrific water I have ever had.” After they crystallized this water, it formed into this beautiful snowflake, with messages of, “I love you, you are superb, you are incredible, etc.”  

What You Need

You have to very be conscious of what you are saying to yourself, confirmation-sensible, due to the fact that you are 70% water, all the water in your frame or body is now forming into those negative or advantageous crystals. Therefore, you need to be careful about the types of things you say to and about yourself. 

That is why the two cup method, simply doing it with water on this technique is truly very, very powerful. 

So here’s what we need to do for the exercise: 

  • To start with, we have a glass of water and the water that you are going to be pouring into the two cups and drinking afterward. 
  • Clear cups or glasses, that way you are able to soak up what you actually need at the end, and what you really want to focus on because it’s clear. 
  • You will also need a few pieces of paper. We recommend simply splitting a free-leaf piece of paper from a notebook, but you may use post-it notes or anything else. 
  • Some tape is also needed as a way to glue the portions of paper onto your cups.  
  • You will also need a pen, a marker, and a pair of scissors.

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Practicing the Two-Cup Method

This technique is primarily based on what we call quantum jumping. Now, that does not suggest that you are simply jumping off a building or jumping out of an aircraft or bungee jumping. 

Quantum jumping, is the discontinuous change of the state of an electron in an atom or molecule from one energy level to another.

In this instance, the first cup could be your cutting-edge fact (current reality), after which it would be transferred into the second cup (your desired reality). What occurs is your realities shift and your current reality becomes your modern-day desired reality. Consequently, it’s nearly like while you’re quantum jumping, you’re leaving the present-day fact, and now you’ll be arriving into your new reality. There are numerous different approaches in which you could truly quantum jump, but today we’ll be focused on the Two Cup Method.

Step one

Is to be aware of what your current reality is. So for example, we’re going to be helping you with manifesting money. All people desire to have more money. We are always looking to manifest extra money. So allow us to say, for instance, you’re making $10 a day presently. Focus on having that $10 a day that is what your bank account says every single day. Therefore, you want to write $10, because this is your current contemporary truth. Focus on it. Supply all of your energy into the $10.

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The next aspect is you want to think about what you want in the future, from the current reality into the desired reality. So let us simply say we choose to do $5,000 a day. What we are going to do is write down, using a BLUE pen, $10 on one piece of paper, and $5,000 on the second piece of paper. And make sure to use your currency (we’re American so we say $USD). In front of you, you now have your current reality and you have your desired reality.

One tidbit to keep in mind is that the universe does not pay attention to what you say. It listens to how you feel. If you are feeling, “Oh my God, I only have ten dollars,” and you feel as if you only have $10 that is what the universe will serve you. However, if you feel as if you have “$5,000 a day” the universe is aware of how, in your body, you are feeling. Visualize the feeling of what you experience as you are feeling this $5,000 a day. 

Step two

We want to put these papers onto the cups. This is the place most other teachers and videos will lead you wrong. What you want to do is take a piece of tape and tape our current reality, $10, inwards facing the water not facing you. Most people face it outwards, but what we to do is face it inwards. The reason why we have the $10 facing the water is that we want to be aware that we are speaking the messages into the water. What the message will do, is travel inside the water directly. As the message is traveling inside the water, it is now telling the water, “Hey, this is my current reality.”

After that, we’re going to take the tape and put the desired reality toward the water, so that the water now is aware of what desired reality we clearly want. That message is now going into the water as well, getting us to our desire even faster. 

This is why we make sure that these messages are facing the water so that the water gets the message clearly of what you want.

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After that, we are ready to pour the water into our current reality and to cross our realities going into what we truly desire. 

Pour your water from our normal cup and pour it into our current reality. For this example, it is going to be our $10. When you pour it, pay attention to the sound of the water, feel the water, and focus on your current reality. Also, make certain that the water goes above your paper, so that way your reality is completely submerged in the water and it grabs that power from your current reality. Put your hand on it and simply say to yourself, “Okay, this is my current reality.” Feel that strength of your current reality.

Now the next step is to pour the current reality into your desired reality. Listen to the water and it’s energy as this is going to be a distinct method of making this process work faster. Take into account that you are sending the messages into the water. What you want to do next is to go and blow golden-white light energy into the water, connecting our energy to what our current reality presently is. As you blow this energy you are going to actually think about golden-white light energy going into your desired reality. Focus on your intention in your head, “$5,000 a day, $5,000 a day,” while doing this process. 

Now we will drink from the desired reality cup. To make sure that we attract our desired reality, have it easily flow into our lives and into our motor responses so that we can trust that we have arrived in our new quantum reality. You are going to feel the energy of the desired $5,000 a day.

See the $5,000 within the water, embrace it, feel it, have it face you while you drink, so you are aware that this is your new current reality. You have to sit with your new intention for a short period of time. 

Put your palms over your heart, shut your eyes, and visualize the golden white light energy. It is spreading all throughout your body, spreading all to your crown chakra, down to your third eye chakra, to your throat chakra, all the way down to your heart chakra, your solar plexus chakra, your stomach chakra, your sacral chakra, and then to your root chakra. You have to make sure you feel it all from the pinnacle of your head, all the way down to the backside of your feet, understanding that this is the new reality that you are in. 

Now it’s time to drink your new reality. As you’re drinking your reality remind yourself “$5,000 a day. $5,000 a day.” 

After The Exercise

Now you know how to do the new Two Cup Method correctly. Make sure you wash your cups. Either put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them so that you do not connect with your old reality that used these cups to take in that energy. You did a lot of work on yourself and on your manifestations and your desired reality, so you no longer want that energy to be transferred into yourself or anyone else. 

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Remind yourself each morning when you wake up, “$5,000 day, $5,000 a day, $5,000 a day, $5,000 a day.” It’s not a one-time event. You have to maintain hammering this into you every single morning so that you can remember the time that you drank with the Two Cup Method and how it changed your current reality.

Feel it every single day and it will turn out to be your actual reality. You just simply need to focus on it.


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