Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Just like the magnificent instructors over hundreds of years, I have taught persistently that our beliefs and thoughts manage what we spiritually appeal to in our life. Most human beings fail to understand that this consists of our unconscious beliefs and emotions, just as much as our conscious ones. As a matter of fact, the unconscious blocks are the most effective influences.


Consider the analogy of the iceberg. What you see on the surface of the water may appear small, simple, and nonthreatening, but that’s not all of what makes up the iceberg. The biggest part of the iceberg is what’s under the surface. Your unconsciousness exists in the same way.

“If you would look for something to respect and make that your dominant vibration, you would stay fortunate forever after and fulfill your cause for being.”

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Vibrational Frequency Tapping or VFT (you might know it as EFT or ‘tapping’ by creator Gary Craig) is a choice cure for bodily ache and emotional distress. It’s additionally referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. Things that you connect with, like the law of attraction, and just vibrating with wealth, vibrating with health, vibrating with money, vibrating with success, and so many other things like that.

People who use this approach believe that tapping different parts of the physique can create stability in your energy system and deal with pain. A karate chop to launch all of the blocks earlier than you do the tapping. And then you are going to go and do the eyebrow, the aspect of the eye, underneath the eye, underneath the nose, the chin, then you are going to go beneath the arm.

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Even well-known psychologists state that 90% of our self is hidden away, in the unconscious geographical regions of our mind. So even though you may think about the future, and you might also be visualizing what you want, there is a hidden facet of you that is sabotaging your results. In order to clearly appeal to what you want, you have to reap the consciousness of and get rid of these hidden components inside you. This is not viable to attain in an ordinary kingdom of consciousness.

Fortunately, there are good methods, such as some forms of meditation, which permit you to tap into the hidden, unconscious components of yourself and make any critical changes. Even if you have failed miserably with meditation in the past, there are techniques that have been proven to work for anybody.

Maybe it is a deeply hidden faith or idea. Maybe it is a deep, buried feeling or thought from some previous experience. Whatever is beneath the surface, you want to get admission to it and substitute it with something more productive and beneficial to you. This step has to be taken for an actual private increase to occur. It may take some work; however, it’s better than letting your unconsciousness run the rest of your life.

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All right, here we go:

Side of the hand
Even though we have been blocking the law of attraction.
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself.
Even though I’ve been blocking the law of attraction.
And it’s not allowing me to feel very good.
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and honor myself.
Even though this block of the law of attraction.
Is stopping me from receiving more.
I deeply and completely.
Love, honor.
And accept myself anyway.
Even though this block of the law of attraction.
Is freezing me from having more.
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept how I’m feeling right now.

Eyebrow: I’ve been blocking the law of attraction.
Side of the Eye: I’ve been blocking the law of attraction.
Under the Eye: I’ve been blocking the law of attraction.
Under the Nose: I’ve been blocking the law of attraction.
Chin: Maybe it’s because I don’t understand what the law of attraction is.
Collarbone: Or maybe it’s because I don’t understand what the law of attraction is.
Under the Arm: Or how to use it.
Top of the Head: The first step is understanding the law of attraction.

Eyebrow: If I understand it more.
Side of the Eye: Then I’ll be able to use more.
Under the Eye: The law of attraction is whatever I vibrate with.
Under the Nose: Is what I get, whether positive or negative.
Chin: If I think negative thoughts. Then I’ll vibrate with negative.
Collarbone: If I think positive thoughts, then I’ll vibrate with positive.
Under the Arm: Positive thoughts create positive changes in my life.
Top of the Head: Negative thoughts will cause negative thoughts into my life.

Eyebrow: I’m choosing to tap away all the negative feelings out of me.
Side of the Eye: I’m choosing to tap away all the negative thoughts out of me.
Under the Eye: I’m choosing to activate the law of attraction to work for me in a positive light.
Under the Nose: When I’m more positive, I attract wealth to me.
Chin: Being wealthy is a good thing.
Collarbone: Clearing out all this negativity out of me.
Under the Arm: Clearing out all these blocks to the law of attraction.
Top of the Head: Opening myself up to more wealth by vibrating with it now.

Take a deep breath in…

Hold it…

And… release

Now check back in with yourself and rate how you’re doing on a scale of 1 to 10. Feel free to do this tapping again to earn that higher number.

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