There are definitely one or two celebrities that you admire how they are able to stay and look young despite their age. “How does he/she do that?”  That’s the question you often ask yourself when you see an aged, yet youthful person. Many people associate different life activities and behavior with old age. For instance, it is common to hear old people say that social media or socializing is for the youth. Is it actually true? Isn’t age just a number that simply how old we have lived on earth? This doesn’t mean that aging is a fallacy. Every day, you will be getting closer to aging even further but you can still stay youthful. Anyone can manifest youth and live as if age is just a number with the right attitude and habits. Here are 10 examples:


Maintain a healthy diet

Healthy eating habits are good for your physical and mental health. There are many diseases associated with poor eating habits and old age. Reducing your chances of contracting illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis or heart-related diseases will definitely help you stay youthful. Organifi superfoods are also good for your mood. Eat a lot of fruits, green leafy vegetables, herbs, and hydrate a lot! This is an essential anti-aging technique.

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Invest in your mental health

We often look older than our age because of struggling with issues such as stress, anger, anxiety, or sadness. Negative emotions exist in life. What’s important is learning the appropriate coping mechanisms of dealing with them and overcoming such issues. Investing in your mental and emotional health is the best way to manage such issues. Staying control of your mental state and vibrations is the key to living an abundant youthful life. Improving your mindset, learning to let go of negative thoughts and remaining calm are important aspects of mental health that you should invest in. Daily routines that help you connect with your mind and inner self can improve your mental health status.

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Have fun and dont stop

Fun is not defined by age. Anyone deserves to have fun and feel good about life. Even at the age of 60, you can still spend time doing some fun activities such as hanging out with your friends, swimming, or going out. Don’t feel embarrassed about your age. Do not stop doing the things that make you feel alive because you have aged. Don’t stop having sex with your partner because you don’t feel as energetic as before. Make fun a constant and you will definitely live life as though age is just a number, which it is! Just a number.

Exercise regularly

Staying active through working out is another way of manifesting youth. The energy you had when you were much younger when exercising might be different because your body is slowing down. That’s why you need to keep at it, don’t give in to your age. Start a workout routine that is challenging yet refreshing and effective. Get rid of those extra calories. Burn the excess fat in your body and get yourself in good moods and a high vibrational state in the process.

Learn something new

Learning a new hobby or skill can also help you stay young. Experiencing exciting challenges and engaging in new activities improves your cognitive skills. Just because you are 50 years old doesn’t mean that you can’t learn that thrilling hobby you’ve been wanting to learn. Go for it! It’s good for your mind and soul.

Maintain your spiritual connection

Having a purpose in life and continuously seeing meaning in it is a key way of manifesting youth. Staying connected with your goals and your spirituality is a great source of happiness contentment and success. You can stay spiritually connected by practicing mediation, yoga, journaling, or positive affirmations. Manifesting your heart desires and having personal satisfaction can help you stay youthful even in old age.

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Take a break to rest

Sometimes we get carried away by work, careers, or our businesses, we forget to take a break. Probably you have been operating on 3 hours of sleep for a very long time. It is important to take a break and rejuvenate. Have enough sleep because, without it, many other aspects of your life are affected. Rest is necessary, it’s important, it’s healthy.

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Socialize and stay connected

Maintaining healthy and positive relationships with your friends and family can also help stay youthful. Despite the many life changes and experiences that may affect your relationships, it is important to try as much as possible to stay connected with people with positive energy. Socialize with them and attract positivity. You attract energy from your surroundings. People who motivate you, cheer you up, and encourage you are good to be around. They can listen to you when you need to talk to someone and support you through tough times.

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Engage in regular self-care activities

Self-care is another important aspect of staying youthful that you need to pay attention to. It is not selfish to prioritize yourself and show yourself some self-love. Do your skincare routine, go to the spa for a massage, wear your expensive makeup if you want to, just do anything that makes you happy. Do this as much as possible. High vibe feelings such as happiness and love can make you even live longer.

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