Manifestation works! It is a technique that you can apply in your personal and professional life, or for any desire you might have. Manifestation works by using the powerful law of attraction, which states that we attract the things that match our energetic frequency. Put in simple terms, you attract what you think about. If your mind is full of positive and optimistic thoughts, you are more likely to encounter people and situations that match those ideas. Today we will talk about how to manifest the perfect love


Manifestation works in the same way for attracting love. In order to manifest the perfect love or to find the love that you desire, you need to start filling yourself with love in the first place. Finding true love is never a coincidence: rather, it is the result of a long journey that you have taken towards loving and accepting yourself. Therefore, let’s talk about the steps that you need to take to find your soul mate.

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Start by loving yourself first

Doing this first thing in the morning will set you up for a great day. Grab your journal and start by writing down a list of what you love about yourself, which you will get back to every morning to add to. This conversation with yourself will give you the energy you need to feel more in tune with who you are and appreciate the person that you are. If you have the habit of spending time in front of the mirror only to criticize the way you look, try to be nicer to yourself by complimenting the features you do like. This is step 1 to becoming more aware. Observe the way you think, question the patterns and habits that don’t serve you, and challenge yourself to develop healthier ones.

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Become aware of your own patterns that may block love

You need to acknowledge the fact that you will face drawbacks and the universe will try to test you. The key is to always be aware. Most people, when they face unexpected obstacles, they tend to lose control of their thoughts and their actions by simply giving up as soon as things get tough.

Example: I had a client that was in love but kept going back to a partner she didn’t want to be with. She knew manifesting it wasn’t right for her.

She did not create the space for her manifestation to take over and there was still a lesson to learn here. Her physical attraction to him was making her return to him, and her awareness was not strong enough at this point to show her that she was doing it as a result of feeling a lack of something in her life. She came to realize that this was stemming from a thought she was experiencing: “ I don’t know if true love exists because I have never seen it. “ This is common, but she became aware of the root which drove her to be attracted to things that weren’t good for her. Now she has started walking into awareness and has never looked back at that relationship. She is now moving towards becoming more aware and alert, especially since the universe will throw you challenges.

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Visualize your ideal partner

Many people misunderstand what is meant by that. You don’t want to attach yourself to an idea, but you should believe that the universe is going to give you exactly what you need. For example, if you are in love with or desire a certain person, that person shouldn’t be on this list. You need to follow your intuition and think about what you want? Do you want to feel secure, trusted, loved? Focus on that. Of course, you can put other desires in there such as I want my partner to be handsome, but don’t focus too much on the superficial aspects, trust everything will fall into place bringing you the right person.

When you start thinking and focusing clearly on the perfect partner, you believe the process and then you will start to see the results. The Universe will step up and show you it is worth believing in this process. Everyone has a few doubts at the start, but just keep believing, 00% in order to get what you desire.

We often think a relationship is something we are just handed in life, that it comes easily and is a given. Well to some extent yes, you can have so many different types of relationships, but if you want to get the supportive and loving relationship you really desire, you need to first focus that love on yourself. You are deserving of love, you are worthy of true love and never settle for anything less. Every time you settle you are saying to the Universe, sure I am ok with this, and it will stop working to bring you anything more. 

Forgive yourself, love yourself, and believe everything will come to be in divine timing. In order to manifest a perfect love, you must focus on the relationships around you.

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