Are you wanting to get rich, but you’re poor. We want to go and discuss that now how to get rich, even when you’re poor. So we’re gonna talk about how to get rich when you’re poor. So this is a topic that actually comes about through a lot of people out there that they don’t have a lot of money. They don’t really have the mindset to even keep the money.


There are people out there these days that’ll win a $400 million lottery prize. And within a year’s time, all that money was gone. Now, I actually went through a similar process like that myself. What ended up happening with me is my mother actually had 400,000 USD in her bank account. And she got this from a settlement that she had with her ex-husband. What ended up happening is that she had all this money, but in a year’s time, all the money was gone.

I’m in my teens actually. And I was like, what’d you do with all that money, you know? And, and she was like doing like fixing up this, fixing up that she was like, you know, getting a pool in the backyard, a hot tub. She was breaking down trees. She was doing this, this, this all around all these like house things. And I was perfectly happy in the home. I didn’t need to have like an extended room and a hot tub and a pool and all this stuff, I didn’t need to have that, I was happy with the location that we were at, I had a park up the street, I had school right down the street.

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About VFT

So what we want to do today, guys, is we want to go ahead and use a vehicle, a tool called VFT. Now VFT is also known as vibrational frequency tapping. And it actually takes after EFT, which is emotional freedom technique. So I want you to know that it’s very similar to that, but we do a little bit of a different flavor to it. And we add a little bit more vibration into the tapping wall while you’re doing it with us.

So, here’s the way it works. So you’re gonna be tapping on the side of the eye. This is actually called the setup. Now, this actually gets rid of anything that, you know, gets leftover in your subconscious or anything like that, and really, really unblocks everything for the tapping to take place. So after that, we’re gonna go ahead and tap on the eyebrow while we repeat a mantra that I’m going to say to you, and then the side of the eye under the eye.

If you notice, while I’m tapping on these points these are like, what acupuncture’s use. So we actually call this emotional acupuncture. So these are actually really good. The areas that are gonna release a lot of emotions around the beliefs of wanting to be rich, but you’re poor, you know?

Examine How you Feel Before

So let’s go and do that now, but I want you to go in and rate yourself on a scale of one to 10, where are you at? So how are your belief levels are about getting rich or are your belief levels still poor? If you are still like at a level where you still think poor thoughts, like, you know, I can’t this, I can’t that, I don’t know why this, or, and this is at a one, if you go up to a 10, this is the belief that I believe I can get rich.

I know it’s coming and I believe it in my heart and soul that I can do it. If you’re up here at 10, then you don’t need this. You can actually sign off the video now. But if you are actually here in this area where you’re at, you know, under a five, four, three, two, one or something, those are pretty low numbers. And these are numbers that we need to get up. So we’re gonna do that with this process called VFT, vibrational frequency tapping.

Tapping Session

Side of the Hand

Even though I’m poor and I’m wanting to be rich,
I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though I look at my checking account and I have like $2 in my checking account
and I’m wanting a million dollars,
but I look at my bank account and i have $2.

Even though I see that now,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and honor myself anyways.
Even though seeing $2 in my bank account is really,
really kind of making me frustrated.

I just choose to release that now.
And I choose to believe that I love myself anyways.
And I accept myself and forgive myself for feeling that way

Eyebrow: I wanna be rich,
Side of the Eye: but I’m poor
Under the Eye: I wanna be rich,
Under the Nose: but I’m poor.
Chin: I wanna be rich,
Collarbone: but I only see $2 in my bank account.
Under the Arm: I wanna manifest hundreds of thousands,
Top of the Head: if not millions of dollars,

Eyebrow: but I only see $2 in my bank account.
Side of the Eye: Now, I don’t know if you guys knew this,
Under the Eye: but a rich man once said,
Under the Nose: It’s okay to be born poor,
Chin: but it’s not okay to die poor.
Collarbone: Because the thing is,
Under the Arm: is that you have every opportunity to take action on something.
Top of the Head: That’s gonna increase your bank account.

Eyebrow: And if you have nothing to take action with,
Side of the Eye: you can at least learn.
Under the Eye: And the way that many people learn is they buy courses.
Under the Nose: They attend seminars,
Chin: they hire a trainer,
Collarbone: they hire a mentor,
Under the Arm: something or someone that is going to teach them
Top of the Head: how to make thousands of dollars,

Eyebrow: if not millions.
Side of the Eye: So the only factor, if you think about it.
Under the Eye: That’s right,
Under the Nose: You, you have no excuse
Chin: for not having the knowledge
Collarbone: of making thousands of dollars
Under the Arm: if not millions per day,
Top of the Head: you have the responsibility

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Eyebrow: to step out of your comfort zone
Side of the Eye: and learn and model
Under the Eye: what millionaires do
Under the Nose: or model what people who make six figures a year, do.
Chin: Whatever it is the $2 in your bank account should only motivate you.
Collarbone: It should motivate you to take action.
Under the Arm: And the way you do that is releasing these money blocks first and foremost.
Top of the Head: And as you’re releasing these money blocks

Eyebrow: and you subscribe to the vibrational wealth channel, now.
Side of the Eye: You’ll know that this vibration wealth site
Under the Eye: has other valuable tips to help you release money blocks.
Under the Nose: Another thing you can do is read books of wealthy people,
Chin: read strategies of what wealthy people have done.
Collarbone: Another thing you can do
Under the Arm: is do guided wealth meditations
Top of the Head: to connect with the higher power that’s higher than you.

Eyebrow: When you do these guided meditations,
Side of the Eye: this is gonna really help increase your vibration
Under the Eye: in your body and everything that you have,
Under the Nose: everything you were born with,
Chin: you’re already there.
Collarbone: You’ve already manifested a million dollars in your life.
Under the Arm: Now you just need to learn how to get it
Top of the Head: because you can have anything you want,

Eyebrow: but it really matters how much you desire it.
Side of the Eye: If you’re gonna learn something,
Under the Eye: learn from people who’ve already succeeded.
Under the Nose: If you went to,
Chin: you’ll find many products and tools and freebies.
Collarbone: They’re gonna steer you in the right direction.
Under the Arm: Releasing all these feelings of being poor,
Top of the Head: releasing all these feelings of being poor.

Eyebrow: Instilling the rich’s thoughts.
Side of the Eye: Instilling the rich beliefs,
Under the Eye: instilling the rich actions,
Under the Nose: instilling the rich mentors,
Chin: instilling the right books,
Collarbone: instilling the right trainers,
Under the Arm: instilling the right seminars to attend
Top of the Head: because you were born to be rich.

Take a deep breath in hold, release.

So take some time right now to really, really find out where you are at a scale of one to ten one. One you’re still feeling poor and desperate and a victim and all this or 10 man, I know what to do. And I know the direction I need to take to get rich. I’m gonna do this. So where are you at comment down below and put the number that you’re at, if even put like I’m at a 10, you know, or if you’re at a one still put that there.

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