What we do here at Vibrational Wealth is we work with the six pillars of a wealth, which are spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relational, and the last one is financial. So many of my clients, all they want to do is manifest finances. I mean, who doesn’t want to manifest more money? Let’s be real. However… Many people have blocks, and today we will release money blocks. 


I’m going to introduce you to what’s called vibrational frequency tapping. You might be familiar with something similar called emotional freedom technique. Also known as EFT by creator Gary Craig. So what it is, it releases pent up energy within our bodies and it moves energy around in order to get rid of any kind of negative energy in our bodies and get rid of those blocks because, hey, we don’t want that crap in our bodies.

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My husband likes to relate this to an onion. You keep peeling an onion to get to the core root of who you are. So you don’t have any of those negative blocks away. It moves energy within our bodies in order to get rid of the negativity or any kind of crap or BS that we don’t want. So we start off saying the negative affirmations, and then we end them on a positive note. We all want some more positivity in this.

I have people asking me how to manifest, how to get past this. But they have so many underlying issues that they’re just not able to do it and not able to do it quickly enough. Some of the issues that I see are worthy issues, not feeling like you’re enough, jealousy issues around money. Not being able to attract the right clients. There’s tons of issues out there, and we’re going to tap that away together.

Tapping Points

You would start with tapping on the side of your hand. This would be called the setup. You would start over here and then say whatever affirmations come into your mind or whatever comes up at that time. Then also the eyebrow points, the side of the eye. Under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collar bone, and then under the arm. So these points are similar to acupuncture points within the body. Acupuncture points go around your body. There are little meridian points that if you tap on them, that’s what releases the energy similar to acupuncture. I like calling this emotional acupuncture for the soul. That’s what tapping is.

What’s the difference?

The difference between vibrational frequency tapping and EFT tapping, emotional freedom technique, is that we use theta brainwave technology within our tapping. If you do have headphones, I highly recommend grabbing some headphones to get into that state and putting on the video at the end of this post.

The theta brainwave state is similar to binaural beats. It engraves into your subconscious mind. It is also the manifestation zone. The brain wave in order to manifest more. It goes into our subconscious more, goes all in there, gets rid of all those blocks. And then finally you’ll be able to manifest whatever it is that you do want to manifest.

Today we’re going to be working on just money blocks, simple.

Money blocks, we all have them.

So let’s begin. I’d also like you to rate yourself. How you’re feeling between one and 10. 10 being, “Oh my gosh, I have all these money blocks.  I can’t manifest money. It’s really hard for me.” And then one being, “You know what? Actually, it’s pretty easy.” We’re going to rate ourselves all over again in the end of the tapping as well.

Tapping Sequence

So let’s start with the side of our hand.
Even though I have these money blocks…
Even though I have all these money blocks
and they’re stopping me from manifesting
what I really want.

And even though I have these money blocks,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive and accepted myself.
And even though these money blocks
might come from some ancestors
or from society or from Facebook.

And even though I have all these money blocks
and it’s not allowing me to actually manifest
what it is that I do want
and what I really want is more money.

And even though I have all these blocks still within me,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive and accept myself.
All these money blocks. All these money blocks.
I have so many different money blocks.
Sometimes I get jealous
of other people having money.
Sometimes I think that I’m not deserving of money.
Sometimes I feel like
I just can’t manifest anything.

Eyebrow: I remember my parents telling me,
Side of the Eye:“Oh, we can’t afford that.”
Under the Eye: Or, “Oh, we can’t have that.”
Under the Nose: Or, “No. Sorry. Better luck next time.”
Chin: And I think a lot of it stems from my family.
Collarbone: And a lot of it from society actually too.
Under the Arm: Because sometimes I feel like there’s just
Top of Head: not enough money to go around.

Eyebrow: And that lack, scarcity is what’s not allowing me
Side of the Eye: to actually manifest.
Under the Eye: Because instead of thinking that I’m abundant,
Under the Nose: I’m stuck in my head and I’m doing this to myself
Chin: and I’m telling myself that I can’t afford things.
Collarbone: And I’m telling myself, “Oh no. Sorry.
Under the Arm: Maybe next time I’ll be able to buy this.”
Top of Head: And is that really healthy for me?

Eyebrow: These money blocks that I have within me,
Side of the Eye: they’re stopping me from being the best version of myself.
Under the Eye: This scarcity mindset,
Under the Nose: thinking that there isn’t enough money to go around.
Chin: Because if Susie or Jenny over here.
Collarbone: If they manifested a million dollars,
Under the Arm: there’s no way I could manifest a million dollars.
Top of Head: That’s how the world works, right?

Eyebrow: No. I know that’s not true.
Side of the Eye: What I do know is true is that money is just energy
Under the Eye: and I’m moving energy in my body right now
Under the Nose: by tapping on my face with this weird girl online.
Chin: I don’t know what she’s doing
Collarbone: and I don’t know if it’s working,
Under the Arm: but she’s doing it.
Top of Head: So I’m going to do it too.

Eyebrow: Because money is abundant.
Side of the Eye: Energy is abundant.
Under the Eye: The world around me is abundant.
Under the Nose: And I need to focus more on that abundance in this world
Chin: versus some of the negative stuff that I used to concentrate on,
Collarbone: because there’s abundance all around me.
Under the Arm: There’s all this greenery and the beautiful sun.
Top of Head: The sky is very abundant.

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Eyebrow: Leaves and trees are abundant.
Side of the Eye: Flowers, mountains.
Under the Eye: And if I’m in this group,
Under the Nose: that means that I’m abundant too.
Chin: Because we’re here to lift each other up and help each single one of us manifest more.
Collarbone: So together as a collective,
Under the Arm: we are attracting more of the things that we do want.
Top of Head: And we all want more money and nice things.

Eyebrow: And once I do have that money,
Side of the Eye: I could spend it on getting more money.
Under the Eye: That’s what I could focus on.
Under the Nose: And once I do have the money,
Chin: I’ll create a bigger impact in the world.
Collarbone: And I could use that money for good,
Under the Arm: because that’s what money should be used for.
Top of Head: Because I am a good person

Eyebrow: and I have a good money mindset.
Side of the Eye: And I’m grateful for all the money that I have right now.
Under the Eye: And I just believe that more money
Under the Nose: is going to come my way.
Chin: So I believe it with all of my heart.
Collarbone: I believe it with all of my soul.
Under the Arm: I believe it with all of my being,
Top of Head: that more money is coming my way.

Eyebrow: Because I’m attracting it
Side of the Eye: with the energy that I’m sending out,
Under the Eye: and the energy that I’m sending out
Under the Nose: is all good vibrational money energy.
Chin: The kind of energy that is going to make an impact
Collarbone: and change the world and leave me happy and blessed.
Under the Arm: So I’m grateful for all this money coming in.
Top of Head: And I believe that it’s going to come in at,

Eyebrow: I don’t know from where.
Side of the Eye: But I’m going to have total faith
Under the Eye: that it’s coming my way,
Under the Nose: because I finally peeled all of the layers of the onion.
Chin: Peel them out of my body,
Collarbone: mind,
Under the Arm: heart,
Top of Head: soul, and spirit.

Eyebrow: And I finally made room
Side of the Eye: for all the good energy to come my way.
Under the Eye: And once good energy comes my way,
Under the Nose: I create an invisible line
Chin: between me and my own clients.
Collarbone: Because I am energetically aligned to my clients
Under the Arm: and to this invisible money that’s coming my way,
Top of Head: because that’s how the law of attraction works.

Eyebrow: You don’t know where it’s going to come from
Side of the Eye: or how it’s going to get there.
Under the Eye: But I do know that I deserve it.
Under the Nose: I am worthy.
Chin: I believe in myself.
Collarbone: I am loved.
Under the Arm: I deserve all the abundance
Top of Head: because I worked damn hard for it.Eyebrow: And I am here to stay
Side of the Eye: and make the right impact in this world.
Under the Eye: So that I can help as many people as possible,
Under the Nose: because of my products and services are awesome.
Chin: And people would gladly pay for them.
Collarbone: So I’m releasing any fear of any blocks
Under the Arm: and allowing all the good,
Top of Head: positive energy to come my way.

Eyebrow: Releasing it out of my body and mind,
Side of the Eye: releasing it out of my soul and spirit,
Under the Eye: releasing all this negativity out of body,
Under the Nose: mind,
Chin: heart,
Collarbone: soul,
Under the Arm: and spirit.
Top of Head: Perfect.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, release.

How are you feeling after that? Let me know in the comments below.

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Let’s rate ourselves again after the tapping. 10 being, “Oh my gosh, I still have a lot of money blocks. We need to get rid of them.” And a one being, “I feel so much better right now. I don’t have any money blocks and I’m just ready to have this abundance coming my way.” Let me know in the comments below how you are feeling. And if you still feel closer to the 10, seven, eight, nine, then you might have to do this tapping all over again or any of our other tappings.


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