Spiritual manifestation has traditionally been taught in a masculine perspective. Masculine energy has dominated most of our spaces; we forget there’s powerful feminine energy within us. It is nobody’s fault that society has been inclined towards masculine energy manifestation.


Women have been geared towards doing things the male way. It’s a “do-do-do and achieve-achieve- achieve” mentality and manifestation. It most definitely isn’t a bad thing, but there’s so much more we can do when we begin tapping into feminine power. The universe is complete because of the fact that there are male and female, light and darkness, and so on. There’s so much duality in every aspect of life. 

Masculine energy is equally amazing. However, the moment we over-rely on it, our actions look too pushy, rigid, and competitive. Overdoing it can lead to a burnout or even boredom. Masculine energy involves a lot of thinking, pushing, and procedures. You can easily break down. 

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Feminine energy manifestation can help you tap into your creativity as a woman. You can even start working with celebrities and influential people. You meet people who can link you to them. Feminine energy is flowing and dynamic. The energy you need to become a better, happier, and more successful person.

So what’s the secret behind tapping into the feminine spiritual power that we have?

Cleansing the Negative

Negative experiences are part of the universal cycle. It is through such experiences that have an opportunity for change and growth. Negativity is a low vibration that can interfere with your ability to achieve your desires. 

Once you connect to a higher power you start searching, learning, and growing. You will experience a spiritual awakening that can change your life.  Any hint or feeling of magical power, take it on, grow out of the crap and move past it. Look at the negative as a fertilizer and an opportunity for you to grow. 

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Acknowledge you Possess both Feminine and Masculine Energy

Femme energy is so powerful, unlike what many people think. Tapping into it can get you to manifest absolutely anything. Women have inner masculine warrior energy as well. But you need to tap into both. Even though women have traditionally manifested masculine power, it’s high time we realize that we are the feminine essence. 

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Women are the physical form of what feminine energy in physical form looks like. This is so powerful because it simply means that you are the reality you desire. You just need to tap into the feminine energy and unlock new unstoppable energy.

You are the Original Portal

Women have the divine ride through a female’s body. Spiritual forces come from nowhere and live in the divine body which then manifests into reality. Spirits start with YOU. You are the original portal. You are the spirit you need. Anything you want to manifest starts in this creative space of spiritual imagination then it comes through the body in reality

Women have the creative birthing DNA for how you manifest. It’s prompted by your mind but lives in your body knowing. The codes are in your body. You really need not understand how or why. All you need is to accept your divinity and powerfulness then BOOM! It all becomes a reality. You are a goddess! 

Align your Body with the Feminine Power

Whenever you are in alignment with your body and what you want to manifest, it becomes your reality. There has to be a synchronicity between the femme energy and your body. They need to speak in the same language.  This alignment is about desiring and receiving. Start feeling and desiring pleasure for the sake of pleasure or beauty for the sake of beauty. This is the nature of feminine energy. 

It is important to align your energy with this temple that has all the codes and the divine machine for sending and receiving your heart desires. This is the place you get your intuitive inklings. It tells you what lights you up and creative energy flows from your body. Negative talk about your body just means you aren’t aligned to the energies in the temple. Love yourself the way you are. Start creating the desires and tap into the feminine energy!

Focus on the Codes in your DNA

Often, we are very present in the negative things we possess from our backgrounds, more so family, that hold us back from living our best lives. Negativity such as alcoholism, poverty mentality, gambling, among others. Overcoming and cutting negative codes is important. Look deeper into who you are, your ancestors, and the far you have come. 

Lineages grow and develop from the lessons they learn. Each person in your lineage spent an entire lifetime learning something and evolving. WISDOM is in your DNA. Every lesson is in you. Positivity is passed on by epigenetics.

There’s definitely a place for healing and anger. But there’s a need to honor your ancestors; the people that existed before you. You represent them in this generation. Speak to your body and unlock your core DNA. If you find something to make better, that’s a calling to evolution. Connect with your ancestors and tap into that energy. Activate and receive everything from your DNA. 

Embrace Playful Imagination

At the core of feminine energy is playful imagination. It’s a combination of desire and imagination; a really free imagination. Of course, masculine energy also has its aspects of imagination. The difference is that masculine imagination is very procedural and it’s all about jumping into action. 

Playful imagination on the other hand is about following your heart. Imagining without focusing on the “how”. You really don’t care about the process but just imagine yourself in that creative space where you can do anything. Have the imagination and start thinking that everything is possible. Run wild with your imagination. Once you are in that space where you are following your heart, you attract such amazing and great opportunities. 

Manage how you Feel Every Moment.

What you feel every moment is what defines life. Stop focusing too much on tomorrow or yesterday and focus on NOW. Start practicing feeling good at this moment. Is there a way you can fix your situations? What can you bring in to this moment to make it better? 

Focus on how to bring in a more joyful or easier space. We attract the energy we are. The universe responds and matches your energy. You can be doing all the techniques but if you are doing it from a rigid place, it creates resistance. Invite the fun, feel it, and let it come from the heart. It’s really not about “how do I have fun today” but rather letting fun take over and feeling the fun.  

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Just like working out, spiritual manifestation needs consistency. You keep going to the gym to achieve your weight loss or perfect body goals. The same applies to spiritual manifesting. You have to continuously and consistently feed yourself with tools and techniques that help you grow. You have to keep wanting more because that’s the only way to manifest your dreams. 

At first, it often feels quite foreign. But with time, it gets easier and better. The techniques you apply never get outdated, they are evergreen. Keep practicing. Eventually, your brain creates new neuro pathways and it becomes a habit. Your core way of thinking starts to shift. 

Work on your spiritual journey because it’s a relationship with manifesting with the universe. Keep practicing the body love rituals, affirmations, and constantly create the space for powerful manifestation. Spirituality is a PRACTICE. You have to do it every day!

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