Are you guys feeling like you doubt that more money is even gonna come to you, like you don’t even think and even believe it’s gonna be true that it’s even going to come into your life. Do you have a fear of attracting more money? Like the amount you want, you’re just doubting it. And you’re like, man, why am I doubting this is gonna come to me? Like, you want to make your first $10,000. You wanna make your first 20,000, 100,000, or even million. But then you have all these doubts and doubts and doubts like you oh, I doubt this thing’s even going to work, you know, so you have to, we have to go ahead and clear that out of us right now.


We’re gonna go ahead and talk about today, about having doubts and fears towards attracting the amount of money you want. Now, this is actually a very, very big, huge block that both myself and Ania have to be here for, because we got to send some energy to you guys, because a big thing that people have in the law of attraction these days is just like, they make an intent, an outcome, a goal, whatever you want to call it, and then in the back of their mind, they just have this doubt back here, like in the front of them consciously, they’re like, I really want this, but in the back, they’re like, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

You know, because one, maybe the goal’s too big. Another one is maybe they just, they’ve never had it before, so they’ve never seen that amount of money come to them before, or they just feel like they have all these other types of feelings going on. But the biggest feeling is doubt. So what do you have to say about maybe some doubts and fears that maybe you’ve had before, or just doubts and fears in general towards the law of attraction.

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I see this all the time. People just not, not believing that they’re going to attract whatever they wanna attract. And that’s exactly how the law of attraction does not work. So you have to have full faith in whatever it is that you want to attract, and whatever doubts you have, we’re gonna tap those away.

So right now we’re gonna go ahead and use a process called VFT and the way that we make this different, cause it’s gonna seem a lot like traditional EFT, but the way that we make this different is actually you’ll hear like this high vibrational frequency going on in your ears. Now what we recommend, like when you watch our specific VFT videos, is what?

Headphones along with the video at the end of this post.

You have to make sure that you’re putting on headphones because that is actually gonna get into the brainwave frequency that we have, the secret frequency we use to help you get into a deep theta state brainwave, and what this does, it actually causes your brain to transform. And the reason why we decided to do that is because we know the importance of having a frequency help develop change. And the theta brainwave frequency is really, really huge for that. It creates creativity, the psychic state, and things that you’ll come into manifestation, because it is the manifestation state as well. And we wanna go and have that a part of this tapping.

Check in With How You Feel

Before you do that, on a scale of one to 10, where are you at, on a scale of one to 10 where you feel like this doubt and fear of attracting more money? Like, do you feel it on a scale of 10? Like, oh my God, I just feel so like, I’m doubting, like this is even going to come to me, or a one or a zero where man, I just, I don’t have any doubts or fears, I just feel like it’s going to come to me, you know?

Where are you on a scale of one to 10, if you are a five or above, then I would say that you really need this tapping. If you’re a four and below, you probably still need this tapping a little bit, because you never know, like what’s in the onion that you need to peel off. So we might say things that you can borrow the benefits from to really, really help yourself get to like a zero, cause that’s ultimately where you want to be with this deal, with this, with this issue.

So let’s go, and we’re gonna tap on the side of the hand and this is how you go ahead, and sets up the statement for what we’re about to do. And then we’re gonna tap on the eyebrow, the side of the eye. Under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone where the soft point is under the bone, under the armpit, and then the top of the head where your crown is.

When we do our tappings, we don’t script anything. We literally literally just have it come from God, the universe, whatever you believe in, higher source, and it actually just gets downloaded into us as we go. And then it just comes out and whatever they are telling us to tell you is really what you are going to feel because it’s universal life energy. And that’s what we really, really do our tappings from.

I know a lot of different teachers, they actually write their stuff out and they, all of a sudden you’ll see them looking at a script all the time. Well, I’m not gonna lie, we actually used to do that too. But we found it was really counterproductive because we want to really, all of our tappings to come from the universe, and we wanted it to come from universe into us and then onto you so that you get the true benefit of all of it.

Tapping Sequence

So let’s go and tap on the side of the hand.

Even though I have this doubt and fear.
Towards attracting more money.
I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though I have this doubt and fear.
Towards this big amount of money that I really want.
But for some reason.
I’ve installed doubt and fear about it.
And I don’t know why that’s coming up.
But it is.
And that sucks.
It’s sucking the life out of me.
It’s making me doubt that this process even works.
And even though I doubt this process is even gonna work.
I deeply and completely.
Love, forgive and accept myself anyways.
And anyone else.
All my ancestors.
All my past friends.
My parents, My peers, My brothers or sisters.
Aunts, uncles, cousins.
All of them.
Even though they’ve taught me to doubt and fear things.
I deeply and completely.
Love, forgive.
Accept myself.
And release those beliefs from my life.

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Eyebrow: This doubt and fear.
Side of the Eye: This doubt and fear of attracting more money.
Under the Eye: It sucks.
Under the Nose: I don’t like making a goal
Chin: An intention.
Collarbone: An outcome.
Under the Arm: And all of a sudden, I feel like I’m not gonna have it.
Top of Head: Cause of what’s happened in the past.

Eyebrow: And the thing is.
Side of the Eye: I’m just a human being.
Under the Eye: And guess what?
Under the Nose: I have human emotions.
Chin: I have feelings.
Collarbone: And sometimes.
Under the Arm: I take on the beliefs.
Top of Head: From my past.

Eyebrow: Of other people.
Side of the Eye: And they didn’t know they were doing that to me.
Under the Eye: How could they?
Under the Nose: Because the thing is.
Chin: Is that they thought they were just giving love to me.
Collarbone: And even though it felt like tough love.
Under the Arm: Their beliefs got instilled in me.
Top of Head: Some beliefs like.

Eyebrow: Oh, you’re never gonna have that money.
Side of the Eye: $10,000.
Under the Eye: Pshh.
Under the Nose: Yeah. Right.
Chin: I don’t believe that’s gonna be true for you.
Collarbone: Because that wasn’t true for me.
Under the Arm: And guess what?
Top of Head: You’re a part of my bloodline

Eyebrow: And since that’s not true for me.
Side of the Eye: And I’m not lucky.
Under the Eye: Well, you’re not gonna be lucky too.
Under the Nose: And guess what?
Chin: BS
Collarbone: And BS could be.
Under the Arm: Belief systems.
Top of Head: And if these are just belief systems.

Eyebrow: Then guess what?
Side of the Eye: I can clear them out.
Under the Eye: Because they’re only belief systems.
Under the Nose: And these people.
Chin: Accidentally.
Collarbone: Hypnotized me.
Under the Arm: To believe.
Top of Head: That I have to doubt everything.

Eyebrow: And that’s not cool.
Side of the Eye: Because.
Under the Eye: They thought they were only doing.
Under the Nose: What was gonna help me.
Chin: And that didn’t help me.
Collarbone: That just gave me negative beliefs.
Under the Arm: And I need to learn.
Top of Head: How to clear these beliefs.

Eyebrow: And one of the ways I just found out.
Side of the Eye: Was doing this VFT tapping.
Under the Eye: And the thing is.
Under the Nose: That even though I’m doing this VFT tapping.
Chin: There are still gonna be sad times.
Collarbone: That doubts and fears come up.
Under the Arm: Because again.
Top of Head: VFT.

Eyebrow: Is good.
Side of the Eye: When you do it.
Under the Eye: Really consistently.
Under the Nose: And the thing is.
Chin: Some people think.
Collarbone: Oh, it’s just a one time event.
Under the Arm: Oh, I got that out of me.
Top of Head: I don’t need to watch these videos anymore.

Eyebrow: I’m good.
Side of the Eye: And guess what?
Under the Eye: Uh-uh.
Under the Nose: Because your mind.
Chin: Is like that onion.
Collarbone: And you have to peel the layers off this onion.
Under the Arm: And you have to keep peeling them.
Top of Head: Consistently

Eyebrow: So VFT.
Side of the Eye: Is a consistent practice.
Under the Eye: And we need to keep peeling these layers of the onion.
Under the Nose: Until.
Chin: We get to the core of who we truly are.
Collarbone: And what we are on the inside.
Under the Arm: Is just a bunch of love.
Top of Head: Full of happiness.

Eyebrow: And when we were born.
Under the Eye: Full of joy.
Under the Nose: Full of happiness.
Chin: Cause we’re alive.
Collarbone: We can bring that belief back now.
Under the Arm: And feel abundant.
Top of Head: All we have to do.

Eyebrow: Is access the memory.
Side of the Eye: When we were children.
Under the Eye: And when we were children.
Under the Nose: Life.
Chin: Was abundant.
Collarbone: Now all you have to do now.
Under the Arm: Is look up in the sky.
Top of Head: And see all the clouds.

Eyebrow: And then look around you.
Side of the Eye: And look at all the trees.
Under the Eye: The buildings.
Under the Nose: The land.
Chin: The earth.
Collarbone: And what this tells me.
Under the Arm: Is that abundance is everywhere.
Top of Head: The trees didn’t doubt that they could just grow

Eyebrow: The buildings didn’t doubt that they could be built.
Side of the Eye: They just manifested life.
Under the Eye: From construction workers.
Under the Nose: Who wanted to build them.
Chin: And there is millions and millions.
Collarbone: Of construction workers.
Under the Arm: Around the world.
Top of Head: Building.

Eyebrow: And guess what?
Side of the Eye: Millions of people.
Under the Eye: With money.
Under the Nose: Want to buy these things.
Chin: So what that tells me.
Collarbone: If I create something.
Under the Arm: And I want to go ahead and market it.
Top of Head: I know.

Eyebrow: That I just need to find the right type of people.
Side of the Eye: Who are gonna buy my product.
Under the Eye: And who need my stuff.
Under the Nose: And guess what?
Chin: I have that stuff.
Collarbone: And if I don’t know how to create it.
Under the Arm: I just need to come up with the idea.
Top of Head: And then I need to talk to someone.

Eyebrow: Who knows how to build websites.
Side of the Eye: Who knows how to build funnels.
Under the Eye: And who knows how to create products.
Under the Nose: And I know that I’m a person with a bunch of ideas,
Chin: Looking to help change the world.
Collarbone: So how can I doubt that.
Under the Arm: When I’m clearing everything out of me.
Top of Head: And allowing the universe and God.

Eyebrow: To instill.
Side of the Eye: These new ideas.
Under the Eye: Into me.
Under the Nose: And guess what?
Chin: I’m now able.
Collarbone: To bring this to the world.
Under the Arm: And when I bring this to the world.
Top of Head: Millions and millions of people.

Eyebrow: Are gonna want to buy what I have.
Side of the Eye: And the first step is.
Under the Eye: Is I need to clear these money blocks out.
Under the Nose: I need to find mentors and trainers.
Chin: Who are gonna help me do that.
Collarbone: And guess what?
Under the Arm: They have some freebies in the description down below
Top of Head: And guess what these freebies do?

Eyebrow: They help you release for free.
Side of the Eye: And guess what?
Under the Eye: We also have a 20-week EFT course.
Under the Nose: That’s gonna help you.
Chin: For the next six months or more.
Collarbone: Release all of these deeply rooted.
Under the Arm: Release all these deeply rooted.
Top of Head: Money blocks and doubts.

Eyebrow: And all you have to do.
Side of the Eye: Is receive the freebies first.
Under the Eye: And really feel it in yourself.
Under the Nose: To really, really release.
Chin: All of these money blocks out for good.
Collarbone: And that’s the way to create consistency.
Under the Arm: Is also plugging in with mentors and trainers.
Top of Head: And teachers.

Eyebrow: Who are going to help you get there.
Side of the Eye: In the shortest amount of time.
Under the Eye: And we’re cutting that time in half.
Under the Nose: Right now with this tapping.
Chin: And while we’re tapping right now.
Collarbone: We’re helping you clear these money blocks.
Under the Arm: And we need to clear these money blocks out for good.
Top of Head: And you need to go ahead,

Eyebrow: And clear them out yourself for good.
Side of the Eye: Clearing these doubts and fears.
Under the Eye: About attracting more money.
Under the Nose: Clearing these doubts and fears.
Chin: About attracting that large sum of money you want.
Collarbone: And cleaning it out of our body, mind, heart,
Under the Arm: soul, and spirit.
Top of Head: And just feeling really good right now.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. Release.

Take some time to figure out where you are right now on a scale of one to ten. One, you don’t really have these money blocks of doubt or fear anymore, and you feel like, man, I know I’m gonna get what I want, or 10, you still have these doubts and fears and you still don’t know how you’re gonna get what you want. So find out where you are, either a one or a 10. So, or between, you know, where you are in between. Like, for me, I’m about a two right now. You know, when I was doing this, you know, cause I’m not perfect, Ania’s not perfect, we still have doubts and fears come up every single time. And you know, when we did this tapping before I had about a seven, so now I’m at a two.

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