Do you feel deserving of wealth? Do you? Well, we’re gonna talk about that and so much more in this video, to help you deserve to be wealthy. Let’s go and do that right now.


I wanted to come to you today because I know that there’s a really big topic in the law of attraction niche. Now, so many people like, you know, will do, the visualizations, they’ll do the meditations, they’ll do the Hoʻoponopono, they’ll do the affirmations, they’ll do all these little modalities, but they’re still not getting wealthy. And they’re wondering like, man, what am I doing wrong? Many people do not feel deserving of wealth. Like, why am I not getting wealthy, and why am I not getting the things that I want? Why am I not manifesting?

Sometimes in our lineage, we have certain things that go on in our lives. Things like being unworthy, about more wealth, being a more deserving about more wealth, which we’re going to talk about today, and just certain little tidbits that come up for you, that stem from past experiences, past peers, past ancestors, past lives, all that stuff that comes into play, and you have to understand that we need to do this modality VFT in order to tap it out of us, so that we can actually become clear. And once we’re clear, then the affirmations are gonna be more effective, then the guided wealth meditations are gonna be more effective, and then, all the other modalities that you use are gonna be more effective.

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But it takes VFT, the tapping in order to get rid of that. Now, why does tapping work so well? Well, tapping actually taps on the acupuncture points that are going on on the body. And once you’re tapping these out, these things get released from your stomach, from all of your chakras, And then you’re clear for the universe, nature, Buddha, God, whatever you wanna call it, is going to have more access to your vibration. And then they’re gonna be able to instill this, because you’re not going to have any negative gobbledy goop that’s been going on inside of you. It’s gonna be all cleared out from this tapping. Okay?

How do you feel?

So let’s go and look at, on a scale of one to 10, 10, you feel, “Oh my God, I feel so deserving of this, I feel deserving of wealth,” or one, you just don’t feel deserving of wealth at all. And if you are at a one right now, oh my God, you need this. If you’re at a four and below, you totally need this. If you’re at like a 10, you can shut this video off, because you deserve money, and you don’t even need this video. So, let’s go and start the tapping right now.

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And we’re gonna go ahead and begin on the side of the hand to set up the statements, and to, you know, help our tapping just go a lot more smooth. And then after that, we’re gonna tap on the eyebrow point, and you’re going to repeat a mantra. You’re gonna tap on the side of the eye, the under the eye, the under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, right underneath the bone, where the soft point is, under the armpit, and then the top of the head, right where your crown is.


Tapping Sequence

Let’s tap on the side of the hand.
Even though I don’t deserve to be wealthy
I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though I have this unreservedness issue going on inside of me
I get money, and then for some strange reason,
I just don’t feel like I’m deserving of that money.
And even though I don’t feel deserving of that money,
I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself anyway
And all those people,
family members, friends, past lives, ancestors, peers, anybody in my life who has told me
“You just don’t deserve more money.”
Or maybe they didn’t even tell me,
their actions have told me that they don’t deserve more money,

and then I follow suit because they’re my friend,
I feel from my friends that I deserve money either.
Even though I hung out with people that didn’t feel like they deserve more money,
and for some strange reason,
I caught that vibration too,
I deeply, completely, love, forgive, and honor myself anyways.

Eyebrow: I don’t deserve to be wealthy.
Side of the Eye: I don’t deserve to be wealthy.
Under the Eye: I don’t deserve to be wealthy.
Under the Nose: I’m not sure why I don’t deserve to be wealthy.
Chin: I don’t know why I formed that belief into my subconscious mind.
Collarbone: And I’m doing all these affirmations.
Under the Arm: I’m doing the guided meditations.
Top of Head: And for some reason I still don’t feel I deserve to be wealthy.

Eyebrow: And I wonder if that came from my peers,
Side of the Eye: from my family members, from past relationships, from friends.
Under the Eye: Wherever it came from, I need to release this
Under the Nose: ’cause that doesn’t serve me.
Chin: And it doesn’t serve the world either.
Collarbone: Because if I’m going to be an impact in this world,
Under the Arm: I need to find a way to feel deserving of more money.
Top of Head: And when we look at the word deserve,

Eyebrow: we see that it means that we’ve done the work,
Side of the Eye: we’ve worked on ourselves,
Under the Eye: we’ve got mentors and trainers,
Under the Nose: and we even created products and videos to help another person.
Chin: So the thing is,
Collarbone: if I’m getting all of these things,
Under the Arm: like mentors, trainers, teachers,
Top of Head: and these tapping videos that I’ve been doing every single day with Vibrational Wealth,

Eyebrow: well, that just means that the more I do this,
Side of the Eye: the more deserving I’m starting to feel.
Under the Eye: And the thing is,
Under the Nose: I’ll tap once in a while,
Chin: I’ll do guided meditations once in a while,
Collarbone: I’ll do the energy work once in a while,
Under the Arm: I’ll read self help books once in a while,
Top of Head: but do you hear what’s going on?

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Eyebrow: There’s the word once in a while,
Side of the Eye: and what that once in a while was doing is making me inconsistent.
Under the Eye: And the thing is,
Under the Nose: the universe loves you to be consistent.
Chin: And if working your business,
Collarbone: or your job,
Under the Arm: or anything that you’re doing is once in a while,
Top of Head: then how do you expect all the things that you do,

Eyebrow: create and meditate on,
Side of the Eye: and affirm,
Under the Eye: how do you expect the wealth to show up in your life
Under the Nose: if you’re doing everything half-ass?
Chin: The universe doesn’t half-ass anything.
Collarbone: The universe matches directly with what you want.
Under the Arm: And if that’s the case,
Top of Head: then I need to match the universal energy as well.

Eyebrow: And when I match the universal energy in a positive way,
Side of the Eye: by being consistent and doing consistent things daily,
Under the Eye: like meditating twice a day for the next 30 days,
Under the Nose: doing one hour of affirmations each day for the next 30 days,
Chin: by doing these tappings each day for the next 30 days,
Collarbone: what’s gonna end up happening
Under the Arm: is that any type of undeserving issues for being wealthy,
Top of Head: or getting wealthy,

Eyebrow: are gonna be nonexistent.
Side of the Eye: And the thing is,
Under the Eye: is that there are trainers and teachers out there
Under the Nose: who have products and services that are gonna help you be consistent.
Chin: And those products and services are located right below this video.
Collarbone: All you have to do is take action.
Under the Arm: Even right below this video,
Top of Head: there are freebies.

Eyebrow: So really the only thing there is now is excuses.
Side of the Eye: And if you’re gonna be making excuses,
Under the Eye: then that is going to make you feel undeserving,
Under the Nose: so I’m releasing these excuses
Chin: for wanting to get wealthy,
Collarbone: but not taking any action.
Under the Arm: And the first part to taking action is working on you.
Top of Head: A great mentor once told me

Eyebrow: work harder on yourself than you do your life or your business,
Side of the Eye: because you are part of the universe.
Under the Eye: You have universal life energy.
Under the Nose: So it’s your responsibility to take action to work on yourself.
Chin: And that is exactly what you’re doing right now.
Collarbone: And, there’s products and services right below this video
Under the Arm: to help cut the time in half,
Top of Head: because the universe likes speed.

Eyebrow: I never heard anybody ever say,
Side of the Eye:“Man, I can’t wait to get rich slow.”
Under the Eye: Because the thing is,
Under the Nose: I wanna get rich fast.
Chin: And the way for me to cut that time.
Collarbone: is to make sure I get products and services I need to work on myself,
Under the Arm: and I can do that now,
Top of Head: just by tapping along with this cool bald guy,

Eyebrow: and feeling really good about that.
Side of the Eye: But the tapping part is not enough.
Under the Eye: I need to take responsibility right now
Under the Nose: to go in the sections below this video
Chin: and to plug into something that’s going to keep me consistent.
Collarbone: And that consistency is gonna help me eliminate these undeserving issues for good.
Under the Arm: Releasing this unreservedness for being wealthy,
Top of Head: releasing it out of my body,

Eyebrow: releasing it out of my mind.
Side of the Eye: Releasing it out of my heart, soul, and spirit,
Under the Eye: and feeling really good,
Under the Nose: about to take action,
Chin: and about to become more consistent.
Collarbone: And now,
Under the Arm: I feel
Top of Head: I deserve exactly what I want in my life.

Take a deep breath in. Hold, and release.

So it takes some time right now to really, really find out where you are on a scale of one to ten. One, you still feel you don’t deserve any wealth, or 10, my beliefs are transformed, I deserve to be wealthy, darn it. And I know the actions I’m gonna take in order to do that.

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