The importance of a growth mindset cannot be overstated.

Sure, hard work and persistence go a long way if you want to achieve your goals. But a growth mindset ensures you keep moving if the two aren’t bringing the results you wish for.

So it’s only important that you develop this kind of mindset for your own good. And that’s all this post is about. But before that though, what exactly is a growth mindset?


A Growth Mindset Definition

A growth mindset is an underlying belief that whatever abilities you have can be sharpened well enough if you put in the required effort in developing them. It’s that simple, really.

With a growth mindset, you don’t view yourself as a rigid existence but as a work in progress. Every day presents with it new learning experiences that serve to push you up to the next level.

And it’s something everyone can develop over time. And just like the concept itself, developing a growth mindset is just as simple and you can do it by following the methods below.

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Simple Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset

#1 Shift Your Words And Thoughts For The Better

Our personal beliefs are words and thoughts that we’ve told ourselves for so long. So changing these beliefs has to start with the words and thoughts. Examine what you say and think.

Is it something that boosts your drive to learn and improve yourself? If not, it’s time to change. Banish any negativity about yourself and you’ll find yourself being ready to do better every day.

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#2 Be Happy For Others

Celebrating and congratulating others for their successes is paramount in cultivating a growth mindset. This is tied to the point above.

If you’re always intimidated by others’ success, chances are you’ll feel inadequate about your abilities especially when you’re struggling. This self-doubt is exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

When you’re genuinely happy for others, you view their achievements as an indication that you can do just as well if you keep working on improving your abilities.

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#3 Authenticity Goes A Long Way

If you’ve been living by the “fake it till you make” mantra, it’s time to drop it. It’s popular in today’s world but it serves no purpose as far as growing as a person is concerned.

For one, pretense is more about you running away from who you really are. That doesn’t sound so good from a growth mindset perspective.

Remember the whole point here is about continuously working to improve your abilities. But if you’re putting on a facade, in your mind you’ve already achieved this improvement even if that’s not the case.

So be sure to shed that inauthenticity and get down to bettering yourself.

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#4 Stop Trying to Get Approval From Others

Part of being inauthentic stems from a need to get approval from others. But as you’ve seen, this is detrimental to forging a growth mindset.

Belonging to a pack can be a good thing and it might force you to follow paths that don’t exactly align with who you are just so you could get nods from those around you. But this is detrimental in every way you look at it.

Accept yourself for who you are instead of forcing yourself into a corner just to impress others.

Also, approval will always vary across different groups of people. So how many times are you going to change yourself to fit each one of them? More than once, of course.

And that means you lose a sense of your abilities which in turn affects, negatively, the possibility of improving them.

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#5 Embrace Your Challenges

At least if you’ve been living in the real world you know challenges are only natural in whatever you do. What are you going to do, give up as soon as you encounter one?

Of course not.

This is where perseverance comes in big. You have to train yourself to hold on in the face of frustrations. Frankly, there is no challenge too big to overcome, and instead of focusing on how beat-down you are, see if you can draw a few lessons from the ordeal and try to figure a way out.

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