Did you know that you can create more abundance and anything you set your mind to? Manifestation is a practice that many people use daily to create and attract their ideal life. Everyone is manifesting things all the time, but most people are not aware that they are already doing it. When you envision a negative scenario or think about a bad situation, you already create it. Therefore, manifestation can be both positive and negative. But creating from a place of deep acceptance and with conscious awareness is what will make all the difference. You are a powerful manifestator, and in this article, we will go through the elements that make a manifestation practice successful.


To manifest may have many different definitions, in the simplest explanation we can say that a manifestation is ‘something that is brought into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs’.

This means that where you focus your thoughts and feelings you are bringing into your surrounding reality. You can point your focus and manifest through the practice of meditation, visualization or just using your conscious or subconscious throughout your day.

If you have been pondering getting a new job and you began to focus on the exact job you wanted, the benefits and salary you wanted, and when you want it to come into your life,  your thoughts and feelings strengthen sending energy and focus in this direction.  You can then try to meditate or use visualization to focus on your goal and this will help manifest it into your life.

So if then you finally land that new dream job, that is successfully manifesting. Can you think of somewhere in your life this may have already happened? Were you thinking about a gift you really wanted, or a grade, or an experience? Did it come into your life? 

There you go! Well now that you know what manifestation looks like, let’s talk about how it works. 

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Step into your personal power.

You attract things that match the frequency you are vibrating at. Therefore, in order to attract only good things, you have to feel like you already deserve those things. Do a quick inventory of your emotional life and notice how you feel on a daily basis. Do you feel empowered, strong, and able to create the life that you desire? Or are you gripped with fear and self-doubt? Stepping into your personal power is one of the key elements to manifesting your desires. Raise your frequency and your energy by choosing uplifting thoughts and by believing that you can achieve your goals.

Learn to work with the laws of the universe.

The universe is your greatest supporter and is always there to offer you cues and guidance in whatever challenges you might encounter. However, you must become aware of how its laws work in your life. One of the most important laws is The Law of Attraction. Basically, this law works by sending you the things that you already embody in your life. If you embody confidence and positivity, you will attract situations and people that you make you feel more of these feelings.

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Heal your past.

In order to attract the life that you want, you have to let go of the things that hold you back from your greatness. Healing can happen on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic. Identify the things that disturb your well-being and take a proactive approach to heal those wounds. You might need to ask for the support of a trusted professional, you always have to keep in mind that you are capable of healing and breaking free from the things that no longer serve you. The power is in your own hands.

It works just in line with the Law of Attraction, where you focus your thoughts, and in turn your energy, you bring into your reality. If you surround yourself with negativity and bad feelings, then you will attract even more negative energy.

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So when you start manifesting, the first thing to do is have a look at your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling down, do you have negative energy clouding your mind? THis can lead you to manifest things you don’t want into your life. It is important to clear your mind and have a positive mindset toward what you want to bring into your life. 

Visualize the thoughts and feelings you have about this new job, this will help you nurture a positive mindset and you are motivated to bring forth change. This then pushes you to take action and in the end, you will manifest these dreams into your life

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