Are you unemployed, retired or employed but need a side hustle to make some extra money? We often tend to underestimate the mental power we possess. Sometimes we are discouraged because we don’t feel qualified or we just have no idea where to start. Many people think technology is only best understood by tech-savvy individuals or the younger generation. Learn how to create an abundance of opportunities from the comfort of your home.


Perhaps you are even wondering what more can technology offers other than access to social media? Interestingly, that’s just a mistaken belief.  It is not necessarily false, but it is a shallow-minded mentality with the perfect recipe for stagnation in life. You are in control of your mind, so let’s change that mindset, shall we?

According to a study, approximately 16 million people are self-employed in the US. By 2019, there were about 57 million freelancers contributing to its economy. A recent study has shown that freelancers have overtime lost interest in traditional jobs because they earn way more than they probably thought they would. It definitely is enticing.

Notably, the number of people working from home and applying for unemployment, especially in light of Covid-19 has significantly increased. The pandemic has pushed many individuals into exploring the possibility of working from home. A working setup that was often associated with affluence and luxury, but is that really the case?

Is working from the comfort of your home a temporary trend or a new reality? Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss, calling the shots and enjoying an adaptable work-life balance? Regardless of our varying experience, expertise, and investment capital, we can all bring to life our passions and dreams.

One step at a time.

So, what opportunities can you create for yourself? There are plenty of opportunities that can be explored where you can create an abundance of opportunities from the comfort of your home.  Freelancing is just one of them. You could explore something you studied, love, or just a growing interest you’ve had. Let’s explore four ideas very briefly:


Blogging sounds cliché to many people, or an idea flocked with many people already exploring. Do you know why? It is lucrative, thanks to technology, which has made launching blogs simple and affordable.

All you need is quality content, an ideal target audience, and the most suitable blogging tools that are accessible online. Content can range from topics that people generally like reading about or topics that you have loads of experience to share. With the appropriate audience and a combination of sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and email subscribers, this could be your niche.

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Online Marketing

Do you have a large social media following? You could be a celebrity in the making. This is an idea that follows you to your home, an opportunity that knocks on your door. Major brands, companies, and businesses invest in brand-ambassadorships and marketing contracts with individuals with many social media followers.

You have definitely come across some sponsored adverts on Instagram with familiar faces. You can be the next face! The more the following and ideal marketing skills, you can make so much money from a single social media post. To get started in online marketing join our FREE Vibepreneur Training here.


Online Tutoring/Training

We all have some valuable skills we can offer. Perhaps you bake or cook, you are a lawyer, fitness instructor, teacher, or designer. Why not turn your skills into a unique online course? Udemy, TED-Ed, Skillshare are a few examples of online platforms for online education.

No pressure, you can start with your personal social media accounts and build your clientele. Invest in an affordable, simple and user-friendly platform for generating, host, and sell your courses. Deliver top-notch content as you generate your income.


Are you a tax, travel, wellness, fitness, or marriage expert? Literally, you could be an expert in anything. Many people experience life challenges that make it necessary for them to seek help. For instance, tax planning and preparation isn’t a cup of tea for most people. You could be an experience tax practitioner whose expertise could be tapped by others, of course not for free. Let people know about your skills and expertise. Create an online consultancy website and begin earning as you provide solutions to others.

These ideas are far from exhaustive. Any opportunity you choose to explore will definitely have some risks. But is there any venture or success without putting in the hard work? This is where your mindset comes into play. Focus on the end goal, stay positive, and surround yourself with positive energy. 

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Build a dynasty with some discipline and dedication. Keep in mind that your thoughts manifest into your realities.

Take a leap of faith and go for it, create your own abundance of opportunities from the comfort of your home.

Worry not, we are here for you. Learn the appropriate skills you will need to embark on your transformational journey from us.

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