Do you have a fear that you can’t get rich during a pandemic? I want to come to you today because I know that this is a very big topic today about people concerned about getting rich during the pandemic.

And they’re like, “Man, there’s a pandemic going on. There’s this thing going on. This virus going on. There’s people out there that are losing their jobs, this and that.”


It doesn’t matter like what you do in this life, you can always attract money to you always can. There are so many ways to attract money that you just have to really open your eyes to it and really create the positivity inside of yourself that’s going to create the bridge way between you and the money that you want. So let’s go ahead and do that with this modality.

Today, I know that a lot of people have this belief and we’re just gonna go and clear that out because we need to get rid of this energy. There’s a gobbley gook that goes on in our bodies that happens when crisis goes on in the world. You know, when a pandemic, a depression goes on in the world, “My God, I can’t attract. I can’t attract!”

And the right, when you start doing that, you start putting all these negative thoughts in your head and you start your vibration goes down, you don’t believe it can happen, and all of a sudden, guess what? You’ve manifested that belief.

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What is VFT?

So we’re gonna use a modality called VFT. Now VFT is called vibrational frequency tapping. This is where we’re tapping on certain meridians of the body, and these are meridians that they use in acupuncture as well. They also use this in EFT as well, which is emotional freedom technique, and the way that we make it different with VFT vibrational frequency tapping, is that while you’re listening to this video at the end of this post, it would be a good idea to put on headphones.

The reason why you should put on headphones is because we’re going to be playing a special frequency music to create change within your subconscious mind.

We’re gonna do is we’re gonna start with tapping on the side of the hand to set up the statement, and this is gonna clear out any type of blocks or anything that’s going on inside of you so that you can let these beliefs, these new beliefs and these old beliefs clear out of you and the new beliefs come in you.

Next thing, is here at the tapping points. You’re going to tap on the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the mouth, where the chin is. Where the soft spot of the collarbone are. And then under the arm where the armpit is, and then the top of your head, right where your crown is, right here. You’re gonna be repeating a mantra each time that we’re tapping on these points.

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So let’s go and do that now. And right now, I want you to go ahead and really analyze on a scale of one to 10. You know, one that you had this fear that you just totally can’t make money during a pandemic or 10, man, I believe in my gut, my heart, my soul, my spirit, that I can make money during the pandemic. So where are you on a scale of one to 10?

One being that just have the sphere that you can’t do it or 10, I don’t have a fear at all. If you’re at between a one and a five, you really need this video. If you’re between like a five and an eight, there’s still a little room for improvement. So let’s go and do this right now. We’re gonna clear the fear out of you.

Tapping Sequence

Side of the hand.
Even though I have this fear that,
I can’t make money during pandemic,
I deeply, completely, love, forgive and accept myself.
Even though I have this fear
that I’m not gonna attract any money
because we have a pandemic going on
and we have a depression going on,
I deeply and completely, love, and honor, and forgive myself
for thinking that way anyways.
Even though there’s absolutely no way
to become a money magnet during a pandemic,
there’s a depression going on,
people are losing their jobs.
I’m not able to even get toilet paper
because all the toilet paper is gone.
All these things.
Even though I believe that before,I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself anyways.
And even though I have had these beliefs
that there’s no way I can make money during a pandemic,
I deeply completely love, forgive, and accept myself anyways.
And anyone else that tried to put that same belief onto me,
I deeply and completely love and accept them as well and I forgive them.

Eyebrow: This fear of not being able to make money during a pandemic.
Side of the Eye: I have this fear of not being able to make money during a pandemic.
Under the Eye: This pandemics sucks.
Under the Nose: It’s making people lose their jobs.
Chin: People’s businesses are shutting down.
Collarbone: The news says we have to wear masks.
Under the Arm: Every time I look outside,
Top of the Head: I see people with masks on.

Eyebrow: I see businesses closed.
Side of the Eye: I see all these things going on right now in the world today.
Under the Eye: And the thing is,
Under the Nose: I need to remember how I am a money magnet.
Chin: The universe will give me money if I desire to have money.
Collarbone: Because when I like believe into the stuff of a pandemic,
Under the Arm: when I believe that,
Top of the Head:“My God, there’s a depression going on!”

Eyebrow: When I believe all of these belief systems that are trying to come in at me in my head,
Side of the Eye: then that means I’m blocking money from coming to me.
Under the Eye: Did you know,
Under the Nose: there’s probably over 1,000 ways to get rich.
Chin: And did you know that any time that you’re solving a problem you can get rich?
Collarbone: Did you know that you can actually launch a product of your own online and you could get rich?
Under the Arm: Sometimes you just have to find out what people need,
Top of the Head: because when people need something,

Eyebrow: people are going to buy it.
Side of the Eye: And the way they buy it is by using credit.
Under the Eye: They can borrow money.
Under the Nose: They can maybe even get a loan.
Chin: But the thing is there are so many ways out there to make money especially online.
Collarbone: Now, what are those ways?
Under the Arm: Sometimes I just need to use Google and find out,
Top of the Head: because ways to make money are all over the place.

Eyebrow: I just need to open my eyes to it.
Side of the Eye: You know, I see it every single day.
Under the Eye: I once saw a guy make a million dollars during quarantine.
Under the Nose: He was stuck at home,
Chin: but he was manifesting a million dollars into his business.
Collarbone: Now, how did he do that?
Under the Arm: Well, first of all,
Top of the Head: he got rid of the fear,

Eyebrow: and then he changed his belief systems,
Side of the Eye: and then he believed that he can make any type of money that he wants.
Under the Eye: And that’s the first step.
Under the Nose: And guess what?
Chin: Sometimes I look outside and I see dozens and dozens of people driving delivery trucks,
Collarbone: Uber, Lyft, or any other type of rideshare.
Under the Arm: They’re making money.
Top of the Head: And guess how you can also make money.

Eyebrow: Food delivery.
Side of the Eye: There’s DoorDash.
Under the Eye: In other countries, they have a thing called Rappy.
Under the Nose: They have Uber Eats.
Chin: They have store shoppers to shop for food for other people and bring it to their houses.
Collarbone: The thing is,
Under the Arm: we’re so set on the excuses
Top of the Head: that we have blocked ourselves from opening ourselves up to the abundance that’s all around us.

Eyebrow: You can make money during a pandemic.
Side of the Eye: You can make money during a depression.
Under the Eye: You can make money during problems in the world.
Under the Nose: You just have to open your eyes up and you just have to believe it in your heart,
Chin: and Google is your friend.
Collarbone: You just have to realize that since there’s multiple different ways to make money
Under the Arm: I just need to plug into those ways.
Top of the Head: And sometimes I could even Google how to make money online,

Eyebrow: or I can even google how to make money during a pandemic.
Side of the Eye: There is no excuse for not being able to make money even during a pandemic.
Under the Eye: And I’m releasing these fears of making money during a pandemic.
Under the Nose: I release these fears of not being able to get rich during a pandemic.
Chin: I release these fears out of my body.
Collarbone: I release these fears out of my mind.
Under the Arm: I release these fears out of my heart and soul,
Top of the Head: and I release these fears out of my spirit.

Take a deep breath in, hold, release.

Take some time to really figure out. Look inside yourself on a scale of one to ten. One, you still have this fear of like, I can’t get rich or I can’t make money during a pandemic, or 10, I know how to do this, I know I can make money during a pandemic and I’m gonna do it well. So take these beliefs, and if you’re still at up between a five and a one, do this tapping again and keep doing it until you get up to a 10.

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