Many people mistake weight loss struggles as a simple dietary and work out oriented journey. Rushing into a strict diet plan and intermittent fasting to “fix” your “fat” body is the reason why it’s not working. Trying to lose weight when your mental headspace is in its worst state can be impossible.  Obsessing on results because you feel desperate, body shaming yourself into a quick weight loss technique is a barrier to your weight loss.


The law of attraction can help you manifest that weight loss breakthrough you have been waiting for. A lot of the work involves changing your mindset, attracting the wright you desire through your thoughts. There are some habits you can learn for a deeper connection with your spirituality. This helps reframe your mindset for a happier and healthier life and a weight loss success story.

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Shift your perspective on weight loss

Are you of the view that weight loss is about regular exercise and dieting? Is that all you are concerned about and obsessed about? Is your definition of health pegged on the weighing scale? Do you believe that being healthy is evidence by your body appearance? If yes, you could be misinformed and creating a barrier for your weight loss.

Being healthy is defined by your lifestyle. Blindly dieting can cause eating disorders anorexia nervosa and purging disorders that can damage your body and cause fatal diseases. Obsessing about being overweight and constantly checking on the mirror if there has been any progress just makes you unhappy and demotivated. This is destructive and counterproductive for your weight loss journey. Shift your perspective about weight and health. Focus on self-love, boosting your self-esteem and body acceptance. The law of attraction can help you reconnect with love and heal your relationship with food.

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Ditch the negative talk and excuses

What you say to yourself during your weight loss journey as a direct link to what you manifest in reality. “I want to fix myself”, “Nobody loves me”, “It’s never going to work”, “I was born this way, I can’t change” “I’m unwell”, “I’m already late for my work out session” or “I’ll start next month” is the type of self-talk and excuse mentality you need to ditch right now. Your thoughts attract your energy and vibrations. Your words and thoughts become your reality.

Obsessing about calories and constantly reminding yourself that you are fat is why you are struggling with weight loss. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend working on their weight. Would you call them fat? Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Treat yourself with the same compassion and respect. Perhaps you always have excuses because of your fear of failure or unpreparedness for the work you need to put in. Make your weight loss journey a priority. Engage in positive self-talk and cultivate a positive attitude towards the process. Start practicing some daily positive self-love and high vibrational affirmations and mantras. “I am beautiful” or “I love me” are positive statements that can lift your spirits, improve your self-worth, and attract positive energy.

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Dont rush it; patience

Do you find yourself on the weighing balance every week trying to monitor your weight loss progress? Is a mirror your new best friend? That’s the problem.  Did you know you don’t even weigh yourself to know whether you’re healthy? As a matter of fact, looking fat or skinny has nothing to do with your health. Weight loss has no prescribed time. It may take as long as it takes. If you have a calendar with specific weight loss goals that you religiously focus on achieving, you are making your weight loss even tougher.

Be patient with yourself. Every day is a new day for a new success story. Stay focused on your overall wellbeing, lifestyle change, happiness, and positive energy rather than the 20 calories you have set to burn daily. Focus on small attainable goals that boost your self-confidence and make you a step closer to a key lifestyle change. If you have never worked out in your life, don’t start by going to the gym for two hours every day of the week. Try jogging or walking for about half an hour and build up gradually from there. You don’t want to hurt yourself in the process.

Visualize your dream body goals

Think about the bodyweight you envision and desire. The law of attraction flourishes when your mind, body, and soul is in synchrony. Whatever your dream body goals are, visualize them right now and start manifesting it as though it was happening today.  Don’t think about your successful weight loss journey as a future reality. Do you envision yourself in your favorite sexy dinner dress? What do you desire to feel about yourself? What lifestyle do you envision for yourself?

Believe in this vision and work towards it. Let go of the “if’s” and focus on your goal. It doesn’t matter if people around you think you are insane. What matters is what you believe. Believing in your vision and remembering that you are in control of your reality is powerful. You are responsible for your weight loss effort and actions. Positive attitude, confidence, and working on your goal to be happy and healthier is the key to your breakthrough.

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Appreciate the small wins

Gratitude is a powerful spiritual habit that can make all the difference you need. Learning to appreciate small wins and positive things we have in life teaches us humility, love, and mindfulness. It shifts your focus away from the challenges and boosts positive thinking. Even if you have lost only two pounds after two weeks off work, appreciate that the universe provided the air you breathe and that you are alive to accomplish much more.

Gratitude is a high vibrational frequency that attracts positive energy during both good and bad situations. A gratitude journal where you can write down the things you appreciate about your weight loss journey and your life as a whole is a great technique of transforming gratitude affirmations into a routine.

The law of attraction works best with consistency. Don’t expect a weight loss miracle because that is not what the law of attraction is about. Be prepared to put in the work, but also be ready for positive transformation. You will achieve more than weight loss. How does manifesting your dream life sound? You have the power to make it a reality today!

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