Did you have great plans in store for 2020? I bet you did. It could be a bucket list of some new adventures you’d hoped to discover in 2020. Unaware, the world was hit by Covid-19, a pandemic disease that has no treatment or vaccine. The year is halfway gone now, and we don’t even know when this will end. Even if it ends, how will life be?

The world is experiencing a frenzy, one that nobody saw coming. Not even the world’s best doctors and scientists.  The impact of Coronavirus has affected everyone in many ways. Many are struggling with emotional stress, financial loss, anxiety, and health issues.  So much has changed, keeping up has become difficult. Struggling with trying to cope with the new normal that you’re almost losing focus on your spiritual journey. Perhaps you already have.


You cannot blame yourself though, the situation is overwhelming and stressful. However, this is the time to buckle up and beat the odds. Your spirituality and manifestation need to adapt and respond to the situation. An awakening of your true core frequency needs to take place. A new focus and zeal towards your spirituality need to be your shield from the negative energy. So, what can you do to overcome the situation and regain your positive vibrations?

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Collaborative manifesting

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught the world is the need for unity. Whoever thought that one pandemic could unite nations to find a cure for a disease? Medical practitioners and scientists are working together now more than ever. The same applies to spirituality. There’s power in numbers. The more people come together to manifest positive energy, the more the vibrations and the more the power. 

You can try to unite with people you love, mostly your family or friends. It really doesn’t matter if you’re apart. Technology has made it possible to interact virtually through many platforms. Encourage each other to have faith, to stay positive, and to attract positive vibrations. Focus on the love that surrounds you, gives hope to those who are sick. Build a collaborative shield that not only helps you overcome this pandemic but also prepares you for the new normal after it is all over. 

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Maintain an Abundance mind-set

The mind is where it all begins. Your ability to grow your spirituality and progress at such trying times begins with your thoughts. Are you that person who is always complaining about self-isolation and how you dislike it?  Are you perhaps just frustrated about multitasking working remotely and parenting duties?  Perhaps you are feeling lonely, anxious, and stressed. It is understandable. But, do you realize that you attract what you are? Negative thoughts attract negative vibrations. Allowing the situation to take control of your mind also means that your reality is nothing but the pandemic and all its negative impact.

The law of attraction is a universal law, and the universe is the core. This means that everything that happens, negative or positive, happens for a divine reason. While the human race seems to be drowning into a socio-economic crisis, the environment and animals seem to be thriving. Pollution has reduced and animals are enjoying the universal energy cleanse. 

You need to ask yourself, “what am I grateful for amidst all this?” Appreciate the fact that, first, you are alive. We all know that the pandemic has claimed the lives of many people across the globe. Be thankful for your family, your friends, and the people around you. The feeling of abundance creates high positive vibrations that help you cope and grow as a person. This helps you remain in control of your unique core frequency which creates a powerful energy that manifests into your reality. 

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Maintain a positive attitude

An important aspect of life that you need to understand is that life is a cycle. There are ups and downs, there are sunrise and sunset, left and right. It is this duality and a balance between the cycle that defines our existence. For instance, there can be no night without day. We understand happiness better when we experience sadness. 

The pandemic is just another cycle of life. Maintaining a positive attitude towards the manifest changes the pandemic has brought in your life is important. If now you’ve has to start working from home, stay focused, be happy, and adjust positively. It can be boring, difficult, and draining but you must choose to look at the good. What we often don’t forget is that, at any given time, you’re in a better place than someone else somewhere. 

Positivity attracts a high frequency that creates an ideal frame of mind for personal improvement. Manifesting positivity during such times only makes you braver, more resilient, and hopeful. Believe that the world shall eventually overcome because it will. If you need to stop watching the news because it doesn’t seem to do you any good, just stop. Read a book or meditate, whatever makes you happy, and lifts your spirits. 

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Take the necessary precautions

Just because someone practices the law of attraction doesn’t make them invincible from the pandemic. The virus is real, spreading fast and thousands are succumbing to it every day. Taking precautions and adhering to advisories from the state is the most important thing right now. The situation calls for responsiveness, cautiousness, and alertness. It really isn’t a time to react through fear, panic, and scarcity mentality.

Social distancing, wearing face masks, washing hands, sanitizing, and self-isolating are some of the short term precautionary measures currently in place. Don’t be overconfident or ignorant.  You really don’t have to get sick to take the advisories seriously. The pandemic is a health issue like any other, but worse in many aspects. In fact, this is the time to begin manifestation habits that don’t just maintain positive vibes but also improve your immune system. Start eating superfoods and using Organifi products. They will improve your spirituality manifestation goals and boost your health too. 

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Show compassion and love

This is the perfect time to show love and compassion to others. Probably, you walk into a supermarket and buy all the sanitizers in stock and walk away without thinking twice. How does that help the other person who also needs to buy sanitizer? Be kind and compassionate.

Support the less privileged and the sick. Answer your neighbor’s cry for help. Donate anything you can because it will definitely help someone. A gallon of milk or a loaf of bread can help another person live to see another day. A heart of compassion and love makes you feel happy, fulfilled, and contented. Such feelings attract positive vibrations that also help you cope with this pandemic. 

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We shall overcome! We can beat this.

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