Are you feeling stuck about money? Today we are continuing with our tapping series about the common money blocks that people might have. We’re going to be tapping on the idea of wanting more money, but being stuck. A lot of people they don’t go the extra mile when they feel that they need more money and push through to get that extra money because they feel like they’re going to be stuck and they won’t know what to do with it.

One of Bob Proctors best quotes is, “When you have more money, money gives you mobility. It allows you to do anything you want and serve anyone you want.” Great quote.

Let’s get unstuck so we can do whatever we want with our money.


Tapping Sequence

Let’s begin tapping on the side of our hand.
Even though I have this feeling of being stuck
I deeply and completely
love, accept, and forgive myself.
Even though I’m feeling stuck about money
and it’s not allowing me to get more money,
I deeply and completely
love, forgive, and accept myself.
Even though I have this stuck feeling
inside of my body about money,
I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself.

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Eyebrow: This stuck feeling,
Side of the Eye: this stuck feeling.
Under the Eye: I have this stuck feeling inside of me.
Under the Nose: I have this feeling that having more money
Chin: makes me stuck.
Collarbone: Stuck in a rut
Under the Arm: and I don’t want to be
Top of the Head: stuck in a rut.

Eyebrow: I want all the abundance in the world,
Side of the Eye: but this feeling keeps making me stuck.
Under the Eye: I’m not allowing the abundance of money
Under the Nose: flow in my life
Chin: and that’s probably because
Collarbone: I feel that I don’t deserve money.
Under the Arm: That’s probably why
Top of the Head: I’m feeling stuck about money.

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Eyebrow: I keep denying myself abundance because the longer that I’m stuck
Side of the Eye: the less that I can manifest
Under the Eye: and we all want abundance in our lives.
Under the Nose: Why do I keep doing these things that are keeping me stuck?
Chin: Because I know if I have more I can do more things.
Collarbone: I can serve more people,
Under the Arm: and help more people,
Top of the Head: and I could do more good in this world.

Eyebrow: I can volunteer more. I can pay my bills quicker.
Side of the Eye: I can help those that truly need it.
Under the Eye: Why do I still have this deep feeling of stuckness?
Under the Nose: Why do I keep bringing myself down the hole?
Chin: A lot of that has to do with my insecurities about money.
Collarbone: That if I have money I won’t be able to keep it
Under the Arm: and growing up my parents didn’t have a lot of money.
Top of the Head: So I’m probably stuck because of that too.

Eyebrow: I’m going to start following
Side of the Eye: what Bob Proctor says
Under the Eye: and plenty gives you mobility
Under the Nose: so I can really do whatever I want whenever I want.
Chin: I’m releasing this fear of being stuck
Collarbone: and I’m releasing the feeling of being stuck.
Under the Arm: Releasing the stuck feeling
Top of the Head: and getting all this stuckness out of me.

Eyebrow: Releasing it out of my body, mind, heart.
Side of the Eye: Releasing it out of my soul and spirit
Under the Eye: so that I can move on and feel unstuck
Under the Nose: and powerful because money is abundant
Chin: and I allow all the abundance into my life.
Collarbone: I allow all the abundance into my life.
Under the Arm: I allow all the abundance into my life.
Top of the Head: I allow all the abundance into my life.

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Take a deep breath in, hold it, release.

How do you feel after that?

You should be feeling a little bit unstuck right now. Again, rate yourself from one to 10 on how you’re feeling right now. If you’re still feeling at a high number close to that 10, be sure to do this tapping all over again or go to one of our other tappings in this sequence as well.


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