“COVID 19” is the new word that a day doesn’t go by without talking about or hearing about. It’s the one thing right now, that if any of us had a choice or power, we would send it back to where it came. Unfortunately, none of us can. We are all just taking all the necessary precautionary measures and having faith that a vaccine and cure will soon be found. 


The society has been forced into unprecedented routines and practices that have had a negative impact on many people. Not to mention the thousands of people who have contracted the virus and those who have lost their lives. It’s devastating and frustrating for sure. Most countries have had lockdowns, restricted movement and the majority of people are in self-isolation. 

A lot of negative emotions have developed and consumed many because of the pandemic and the lack of “the outside” to distract us. Feelings such as stress, frustration, anxiety, depression, and constant fear. You could be a positive spirit, but the pandemic gets you low sometimes and you just feel like you need the extra boost to lift your spirits. All this is understandable because we are human. That’s why it is important for you to learn 8 easy ways to heal naturally to cope and to overcome the challenges in your life, especially during the pandemic. 

A coronavirus prayer

Prayer is powerful. This is why we wrote a prayer to the Goddess Mother God, Father God, Source Universe, Nature, Higher Self, Buddha, The Council, Archangel Michael, Raphael, The Fairies, Lord Jesus, and all spiritual forces out there. It is a prayer for protection and healing from the pandemic. 

  • The prayer is said every day at 11.11 CDT without fail. You are encouraged to join us as a collective today the prayer every day. Collective energy pushing towards one purpose/intention is so powerful. It works. The prayer is free for anyone who needs it and can be accessed here. Let us pray together and release beautiful healing energy to everyone in the world. Make it INTENTIONAL, set an alarm if you have to. Be a part of the collective energy. Join us and release what you want to manifest, let go and detach!
  • Practicing gratitude

Gratitude is a high frequency and vibration that can help you heal during this crisis. It’s simple. Just say ten things you are grateful for. There’s no way you can be mad after saying things you’re grateful for. It is unfortunate that we can’t go outside right now. This means that being grateful for external things is difficult at the moment. Dig deeper into the internal things such as good weather, running water, your partner, a newfound hobby, the internet, your home, etc. There has to be something!

To make it even more interesting, you can invest in “the living gratitude journal” where you can start journaling all the things you are grateful for. Anyone who is healthy and alive today already has that to be thankful for. Try not to focus on material things. We are inclined to normally gravitate towards material things. But it’s impossible right now. Don’t allow your ego to take control. Because EGO just stands for “Edging God Out”. Here is a challenge for you: think about ten things you are grateful for that aren’t materialistic. 

Vibrational Frequency Tapping

This is a spirituality technique that involves tapping into your inner core frequency to release positive energy. It helps you find a way to get more centered and grounded in spirituality; finding a way back to love until you’re released from the pandemic. High vibrational feelings such as love, joy, and peace can be tapped using this technique. First, gauge the scale of the negative feelings you are struggling with so you know how far and deep you’ll go with the tapping. 

In this technique, you will need to tap on the meridians, that is parts of your body that relieve you from negative feelings such as despair, anxiety, fear, and stress. These parts are the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collar bone, and the crown of your head. As you tap on the meridians, say positive affirmations. Get rid of all the negative feelings. Release and manifest the feelings you desire. You’ll begin to feel nice and so much better.  

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A guided healing visualization

Guided visualization is a technique that can help you connect to your inner self, speak to the spiritual forces, and heal from negativity. You can sit on the ground with your legs crossed. Your thumb and index finger touching and your hands placed on your laps. As you do the visualization, close your eyes, focus on the visualization, and connect with your five senses. 

For example, picture yourself walking on a beautiful beach with the wind blowing on your body. Feel the warm sand caressing your toes. Listen to the palm trees blowing. How does it make you feel? I bet you feel very peaceful and at home. Release all the negative feelings to the ocean and allow yourself to receive healing and new positive energy from the ocean. At the end of the visualization, you’ll feel a change. Healing is taking place. Negativity is getting banished. It’s leaving your body. Negativity is now being transmuted into positive energy. Wake up and feel great!

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This is the healing of your emotions based on energy. Working with actual energy to heal negative feelings. It is possible to do so because all we are is energy. We are vibrations put into being. When performing Reiki, there are specific hand points that you can place on your bodies and say a mantra while doing it and heal your body with energy. 

The hand movements or gestures on your body extract energy from the universe into your body and keeps you vibrating more with the universe. This technique creates a profound connection to the spiritual and the energy you’ll experience will be immense. Having a session with the universal life force will definitely provide self-healing and help you eliminate negativity

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Positive affirmations

Think about the pandemic and the negativity around and the emotions within yourself due to this pandemic. Acknowledge what you’re going through. Think about what you are feeling and say positive words that encourage you and make you feel good. Speak words that are specific to the outcome you desire. It’s a great thing to do every day for 2-5 minutes. 

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Do it frequently until it becomes the response mechanism that you unconsciously find yourself doing. As you say and repeat the positive affirmations, place your hand on your heart. Keep the positive energy constantly flowing and in return, you’ll receive amazing awesomeness from the universe.


These are words or phrases just like affirmations that you say to yourself to help you reprogram your thoughts and emotions to manifest what you desire. These words that help you release negativity and reaffirm yourself. 

You can say something like “I love you, I’m sorry please forgive me thank you!” Repeat this as you release the stress, fear, or anxiety you are experiencing. We offer anxiety releasing mantra audios for free for anyone who really needs to get rid of it.

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28 days of in-depth tools on how to release negative feelings

Lastly, we have a fun and engaging 28-day challenge that can help bring you back to love. Not just during the pandemic, but for a lifetime. Keeping your frequency high requires you to invest in tools that will give you results. This challenge is perfect! 

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All spiritual beings and beliefs are all one thing; LOVE. That’s everything it is!

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