Hard work, dedication, and focus are not always enough to reach our potential and lead a fulfilling life. Although these personal qualities are highly important when pursuing our goals, we must also work on our ability to let go of the need to control the outcome of our actions. Letting go means learning to trust that we are always guided and supported, even though the wildest rides of our life. Cultivating a practice of faith is highly rewarding in the long term because we slowly begin to learn how to trust life and to persevere in our goals. If you find yourself doubtful, scared, or anxious about your future, you might need to learn to detach from the need to control your life. Allow the Universe to show you the way forward, to teach you how to surrender to the present moment. Today you will learn how to Strengthen your Faith in the Universe.


What is faith? 

When you think about faith, you probably associate it with organized religion. However, faith has little to do with the religious God. Faith is rather a deep trust in a force bigger than you, a universal power that guides everyone on their life path. It is also a constant reassurance that all things in the world happen in their own divine timing, for their own divine reason. When you press pause on your need to control and manipulate the events around you, you allow the universe to send you the right circumstances and people. Faith is surrender. It is grace, power, and inner strength at once.

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Practices that strengthen your faith in the universe

Letting go does not come easily for most of us. We want to have all the answers, but sometimes all we can do is wait and trust that things will unfold in their own way. For this reason, we must intentionally work with our need to control our lives and to begin a process of strengthening our faith in energy greater than us. To help ourselves along this process, we can implement the following practices that teach us to let go, surrender, and have faith. 

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Faith happens when we get ourselves out of our own way. But we cannot do this without silencing the noisy inner critic. Meditation is a great tool to observe our thoughts, to ground ourselves in the present moment, and to let go of all the negativity in our body. Develop a practice of sitting still for a few minutes daily and let go of all the thoughts in your mind. Notice your breath filling your lungs with the air you need. Feel the ground supporting your body and keeping you safe. You have everything you need right now, without making a single effort. Just like your body providing you with the oxygen that keeps you alive, so the Universe works in miraculous ways to help you.

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Daily affirmations

When your mind is stuck in negative patterns of thinking, it is difficult to cultivate positive thoughts. One practice that changes your unconscious thinking habits is affirming empowering mantras every day. One affirmation that helps you surrender to the power of the universe is “I trust that everything is happening for my greatest good. I receive guidance every step of the way”. Affirmations have the power to change underlying negative beliefs and to replace them with positive and uplifting ideas. 

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It is an act of courage to have faith. Even when you doubt that things will work out for you, take a few minutes to ground yourself in meditation and to say kind and empowering things to yourself. These two practices have a great potential to strengthen your faith in the universe and to help you get through life with more flow and ease. 

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