You can improve your health and weight loss with the power of your thoughts. The thoughts you have manifest into your physical health.

Your health begins in your mind.

You have the power to improve your health and weight loss by addressing the quality of your thoughts. Physical health is supported by healthy habits, a good sleep routine, good nutrition, and also by the positive thoughts that you choose the day in and out.


The power of our daily thoughts is often underestimated. Although you hear the advice “think more positively”, we do not really pay attention to the quality of our thoughts. Sometimes our thoughts alone can determine the quality of our life. They can make a big difference between a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and a negative or toxic one.

A highly effective way in which you can support your health is to deliberately adopt positive and uplifting thoughts through the practice of daily affirmations.

In this article, we will explore the power of affirmation for health and weight loss and give you some affirmations that you can use on your health journey.

You can use affirmations for any aspect of your life that you want to improve.

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Positive affirmations are used by people who want to create abundance in their lives, attract better relationships, or improve their general health.

We are what we think.

When you feed into negative thinking patterns, your body creates toxic energy that manifests in health conditions and decreased wellbeing.

In contrast, an optimistic mindset not only creates a more positive outlook on life but also helps your brain generate chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are proven by research to alleviate mental stress, decrease anxiety, and promote overall healing.

10 Positive affirmations for physical health

  • I am healthy and well
  • My body functions perfectly in its own rhythm
  • I have abundant energy every day that allows me to thrive
  • My body is capable of great things
  • I let go of anything that does not serve me
  • I am full of energy and vitality
  • I wake up happy and excited every single day
  • Life is full of great opportunities and blessings
  • My health is getting better every day
  • I am choosing the things, people, and activities that are good for my health

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10 positive affirmations for fitness and weight loss

  • I become stronger and stronger every day
  • I stay committed to improving my health and my physical condition every day
  • I love and appreciate my body for everything it does
  • I am motivated and focused on my goals
  • I love being fit and healthy and having the energy to accomplish everything I set my mind to
  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am
  • I become slimmer, fuller of energy, and more in love with my body
  • I choose activities that are good for my health
  • I am grateful for everything my body can do and I honor it just the way it is
  • I enjoy finding new activities and foods that support my fitness journey


10 positive affirmations for diet

  • I love eating healthy and feeling full of energy
  • I choose foods that nourish my body
  • I give my body all the nutrients that it needs to be energized and full of life
  • Every day I wake up fresh and energized
  • I am committed to my goals and stay on track with my diet
  • I eat what I want and I can stop when I feel full
  • I enjoy finding exciting healthy food alternatives
  • I can eat healthy and still enjoy life to the fullest
  • I am grateful for having plenty of healthy options to stay on track with my diet
  • I am supported by the people around me to have a healthy diet

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Your health journey begins in your mind. The words that you use daily can translate into actions that will change your health for the better. Are you stuck and unsure where to start on your health journey?  You can begin by repeating those affirmations daily. Find a method that works for you – for example, you can repeat them during your meditation practice or while you are getting ready for work. You can truly change your life with the power of your thoughts and words!

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