What do you think is the most important thing for any entrepreneur or business owner? Customers, isn’t it? Actually, the more the merrier. So how do you grow your online business, especially with the proliferation of similar ideas and stiff competition?


Driving the most traffic to your website is the key.  Quality website traffic guarantees business growth because it drives customers to purchase from your site. Remember, you don’t just need traffic, you need to drive relevant and targeted traffic. Understand your consumers and learn the best strategies that can drive them to your site. There are many ways of driving traffic to your website but for now, let’s explore five easy strategies that work for most online businesses. 

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Email marketing

Staying in touch with your customers and constantly updated them on promotions and offers can easily drive traffic to your website.  Building an email list of your customers or readers is the first step. Create a simple newsletter sign up form on your page for anyone who visits your website. This can then be used to grow your existing email list. Or you could easily just require your customers to provide their email addresses on your site. 

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You can then send out regular newsletters or ongoing promotions to drive them to your website. As you market your content offers, landing pages, or blog posts via email, ensure your subject lines get your customers or readers to open them instead of them being spammed, deleted, or unsubscribed. 

Social Media marketing

Did you know there are about 1 billion active Instagram and Facebook users and about 690+ million LinkedIn users? Now there’s also Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, all of which have millions of users across the globe. Social media campaigns are a smart and easy way of building your website traffic. Once you are aware of your target audience, you can create a brand and quality social content, which then drives traffic to your website. If done effectively, your consumers will just want to now, “what is this unique product I saw on Instagram and how can I purchase it?” 

You can market through videos, images, infographics among others. Social media is also a great way of tracking your competitors. Insights on what your competitor is up to are very useful if you want to stand out in the market. It helps you diversify and provide novel products, services, and website content.

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Guest blogging

While you’d probably prefer having only your own original content on your website, you should consider guest blogging. Here’s why. First-time customers might be more convinced to purchase your products having read a published blog promoting your content from a renowned industry influencer on your website. This quickly drives traffic to your website. Not only does the guest blog promote your products but it also adds variety and spice to your website. Guest bloggers are most likely going to share links to their guest blogs on their social media pages and this drives traffic to your site. 

Another smart approach is to enter into mutually beneficial collaborations with other complementary business owners or entrepreneurs in your line of business. You could offer to guest blog on each other’s websites, including links to your websites, on useful content that drives your consumers to your site. Sometimes finding relevant influencers entrenched in your industry may not be easy, it may even be costly, but it surely will bear fruits. Priorities the quality of the guest blogs rather than the quantity because low-quality content and spammy links only work against your website. 

On-page SEO

Search engine optimization is another easy strategy of driving traffic to your website. It might sound like a difficult technique but it is very simple. Achieving the best on-page SEO content creation requires you to focus on strategies such as including internal links in your content. Of course, don’t add too many links because it becomes boring and difficult to read. For example, add links to some of your already existing links that provide more information relevant to the current blog. 

Photography and optimized images also improve your SEO writing. Be careful to use relevant images that promote your content. Also, pay attention to your consumers. What content do they want to read? Long-tail keyword research improves your page rankings on different search engines.  The moment you understand or discover the search terms used by your target consumers to find what they need online; you can then create the appropriate long-tail keywords that drive them directly to your website. 

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Creating relevant and evergreen content

Content takes the crown for any popular website. Attracting a huge readership simply because your content is engaging, awesome, and insatiable, makes people keep visiting for more content. Even before you start advertising your website, your audience will do it for you. Traffic and more traffic grows on your website.

Creating evergreen content that is continuously relevant and fresh to your audience will also boost your website traffic. This doesn’t mean that trending content isn’t valuable. It simply means that evergreen content has long term value which drives your website traffic for a long time.  

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