Quarantine is the restriction of movement of human beings who have been exposed to a contagious sickness to decrease the danger of them infecting others. Learn how to channel the power of manifestation no matter the state of the world.

Recently, countries are using quarantine against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This outbreak has found it’s way to cities, states, and even throughout the world. Infected people are to self-isolate at domestic or in state-run facilities. Quarantine is a difficult journey for these who bear it. Separation from cherished ones, the loss of freedom, uncertainty over health status, and boredom, on occasion, can create dramatic effects. Suicide, because of the impact of quarantine, is reported. 


The successful use of quarantine as a public safety measure requires us to reduce contact with others. This distance has terrible consequences for some attached to it.

Being quarantined makes it hard to maintain some of your habits. On the bright side, self-isolation offers you some time to devote to yourself. However, it makes you crave all the tasty snacks and self-care you’d typically indulge in. This period is the time you want to use to teach yourself new things and not just remain idle. You should no longer just eat but also exercise and try to live healthily. You need to switch to a more healthy lifestyle and attempt to take your ordinary idle existence lower back on track, and that brings us to manifestation.

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What is manifestation?

Manifestation is ‘something that you bring into reality through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.’ Channel the power of manifestation is the ability to bring something that you focus on in your reality. You can manifest by concentration, meditation, visualization, or through your subconscious.

This technique is known as manifesting.

For example, you might be wondering how long you are going to be in a particular situation. You might wonder about things like what to do, what will happen, distraction, depression, stress. During this, you then target precisely what you desire and when you want it. When you know what you want, you will surround it with your ideas and emotions. You should then attempt to meditate or visualize your intention, and this can manifest it and let it appear in your reality.

Let’s say, it’s a new job you wanted, through your manifestation you manifested it into your life. Therefore, now that you recognize what manifestation means, it is time to find out how channel the power of manifestation works.

How Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation is focusing your ideas and strength to create your reality. If you are continually being terrible and feeling down, then the only thing you’re attracting may be negative energy.

The first thing to do when manifesting is to recognize your ideas and feelings. Are you feeling negative? Are your ideas negative? If so, you may unknowingly manifest unfavorable things in your reality. That is why you need to clear your thoughts and have positive thoughts when you want to manifest.

Channel the power of manifestation does not merely work with just your thoughts; there has to be active on your part. Action like going for job interviews or looking for jobs when it’s a new job you want. The only channel the power of manifestation won’t cut it.

Just try to visualize your ideas and emotions into your dream job; this will assist or motivate you to take steps that will make your dream a reality. Visualization will force you to take some action, and this will ultimately lead to bringing your dreams or goals to life.

You are a creator, and you should believe in yourself and your ability to bring your goals to life. Mapping out a vision for your existence and intentionally deciding on the beliefs, feelings, and actions that help that vision will bring It to life.

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Effective ways to channel the power of manifestation

If you want to manifest all that you desire in your life, there are some steps you need to take. Steps such as:

  1. Adopt a mindset of gratitude.

When you are grateful, and you appreciate the good things in your life, you are sending a sign to the Universe that you are thankful. This gratitude shows that you will appreciate blessings that come your way. A grateful mindset will attract your wishes into your life; because your world is a reflection of you and your mindset.

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  1. Write down a schedule

If you do not know what you want, you cannot truly take steps to make it happen. To manifest something, you have to identify the object of your desire. Once you recognize it, you need to make a schedule.

Note down your daily goals and activities on a book. You should jot down the things you wish to do at some time of the day or your life with a pen and paper. Writing them down makes it less complicated for you to carry them out. Planning a timetable will increase the motivation to continue to improve yourself, mentally, physically your overall wellbeing, which will assist you in following the schedule.

  1. Visualize yourself in your dream world

Spend five minutes a day visualizing yourself living your dream lifestyles in as much detail as possible. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? What can you see, smell, hear, taste, and touch? Add as many vital details as you can, and don’t think about what you will do to get there; instead, focus on the result of receiving what you desire. Focus on the sensations and emotions that you see yourself feeling and imagine yourself there.

Do not think about how your favorite object or possession will show up and do not see it coming to you from any man or woman. Your focus must be on how you feel as a result of receiving the element of your desire.

  1. Take active steps towards your goals

If you genuinely want your goals to occur, what can you be doing to prepare? Do that now. For example, if you’re going to attract new clients, you’ll need to create time in your calendar. If you want to be financially comfortable, you’ll need to get your bank bills and funds in order so you can deal with any new income.

If you spend your days relaxing and not take any action, you won’t achieve anything. So instead of just visualizing, take steps that will attract your goals to you.


  1. Get rid of things that get in the way of your success

Three things frequently block your channel the power of manifestation. They are:

Negative beliefs/mindset

If all you think about are negative, what you should do is get yourself in a  positive mindset. A positive mindset you should aim to have is that everything you want, you shall get. You cannot be focusing on negativity and expect positive things to happen to you. One way to help with a negative mindset is to indulge in self-care. You should also try meditation and stress-relief techniques.

Toxic people

When you are working on manifesting your dream, you need to make sure that no one is getting in your way. You should remove people who do not encourage you as you strive to achieve your goals in your life. Toxic people will only get in the way of your success or may destroy your life


Sometimes you simply need to be patient. Everything you desire will happen at the proper time. However, it will occur at the appropriate time and for the right reasons. Therefore, if something you want to happen is not happening, it does not mean it won’t happen. Keep believing in your dreams, and continue working towards your goal.

Sit again and think about the things that are getting in your way.

  1. Ask for divine guidance

Your soul or higher self can see past what your physical self and rational thought can see. Surrender yourself and begin to pray and ask, every day, for you to come across your desires and dreams. Once you have your list of what you want, it’s time to start asking for what you want. When what you want is clear, then your god can assist you.

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  1. Live in the moment

If you continue reliving the past or obsess over the future, you will miss out on seeing and experiencing the beauty, good things, and miracles all around you. Enjoy the present by appreciating the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

Make sure to take note of what you do during the day that moves you a little bit nearer to your goal. Simply focus on your day to day activities and set your intention and every step you take towards your goal.

The more you imagine yourself living your desires today, the quicker they will happen, even in this quarantine period. Find small ways you can start living your wishes today. If you dream of discovering love, take yourself on solo dates, and take active steps to find it. If you dream of being financially buoyant, put on your beautiful garments, and take care of your belongings. If you dream of discovering innovative ideas, explore your options and attempt new activities. All of these small steps will come together to create a new feeling inside you that will set things in motion and attract endless possibilities for the success of your dreams.

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