We constantly hear people complaining that they work hard but are still not successful. We all know that hard work pays off, so why is it that even when people work hard, they still don’t reach the pillars of success that they set for themselves? Working hard and being productive are two different things. Let’s suppose, you are working on a project and suddenly your phone rings. It’s your friend, and now you find yourself engaged in a long conversation – that throws you off balance. Here are 7 tips for business owners to stay productive.


Staying productive can be very difficult in a world filled with distractions. However, to be successful, you need to make productivity a priority. Follow these tips for business owners to stay productive.

Tip No.1: Know Your Why?

People aren’t productive because they aren’t organized. They don’t know how to prioritize what is more important to have a productivity filled day. Let’s do a small experiment, take 5 minutes to think about why you have chosen your career? What is yours why? Is it for your children? So that you are able to send them to the best universities? Or do you want to explore the world and embrace wanderlust? Everyone has a purpose, the key is to figure out what your purpose is!

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Tip No.2: Meditation

One of the best ways to relax your mind is to meditate. Meditation can be done at any time, but many people find early morning meditation to be very beneficial. You should meditate at least once a day to find peace of mind.

However, you can do it as many times as you need and as long as you need to find mental peace.

There are many methods of meditation and you may have to try a few before you find the right one for yourself. Meditation will also benefit your creativity.

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Tip No.3: Exercise

A healthy mind and body are one of the requirements for staying productive. Make it a habit to exercise first thing in the morning after you wake up. Do not check emails or texts, instead take a shower and go for a long walk or do exercise at home. Even 30 minutes will boost your endorphins and get you set for a productive day ahead.

Tip No.4: Track Your Daily Activities

Tracking your daily activities can tell you how much time you are spending being productive and how much time you are wasting. To track your daily activities, you can download an app called the “Rescue Time App”. This app will track your daily activities and give you storage that will track how productive you have been each day. This will help you to organize your day more efficiently.

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Tip No.5: Prioritize

Once you track your time, it is time to prioritize it. Prioritize your work so that you can stay productive. List everything that you need to get done that day and put it in ranks from most important to least important. Every morning check your list and tick things off as you go.

Tip No.6: Get Rid of Distractions

The world is full of distractions. To be productive, you need to stay away from these distractions, but how can you do that? One way is by tracking your daily activities. You can check how much time you are spending on other things and avoid set times in the day for you to indulge in these things. One of the biggest distractions is social media. Try deleting social media apps during workdays to keep your focus on what’s important, and then on the weekend when you have free time you can reinstall them.

Tip No.7: Get a Business Scheduler

Last but not least, you should get a business scheduler. Saving time is very important. Remember, time is money. If you waste time, you are potentially losing money. There are many apps that can help you schedule your workday, in the end, it is about saving as well as utilizing time to stay productive.

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