I’ve been an entrepreneur for quite a few years now, and I’ve actually owned a branding agency. My background before I was an entrepreneur, I studied graphic design and marketing and my specialty was branding, so I know a thing or two about branding. I’ve helped some Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses, mom and pop shops, you name it, I’ve helped many people develop the brands, brand strategies, logos, and a whole lot more.

Today I want to go over five reasons why branding is important for your business, no matter who you are, no matter how big you are, no matter how many customers you have, you need to brand yourself.


Brand Yourself as a Business

The first reason why branding is so important is that it helps you brand yourself as a business. Usually, people are all over the place with their branding. Sometimes they have pink colors, then they throw in some blue colors, then they throw in some yellow colors and it’s just very not cohesive, and this deters a client away.

When a client looks at your Instagram, when they look at your Facebook, they’re like, “What is this person or company doing?” They’re just not cohesive, they don’t stand out, they don’t look professional and they don’t want to work with you. So branding helps you as a person stand out from the rest of your competition.

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Grabs Emotion from your Audience

The second reason you need to brand yourself is that it invokes an emotion from your audience. You need to know your audience, no matter what business you’re in. If you’re a dog walker, you have a particular audience, if you’re an entrepreneur, you have a particular audience, if you’re a coach, you have a particular audience. If you brand yourself and find out exactly who your target audience is, you’re able to speak to that audience more clearly. And the more clearly that you speak to an audience, the more the right people, the people that you’re actually trying to attract, and the people that you’re actually trying to serve, those people will be attracted you, and those are the ones that you’re going to be able to serve and help.

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No more having to rush around, trying to serve everyone, branding will do this for you because you will know exactly who you’re speaking to with your messaging, with your colors, with what kind of emotions you’re trying to invoke from your audience. If you want to hit on particular pain points, if you want to invoke happiness, if you want to speak to your audience saying, “I need a therapist,” branding will help you do that.

Know. Like. Trust.

The third thing that branding will help you do is simple, trust. If you’ve ever followed one of our marketing blogs or videos, we say that marketing is knowing your customer for them to like you and for them to trust you. KLT, Know, Like, Trust. If your customers don’t know you, if they don’t like you, they’re definitely not going to trust you.

So what branding does is it helps keep everything all cohesive, all aligned so that that person can know you, like you and trust you. And the more that someone trusts you, the more they’ll be happy to spend $1,000 on a coaching program, or $500 on a course that you’re selling, because you’ve already built that reputation with them, and you’ve already built that clientele with your branding, with your marketing messages, with your color schemes. What you’re trying to say, you’ve already built that, your customers will trust you and that’s all it comes down to, KLT, especially trust. If they don’t trust you, they’re definitely not going to buy from you, and we all want more sales, right?

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Customers Know What to Expect

The fourth thing that branding helps with is it helps customers know what to expect. One of my branding agencies that I’ve had, I’ve worked specifically with tourism and the travel industry. I’ve worked with a lot of hotels, I’ve worked with a lot of tourism companies, I’ve worked with a lot of restaurants.

For something like a sailing company, let’s say, for example, the color blue might be perfect. The customer will look at it and be like, “Oh, this is perfect, this is exactly what I want,” because branding is so much more than just beautiful pictures of sceneries and whatever you’re selling. No, it comes down to the messaging, it comes down to the colors, it comes down to the logo, it comes down to your website, everything, all cohesive, all together is your brand.

For example, if we used the color purple for a sailing company, the clients will be like, “What is this? Purple means nothing to me for a sailing company. I don’t want to sail with them,” they wouldn’t even look at you because branding gives the customer exactly what you’re giving them, what you’re selling, and they know what to expect based on your brand.

Generates New Customers

Finally, the last thing that branding does is it helps to generate more customers. If you have that whole cohesive look and everything falls together, beautifully, nicely, everything looks miraculous, your marketing messages are perfect, no matter if you’re a coach, if you’re a dog walker, or if you’re a kettle maker, it doesn’t matter, it all goes together nicely, beautifully and your brand sticks out, more customers will start coming to you, because they know, like, and trust you. And word of mouth, people will already start to promote you based on you, because you will be sticking out from all your competition since you have a nice, beautiful, cohesive brand together versus just someone that put two photoshop images together and build one sales page. It all comes together for a whole brand. A brand is like a circle, so we need everything to come together.

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