As an entrepreneur, business owner, or employee of a company, sometimes it is difficult to find spare time to spend time with your family, let alone advance your knowledge or skills. The thought of having to attend lectures in a classroom or finding a personal tutor to teach you from home discourages you from exploring more e-learning opportunities. It is through acquiring knowledge and specialized skills that you become an expert in your niche. 


“Knowledge is power.” Learning doesn’t just help you grow your business but it also makes you a better human being. If you are that person with a lifestyle that makes it cumbersome to slot learning into your schedule, e-learning is ideal for you. Even you, who is probably balancing parenting responsibilities, work, and your business have an opportunity to advance your career or gain new skills and qualifications. E-learning is perfect for you because of the following reasons:

Convenience and Flexibility

Technology has made it possible to learn from anywhere at any time. How convenient is that? All you need is access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet. If the only time you have is one or two hours every day you spend commuting to and from work, you can spend this time learning something new. 

Do you have family commitments that make it impossible to enroll for traditional learning in an institution? Does your employment policy prohibit study leave for its employees? E-learning is definitely ideal for you. Learning processes have been automated and absolutely anything is possible through e-learning. You can always find what works for you and flexible enough for your schedule. E-learning allows you to enjoy self-paced learning without any pressure or constant supervision. 

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Sometimes you want to enroll for a course that you really want to study but you can’t afford travel, study materials, and accommodation expenses for traditional learning. The tuition fees might already be much for you to rise; you’re considering applying for financial aid. Perhaps you end up postponing until you can afford it.

E-learning provides an alternative that is cost-friendly and cheaper for someone like you. You don’t need to worry about so many expenses associated with your learning other than the course fees, a computer, or a smartphone and the internet. You don’t need to postpone an opportunity to advance your skills anymore. 

Unlimited resources

One of the key aspects of learning, whether traditional or e-learning is the availability of resources for everyone. Resources could be in the form of course content, books, and instructors. It is plausible to say that many traditional learning institutions have a scarcity of resources that makes learning quite challenging. Having to outsource books sometimes, yet you’ve paid fees for course materials. 

E-learning has made it possible to provide all kinds of study materials to learners quite easily and faster. Materials that aren’t scarce and are accessible at any time by a learner.  Content is now available in PDF formats, word documents, video formats, slideshows among others. Most of which are user friendly and interesting to interact with. This makes learning more interesting and easier. 

Of utmost importance is the availability of updated content and information that keeps up with a fact paced society. With e-learning, it is possible for you to access up to date training that keeps you up to date with the developments in your industry or area of study. 

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Personalized learning

E-learning has the advantage of allowing a learner to be in total control of their study process. You can customize your learning environment to the most ideal one for you. Perhaps you are the kind of person whose productivity is affected by unnecessary distractions. You can easily create a conducive environment for yourself that makes your e-learning experience productive and worthwhile. 

E-learning is very accommodative. Individual learners have the ability to practice their unique-learning styles. For instance, traditional learning curriculums often force learners to take compulsory subjects that they aren’t interested in. E-learning courses are customized to provide specific subjects and programs that match individual learner’s needs. 

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Time efficiency

One thing that makes traditional learning time-wasting is the complicated and long procedures of applying up until enrolling for a study program. It’s just hectic! By the time you are settled in and ready to start learning, someone else has already done an online course from the comfort of their home and is almost completing the program. There’s so much on everyone’s plate that time has become so important, you just can’t afford to lose or waste it. E-learning will help save time for you. Time is money!

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